One 5-year-old boy had his dream come true last week. Two Harbors resident Kelly Lynne Fennem's grandson, Jacob Toews of Burnsville, had a dream about giving a police officer a gift two days after Christmas.

"He woke up and said, 'Grandma, I had a dream that I gave a policeman a gift," Fennem said. "And I thought that was so sweet, so it just occurred to me that we could probably do that."

Fennem called the Two Harbors Police Department non-emergency number and asked if there were any officers available to stop by the house and receive the gift of Christmas cookies from Jacob. Officer Chris Ruberg was available and headed over in the early afternoon.

"It was wonderful, the officer was just so calm and excited about it," Fennem said. "He was very careful with Jacob. You could tell that Jacob was kind of worried, maybe a little scared. So he kind of stood back a little bit and let Jacob get closer on his own."

To encourage him to interact with Ruberg, Fennem encouraged Jacob to show off his new toys and eventually ended up with the officer reading Jacob a book.

"Pretty soon he was going through the house showing him everything around, it was wonderful," Fennem said.

After Jacob gave the officer his gift, Ruberg gave Jacob a small gift as well: two stickers. One of them was an honorary police badge sticker, which Fennem said Jacob wore for the next day and a half.

"We made more cookies that night and he got all this frosting on his shirt, but the next morning, he didn't want to change it. That was the shirt with his badge and he was so proud," Fennem said.

Fennem's family has a history of serving in law enforcement, so she believed it would be nice to give the officer something to show their appreciation.

"It was so nice of him to come and take that bit of time," Fennem said.