Mentor Duluth pairs caring adults with kids who can benefit from positive role models.

Jill and Zayla have been matched for three years. They both remember feeling nervous and shy in the beginning.

Jill and Zayla's favorite thing to do together is trying out new recipes and baking. They say they have perfected chocolate chip cookies and homemade pizza. Zayla also enjoys playing with Mozzie, the bunny, and playing board games with her favorite game being "Castles and Catacombs." Jill and Zayla have a rivalry going with Zayla's uncle, Jabez, and Jill's husband, Scott.

Their best memory was taking a road trip to Amnicon Falls last summer. They had the perfect day of exploring and swimming in their clothes. They expressed that they have learned a lot about going outside their comfort zones. Zayla has tried new things like coffee shops, new foods and board games, and Jill has also experienced new things with encouragement from Zayla like roller skating, mustard on pizza and soccer. They have had a lot of laughs along the way.

Another fun memory they have together was finding a pool of hundreds of frogs and playing with them for hours. They have numerous inside jokes, and they describe their relationship as having been a treasure of being able to learn together. They are excited and looking forward for years to come!