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Claudia Myers


Claudia Myers is a former costume designer for The Baltimore Opera, Minnesota Ballet and has taught design and construction at the College of St. Scholastica. She is a national award-winning quilter, author and a local antique dealer, specializing in Persian rugs.

Next to selling stuff, my favorite thing is finding out about stuff.
We had a short history of buying furniture that was, let us say, out of the ordinary.
Maybe we just didn’t like running. Maybe we just didn’t feel like running. In the 1950s, most women didn’t sweat, you know.
Working in Baltimore was not all champagne and Bertha’s mussels.
The man who was directing the production had a reputation of using his immense imagination and lavish costume designs to accomplish his over-the-top versions of the old classic opera stories.
There were 10 different directors in the years I was with the ballet company and I learned something from each one.
Visuals of two years living in Germany.
I always refer to our first trip in Europe as “our honeymoon.” By the time we got to Germany, we had been married three years and had two children.
One of the first things I learned, while living for two years in Germany, was that the German folk had many unwritten, unspoken rules about the right way to do something. And that doing them the wrong way had not to do with your stupidity, but something to do with the quality of your character.
We started in Minnesota that morning, headed for Wiesbaden, where hopefully my husband, Tom, would come to our rescue and drive us to our new home for the next two years: Bitburg Air Base.