"Everybody loves this kid" is a statement that jumps out when reading about Sierra, age 16. She is described as lovable, caring, polite, helpful to others, sweet, fun, outgoing, positive, willing to try new things and a good worker. She loves, loves, LOVES animals! She currently has dogs, roosters, kittens and bunnies to care for and play with in her current foster home. She likes to cook and has asked to do more cooking with her foster mom. Sierra loves athletics and it shows when you see her with her rowdy brothers; she might be much smaller, but she holds her own in competitive attitude. Last school year she participated in basketball and track, which she really enjoyed. Sierra likes being active and trying new things. She plans to participate in them this school year as well in addition to volleyball. Sierra is open and willing to try any new activities and enjoys music, singing and arts as well. Sierra's foster mom says, "She is very helpful, pitches in, rotates jobs and does well." She "pitches in" by loading and unloading the dishwasher, putting away food, cleaning her room and putting away her clothes. Sierra is sweet and likes the reward of being praised for her efforts. She truly enjoys school and works hard at her studies and is proud that she made it onto the honor roll at school. Sierra needs an active, fun lifestyle family who will keep her busy with the day-to-day rhythm of their home and the opportunity to try new things. Sierra would love a home with pets.

Following adoption, Sierra would need to maintain contact with her younger brother and biological aunt whom she has close relationships with.