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Mentor Duluth


Mentor Duluth matches caring adults with children who can benefit from positive role models.

Meet Shauna: Shauna is a very kind and thoughtful 11-year-old. She's shy around people she doesn't know but can be very friendly and talkative once she gets to know you. Shauna is very loyal to her friends and is always willing to help them. She's most proud about her voice and loves to sing.

Shauna loves to have fun with her friends and likes to perform gymnastics. She also likes to spend time singing and dancing with her friends. Shauna would like to get out more and discover Duluth.

With a mentor, Shauna would like to go to The Edge, out to eat, trampoline parks and the beach. She would like a mentor that is nice, fun to be around and someone that has the same interests as her.

If you wish to mentor Shauna, contact Mentor Duluth at (218) 203-2897.