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Mentor Duluth -- Meet Becca


Mentor Duluth matches caring adults with children who can benefit from positive role models.

Meet Becca.

Becca is looking forward to being matched with someone who enjoys doing some of her favorite activities: cooking, baking, dancing and swimming. She loves to get creative in the kitchen and welcomes the challenge of using whatever she has on hand to cook with. She has been known to ignore the recipe from time to time just to see what happens.

Becca is energetic, creative, has an adventurous personality and is starting middle school this year. She loves to have fun and would be open to trying new activities with her mentor.

Becca said she would be happy hanging out and talking with her mentor and having a low-key day from time-to-time, but also said she would be best matched with someone who is interested in being active. Becca's parents would like to see her matched with a female mentor who is upbeat, outgoing and interested in meeting with Becca for hangouts on a regular basis.

To mentor Becca, contact Mentor Duluth at (218) 203-2897.