Bygones: Duluth-born entertainer returns

Bygones is researched and written by David Ouse, retired reference librarian from the Duluth Public Library. He can be contacted at


News Tribune, April 15, 1921

  • Increased activity in the Duluth-Superior Harbor was apparent yesterday when three vessels arrived with cargo and two departed. The steamer Price McKinney arrived shortly before 6 p.m. with the first cargo of coal for the season.
  • Judge D.E. Roberts, a Superior pioneer, died at midnight last night in his home at 610 W. Fourth St. Judge Roberts first came to Superior in 1882 to open a law office and was appointed a county judge in 1896.
  • Amateur night is being revived tonight in connection with the regular performances at Duluth's New Grand Theater. Between the two evening shows, amateurs will perform in nine acts, including the locally famous "Structural Pyramid Squad" of 19 performers.
  • Former Duluthian Marguerite De La Motte is currently appearing in the photoplay "The Broken Gate" along with Bessie Barriscale and Joseph Kilgour at Duluth's Zelda Theater. Miss De La Motte was born here in 1903 and moved to California with her family in 1913.

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