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Claudia Myers


Claudia Myers is a former costume designer for The Baltimore Opera, Minnesota Ballet and has taught design and construction at the College of St. Scholastica. She is a national award-winning quilter, author and a local antique dealer, specializing in Persian rugs.

My family background is Welsh. Welsh people generally have beautiful voices and can sing their hearts out, but they are not known for their haute cuisine.
It took years before I realized that everybody gathering for picnics and fireworks were not celebrating my birthday.
When I say “the aged wood smell of an old fishing cabin,” do you know what I mean? Can you smell it?
Let's face it, when you are competing at the top level and your quilt is just one in a room full of quilts that were juried and chosen, they're all good quilts. There have to be some "great levelers," as I call them.
If you can’t be modest, for goodness sake, be quiet about it!
I didn’t know anything about quilts except I had heard some women talking about having made quilts as teenagers and entering them into the State Fair.
How come when someone asks you for a restaurant recommendation and you gush over this place where you had the great pasta dish last week, does it turn out that the regular chef didn’t make it to work that night and sent his nephew, Winslow, instead?
(It's) important when buying things to sell that you recognize an item as being “something.” You don’t have to know what, as long as you know it is not “nothing.”
Next to selling stuff, my favorite thing is finding out about stuff.
We had a short history of buying furniture that was, let us say, out of the ordinary.