A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

508 E. 11th St., Jonah Egermeier purchased from Robert Kuster for $35,000, residential, 8/21.

2706 W. 11th St., Nathan K. and Lydia C. Tanui purchased from Richard N. Sonntag Trust for $475,000, residential, 8/21.

2210 W. 13th St., The Ridolfi Family Limited purchased from Jaima E. Jansen-Hanson for $260,000, residential, 9/21.

607 N. 14th Ave. E., Joworks LLC purchased from Maxine Lian for $120,000, residential, 9/21.

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15 S. 20th Ave. E., 15 S. 20th Ave. E. LLC purchased from Heather White for $350,000, residential, 8/21.

921 W. 4th St., Lee Woodard purchased from Michael G. and Joyce L. Molitor for $100,000, residential, 8/21.

427 N. 53rd Ave. W., Ramsey IV LLC purchased from Steve G. and Pamela J. Opack for $82,818, residential, 8/21.

313 N. 59th Ave. W., Paul Nelson purchased from Brett Carlson for $235,000, residential, 8/21.

116 N. 64th Ave. W., Lowell and Miranda Austin purchased from Foehead LLC for $155,000, residential, 8/21.

23 N. 66th Ave. W., Drew Pazdernik purchased from Tyson J. and Rachel Skillings for $185,000, residential, 8/21.

418 N. 77th Ave. W., Griffin Gregersen purchased from Kent D. and Dawnmarie F. Larson for $222,000, residential, 8/21.

1435 89th Ave. W., Brian J. Carroll purchased from Mark C. Ponce for $25,000, residential, 8/21.

2025 Adirondack St., Patti Tolo purchased from Alex and Sheenagh Taray for $252,000, residential, 8/21.

1020 W. Arrowhead Road, Thomas Kelly purchased from Tawny and Anthony Olson for $253,500, residential, 8/21.

138 Artavia St., CSH Holdings LLC purchased from Jarvas Polk for $265,000, residential, 8/21.

2406 Asbury Drve, Neil and Debra Vanderport purchased from Joyce Peterson for $255,500, residential, 9/21.

1322 N. Basswood Ave., Courtnie Carver and William Scott purchased from Joseph N. and Autumn R. Dittrich for $210,000, residential, 8/21.

8751 Beverly St., Jessica Pooler purchased from Fernando Delgado for $185,000, residential, 8/21.

925 N. Blackman Ave., Madelynn E. and Caleb J. Lozinski purchased from Stephanie and Dustin Fennessey for $379,900, residential, 8/21.

2916 Branch St., John Forcier and Holly Taylor purchased from David E. and Nancy L. Gangeness for $320,000, residential, 8/21.

2963 Devonshire St., Ryan and Paula L. Broschofsky purchased from Clarence and Jennifer Hill for $157,500, residential, 8/21.

1704 E. Eighth St., Beth and Rory Fabel purchased from Kyler and Stephanie Anderson for $149,650, residential, 8/21.

2423 W. Eighth St., Brent Chouanard purchased from Lucas M. and Cassandra Haldorson for $177,000, residential, 8/21.

5811 Elinor St., Michael Merritt Jr. purchased from Kaitlyn and Connor Tollerud for $197,500, residential, 8/21.

615 Farrell Road, Darrin and Nicole Zwak purchased from George J. and Kristine J. Lessard for $280,000, residential, 8/21.

626 Farrell Road, Kathleen L. Latture purchased from Catherine and Jeffrey A. Purcell for $134,500, residential, 8/21.

2626 W. Fifth St., Breanna Cornell purchased from Eleanor L. Stumme Living Trust for $170,000, residential, 8/21.

1115 E. Fifth St., Lauren Faherty and Cole Webster purchased from Allison C. and Joe Remark for $224,000, residential, 8/21.

1224 W. Fifth St., Sara Geoghegan purchased from Jeffrey M. Schmidt and Brian Bush for $275,000, residential, 8/21.

1118 E. Fourth St., Vic Properties LLC purchased from Gary J. and Carolyn Lofald for $350,000, commercial (with buildings), 8/21.

2002 Gearhart St., Gordon Lewis purchased from Devon and Melanie Sease for $213,000, residential, 8/21.

4832 Glenwood St., Jace Butcher purchased from Casey Ehnes, Anna Faegre, et al for $167,000, residential, 8/21.

415 Kelly Circle, Lake & Land Properties LLC. purchased from Susan Kuukari for $158,000, residential, 8/21.

817 Kenwood Ave., Anne Phinney purchased from Jennifer Anderson for $221,500, residential, 8/21.

216 Kissel Ave., Walter Flesvig purchased from Robert W. Ek for $175,000, residential, 8/21.

4507 Kruger Road, Lounna Marohombsar and N. Steichen purchased from Douglas Scott for $329,900, residential, 9/21.

1135 S. Lake Ave., Jeanette M. Pucheu purchased from Helen and Kathryn Mongan-Rallis for $460,000, residential, 8/21.

12 N. Lake Ave., Lake Avenue Flats LLC purchased from Zenith City Revival LLC for $695,000, commercial (with buildings), 8/21.

201 Lakewood Road, Jabo Niran and Steve Swanson purchased from Kelsey D. Arnold for $255,000, residential, 8/21.

4427 Luverne St., Angela Kim purchased from Laura E. Harmon and Ira strubhar for $279,900, residential, 8/21.

4124 Luverne St., Robert H. and Laura L. Heverling purchased from Jess and Harmony McCullough for $217,100, residential, 8/21.

812 Mellwood Ave., Levi and Ellen Bursch purchased from Jane W. Seybolt for $460,000, residential, 8/21.

1512 Minneapolis Ave., Elizabeth Kallio and Terence Gobel purchased from Chad Derosier and Nicole Speck for $575,000, residential, 9/21.

1919 Minnesota Ave., Dianne and William Kendall purchased from Jean A. Krizan for $415,000, residential, 8/21.

2211 Minnesota Ave., John Hoening Jr. purchased from Steve And Lila Krmpotich Revocable Trust for $650,000, residential, 8/21.

6024 Nashua St., Caitlin E. White and Mary McCormack purchased from Sonija E. Setterquist for $249,900, residential, 8/21.

1302 E. Ninth St., Trixies Troves LLC purchased from Rodney W. and Rachel Jones for $160,000, residential, 9/21.

5202 Oneida St., Katherine Vavrosky purchased from Euthenia Holdings LLC for $225,000, residential, 8/21.

4717 Oneida St., Michael and Shirley Meyers purchased from Shannon and Daniel Carlson for $253,000, residential, 8/21.

5005 Otsego St., Northern Property Ventures LLC purchased from Deborah Pendleton for $121,708, residential, 8/21.

19 E. Oxford St., Matthew L. Johnson purchased from William Pearson for $226,000, residential, 8/21.

110 Parkland Ave., Fiona and Kaelie Ludwig purchased from Danielle and Austin Armbruster for $200,000, residential, 8/21.

32 E. Penton Blvd., Jorie Strunk purchased from Ellie and Cody Burcar for $127,200, residential, 8/21.

1214 S. Ridge Road, Kreea Ashton purchased from Kyle and Shanna Skidmore for $1,192,000, residential, 8/21.

120 W. Second St., Human Development Center purchased from Advance Acquisitions LLC for $2,275,000, commercial (with buildings), 8/21.

1020 N. Seventh Ave. E., Stephen Nelsonpurchased from Adeline Leskey for $127,000, residential, 8/21.

1210 W. Sixth St., 1210 W. 6th Street Duluth LLC purchased from Stephen E. Nelson and Saman Adams for $121,000, residential, 8/21.

1027 E. Sixth St., Julie Soderberg purchased from Alicia K. Johnson for $130,000, residential, 8/21.

226 W. Sixth St., Monique Forcier purchased from Greg and Diana L. Bouchard for $292,500, residential, 8/21.

2432 W. Skyline Parkway, Jeffrey A. Skinner and M. Peters purchased from Riverloon Properties LLC for $175,000, residential, 8/21.

201 Snively Road, Nicholas Vandoornevelt purchased from Megan Seydow and Christ Villarroel for $240,000, residential, 8/21.

6303 E. Superior St., Adam and Kate Eskuri purchased from L. and E. Witzig and B and N. Alexander for $440,000, residential, 8/21.

2032 W. Superior St., Ohana Holdings LLC purchased from Jon-ed LLC for $500,000, commercial (with buildings), 8/21.

3525 E. Third St., Timothy and Tyna O'Connor purchased from Eric D. and Lara C. Montgomery for $449,900, residential, 8/21.

3621 E. Third St., Allison and Joseph Remark purchased from Shee and Yuen Wong for $353,000, residential, 8/21.

3004 W. Third St., Lincoln Park Laundromat LLC purchased from Lincoln Park Laundry LLC for $215,000, commercial (with buildings), 9/21.

3444 W. Tischer Road, Bradley and Marissa Thompson purchased from Kevin L. and Pamela J. Miller for $356,000, residential, 8/21.

5477 Ugstad Junction, Richard A. and Cordelia M. Kari purchased from Wayne R. and Sharon A. Johnson for $270,000, , 8/21.

118 Vassar St., Andrew and Tiffany Rosenquist purchased from Mandy L. McGee for $159,000, residential, 8/21.

4615 Vermilion Road, Mark Kedrowski purchased from Kathleen E. Myers for $225,000, residential, 8/21.

7805 Vinland St., Trey and Caelen Johnson purchased from Timothy and Shannon Fosness for $150,000, residential, 8/21.

320 Wadena St., Bryant Preston purchased from Greg and Kari Smith for $286,000, residential, 8/21.

2126 Water St. Unit L103, Richard and Pamela Pietrusa purchased from Laurie Anderson and Randy Holt for $675,000, residential, 8/21.

2034 Woodland Ave., Jesse Hennen and Emily Bates purchased from Diana Robertson for $170,000, residential, 8/21.

5027 Wyoming St., David T. and Amber M. Lewis purchased from Patrick J. and Penny Y. Wilmers for $235,000, residential, 8/21.

Address unassigned, Brian Bush and Jeffrey Schmidt purchased from Scott, Ann, and Leah Payne for $145,000, residential, 8/21.

Address unassigned, Hebroon and Maria Obaid purchased from Diane and Earl Link-Morley for $1,020,000, residential, 8/21.

Residential bare land, Chris and Lou Lou Gustafson purchased from J. Maron and Michael Krois for $55,900, residential - bare land, 8/21.

Residential bare land, Christopher and Sarah Malecha purchased from Douglas Haigh for $35,000, residential - bare land, 8/21.

Residential bare land, Megan Martin purchased from Ronald Brian Wahlstein Trust for $30,000, residential - bare land, 8/21.

Bare land, Lee and Robin Davidson purchased from Pine Brook Farm Inc. for $110,000, bare land, 8/21.