Cooke Street Kitchen has been open for less than a month, and “Greek once a week” is a manageable pace for chef Stacy Williams.

The menu is posted Sunday; the deadline to order is Wednesday; and it’s delivered right to your door after 4 p.m. Thursday (if you live within 20 minutes of Duluth).

After a quick scan of the offerings, I went for the gyro duo.

It arrived closer to 6 (we’re in deep Hermantown). After a quick warm-up in the microwave, the flavors came to life. Thick, creamy and lively tzatziki, like nothing I’d ever tasted. I was impressed by big chunks of tender, juicy and packed-full-of-flavor pork with feta bits, tomato, red onion and fries. (That latter was a little soggy; but that didn’t deter). And the pita is the real deal — strong, substantial and able to hold its contents.

It was a filling, original-tasting dinner for two for $25 (including $5 delivery), and well worth it.

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Williams, who is also a mother of three, is renting a church kitchen but is on the lookout for a more permanent spot. She hopes to eventually expand with her father as a business partner.

Williams is a dual citizen of Greece and the U.S., and she said food and gathering around a table is central to Greek culture. She aims to make her gyros like you’d get on a street corner in Greece, and the tzatziki is a “super garlicky” family recipe (one she, understandably, did not share).

This week, the Greek spaghetti, "winter" salad and revani with coconut were nearly sold out by 5 p.m. Monday. She is at capacity as the only chef and is looking to hire another body.

For now, she’s OK keeping it on the manageable side. “I would rather have 10 super happy, really, really pleasantly surprised customer than 50 people that are like, ‘That was fine.’”

More to come, and this is one to watch.

Cooke Street Kitchen