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Mentor Duluth for Feb. 25, 2018

Savant and Anne

Mentor Duluth pairs caring adults with kids who can benefit from positive role models.

Savant and Anne first met when Savant was in first grade. Anne was his teacher at the time and said, "We had a fun year together: reading, writing, doing math and science and taking fun field trips." They were matched together last June and have been having fun ever since.

Anne and Savant share interests in several of the same activities, one being spending time outdoors. They like to play in the woods, build forts, hike and jump on the trampoline together. They also had a wonderful time celebrating Savant's 7th birthday; there was a party with his school friends and they visited the zoo.

They both agree that one of the best times they've had together was when Savant was able to spend Christmas Eve with Anne and her family. They had a big bonfire and roasted hot dogs and s'mores for lunch. They then went sledding, played in the snow and for dinner had fondue. Savant also had a great time opening presents.

When asked if Anne has learned anything from her match, she said, "My time with Savant has showed me and my family that trying new things can be really fun. Savant has taught them all about the waterslides at The Edge." As Savant's mentor, Anne believes she has taught him how to explore the woods, like building forts out of trees and branches. These two love spending time together and are looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead of them.