Lake County Ambulance is preparing to replace an old ambulance with a new, more updated model. The nonprofit service is seeking to replace a 2003 type three Road Rescue ambulance with a new ambulance better equipped to operate the terrain and environmental conditions associated with the region.

"We serve all of Lake County, which is a pretty big area with a lot of different conditions," said Stacy Cavallin, office manager for Lake County Ambulance. "So we're looking to get an ambulance that's built to operate in all kinds of conditions and that will better serve our needs."

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The service covers the 1,535 square miles of Lake County - almost equal to the size of Rhode Island.

The cost to replace the ambulance is estimated at $196,000 for the basic model, which doesn't include the various essential lifesaving equipment that will need to be purchased and stocked to make the ambulance operational.

"That's the bare bones, not including equipment like monitors, stretchers and other things," Cavallin said.

The organization sent a letter asking for donations from residents for the purchase and has started an online GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign in hopes of attracting donations from visitors to the North Shore.

"We're here to serve everyone who visits the area and all who live here, so we're hoping to get a response on social media to help us raise what we need to make this happen," Cavallin said.

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