A campaign to support area restaurants is coming to a close. If you haven't redeemed your Strong Northland voucher, do so before Aug. 31.

The campaign, created by the Greater Downtown Council, Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, Hermantown Area Chamber of Commerce and Visit Duluth, will wrap up at the end of the month.

Approximately $62,000 worth of vouchers has been purchased, but they don’t actually help the restaurant until they are redeemed. Unlike purchasing a gift card directly from a restaurant, under this campaign the money doesn't go to the restaurants until the voucher is redeemed. That’s because there are 40-plus restaurants in the program, and Strong Northland doesn’t know where someone will use the voucher until it is redeemed.

The campaign was created with the intent of making a large economic impact in a short amount of time. Any money remaining in the campaign account will be shared with participating restaurants.

Further information can be found at strongnorthland.com.