Mentor Duluth pairs caring adults with kids who can benefit from positive role models.

Bailey and Mahalia recently celebrated their two-year match anniversary. When they first met, they were both a little bit shy, but they warmed up to each other quickly and got along right away. Bailey and Mahalia both enjoy relaxing, watching movies and having dinner together. Their favorite things to do are swimming, watching movies and making ice cream shakes.

One of their favorite memories is when they went skiing at Spirit Mountain. Mahalia's ski fell off in the middle of the hill, and Bailey was trying to help her while also trying not to fall or slide down the hill herself. Once Mahalia got her ski back on, she was unable to stand up and ended up sliding down the hill on her bottom and couldn't stop. They laughed a lot through the whole adventure.

When we asked Mahalia what she has learned from Bailey, she said gymnastics, as Bailey used to be a coach.

Bailey has learned a lot from Mahalia. She said, "I went to one of Mahalia's basketball games, and she was able to teach me all about basketball. Mahalia has also taught me about fun things to do in Duluth since I recently moved here for college shortly before we were matched."