Bentleyville damaged by blizzard winds

The light display drive-thru needs help from volunteers to reset many signs, guardrails and other items damaged by the wind.

A lot of signs around Bentleyville were damaged in Wednesday's storm and need to be reset. (Photo courtesy of Bentleyville)

Bentleyville closed Wednesday, Dec. 23, due to weather conditions, but now a new obstacle stands in the way of the light display's plans to reopen on Thursday. The drive-thru display in Bayfront Park was "extensively damaged" according to executive director Nathan Bentley.

"All of the barricades, the signage, just about anything that could be blown over," Bentley said. "We'll need a lot of help in order to reopen."

Bentley put out a post on various social media platforms showing photos of the damage and asking for volunteers to meet at the park at 9:30 a.m. Thursday to help out.

"We'll see have to see how it goes. It depends on how much help we can get because there's a lot of work to do," Bentley said.

He added that he understands people have their own work to do around their houses and asks that people respect travel orders due to the weather. Wednesday evening, the city of Duluth issued a no-travel advisory due to the blizzard warning.



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