From Lake County newspaper archives.

100 years ago, 1910

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Nothing much further has been heard on how free delivery of mail is progressing. Postmaster Woodfill has been ready for more than three months to make formal application to the government once the requirements demanded by the post office department are met. There is nothing too difficult about the requirements, simply the correct numbering of the houses and the erection of signs given the street names on the intersections.

Sizing up the matter

A woman went into the newspaper office and wished to advertise for her husband, who had disappeared. When told that they charged two dollars an inch she went out saying it would break her up at that rate, as her husband was over six-foot long.

75 years ago,1935

That scarlet fever is assuming menacing proportions in Two Harbors is indicated by the fact that there are 20 now reported cases by Dr. E. P. Christensen. So far the disease is appearing in a mild form and all homes in which the disease has appeared are quarantined.

Goosed bridge

The Minnesota Highway Department, according to Superintendent Thos. Hughes, has approved plans for widening the bridge at Gooseberry River to thirty feet for vehicular traffic and walks for pedestrians will also be built. The increased traffic this year has created a serious traffic hazard at Gooseberry and it is through the best of fortune that no one was injured there this summer.

50 years ago, 1960

Sidewalk superintendents are having a field day as work progresses at the new post office. Perhaps it is an occupation that many of us enjoy because it entails no responsibility for the actual construction of the building. Were all of us who fall into that category to pool our knowledge and pass them along to the contractors, our city probably would not only have the long awaited office but maybe the eighth wonder of the world as well.

Good driving

The Two Harbors Jaycees has presented its first Safe and Courteous Driving Award to Roy Bolen. When asked what he attributes to his many years of accident-free driving, Roy stated, "Driving, like many other things, becomes a habit, and if you develop the habit of observing common courtesies as well as traffic signs and speed laws you have the makings of a safe and courteous driver." Being behind the wheel for over 39 years, he estimates that he has driven three-fourths of a million miles during his lifetime.

25 years ago, 1985

October is stamp collectors month. Who was the first postmaster? None other than Benjamin Franklin himself. During the month replicas of stamps colored by members of the Benjamin Franklin Stamp Club at the John A. Johnson Elementary School will be on display at the post office. Members are from the fourth-grade classes of Kathryn Manlove, Lloyd Peterson, Ron Dishneau, and Fred Kallio.

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