Shipments through the port of Duluth-Superior were up in October.

The port recorded cargo totaling almost 3.3 million short tons during the month, 11.5% more than October 2020, according to the port's marine tonnage report.

This season through October, the port has imported and exported a total of 26 million short tons of cargo, 2.5% ahead of the five-year average and 33% ahead of the same time frame last year, which was slowed by COVID-19.

Reflecting a recovered steel industry, more than 2 million short tons of iron ore left the port, with the season total reaching 16.4 million tons, 16% ahead of the five-year average.

Shipments of grain in October were recorded at 62,200 short tons, down from 50% from October of last year. Similarly, the year-to-date totals of grain shipments are down 46% compared to last year. They stand at 564,000 short tons so far this year.

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While shipments of coal were just under 764,000 short tons for the month, down 11% for the same month last year, the year-to-date total for coal stands at nearly 6 million short tons, a 57% increase compared to the same time period last year.