I jetted across the bridge the soonest that was possible because — Waffle. Bar.

Superior Waffles was buzzing on a Saturday afternoon, and a line quickly formed behind me before I’d taken in the menu.

It listed a mix of sweet, savory and build-your-owns, while yellow Post-Its noted the sold-out Banana Bliss (PB, nanners and chocolate), Chicken and Waffle, and the Braffle (a brat and raspberry jam).

I was pleased to see a keto-friendly chaffle (made from cheese and eggs), and a gluten-free option.

I ordered the Ninja Turtle on the latter and tried to take the perfect pic before the whipped cream melted.

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The Ninja Turtle is covered in light drizzles of caramel and chocolate, and pecans. It was perfectly crispy on the outside and warm and squishy on the inside. It was well-filling and delectable for $8.

There’s a fill-your-syrup station with cream and sugar, a dog-friendly outdoor seating space and an actual bar in the back if you like to stand and dine.

Personality runs throughout — from a posted Leslie Knope quote to a bullseye in the toilet and stickers instead of napkin holders.

There’s also all-gender bathrooms, walls covered in regional art and locally made lip balm and candles.

It’s clear Superior Waffles is one business intent on lifting up its neighbors on its own way up, and aren't those the best kind?

Superior Waffles

1412 Tower Ave., Superior