The Big Bottle Shop Liquor Store in Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood is closing, its owner Randy Mallow has announced.

The building, at 2401 W. Superior St., has been sold after more than 50 years in Mallow's family. The store's last day open is July 24. He stated that the main reason for closing is the competition of liquor stores in the area.

"If you're in a small business like a restaurant or something, where you're making a decent markup on your product, that's one thing, but with liquor being so competitive, there isn't much of a space there because it's not cheap," Mallow said.

Mallow is looking for a new location to possibly reopen the liquor store in, but he isn't sure whether that will happen or not. If he does, he said he would like to stay in and serve the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

"It's going to be a loss to some of the area here, I mean we had a lot of local folks that live down here that would come in daily," he said. "I think the future of this area is really great."

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The Big Bottle Shop Liquor Store's remaining inventory will be marked down for liquidation, and remaining display shelving will be auctioned. Mallow said the buyer of the building plans to open a small restaurant.