Stop and Go Pizza was busy on a below-freezing Friday night.

As cooks moved efficiently behind the counter, two women waited in the lobby next to me. It was their first time, too. They said they ordered a little bit of everything — and there’s lots to choose from.

Stop and Go opened in November in the old Sammy’s Pizza on Tower Avenue. The menu has everything from loaded fries to subs and dunks (boneless wings). Their pizza options are solid with taco, veggie, bacon cheeseburger, meat overload.

Prices range from $15.99 for Italian beef or $11.99 for a one-topping pizza, and $3 for stuffed breadsticks or $10.99 for a meatball sub.

In the mood for something inventive and traditional, we went with their sweet chili chicken pizza with a side of garlic Parmesan wings.

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Large but sparse chunks of pineapple rested on a gooey cheese blend, shredded chicken and an irresistible layer of sweet chili sauce. This single-handedly converted me from my previous “no-pineapple-on-pizza” stance.

The pineapple burst with sweetness that well complemented the spice of chili sauce, all melting onto a crust with the perfect chewy-to-crunchy ratio.

And the wings boasted a delightfully thick, crunchy breading doused with a creamy, garlicky sauce spotted with Parmesan crumbles.

The food was so good, we ordered again a couple of days later for a late-afternoon lunch, and I was pleased to see they were busy again.

Stop and Go Pizza

1908 Tower Ave., Superior