A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

920 E. 10th St., Eric Anderson purchased from Powder Squirrel Properties LLC for $205,000, residential, 9/21.

1309 E. 10th St., Judy Peterson purchased Martin Halvorson and Ann Peterson from for $110,000, residential, 9/21.

1117 101st Ave. W., Jason R. Mirkovich purchased from Emily M. Boulanger for $180,500, residential, 9/21.

223 N. 11th Ave. E., Plautus & Lightning LLC purchased from Duluth Rentals LLC for $197,000, residential, 9/21.

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426 E. 13th St., Randy Massey and Jeramy Myers purchased from Timothy and Jacquelyn Hansen for $130,000, residential, 9/21.

2720 W. 13th St., Scott Erlandson and Emily Korschpurchased from Ann T. and Marvin Johnson for $375,000, residential, 9/21.

425 N. 17th Ave. E., Plautus & Lightning LLC purchased from Duluth Rentals LLC for $255,000, residential, 9/21.

301 N. 21st Ave. E., Dustin Grew purchased from Gary J. and Denise M. Palmer for $225,000, residential, 9/21.

618 N. 59th Ave. W., Anthony J. and Ashlyn Puglisi purchased from Suzanne Henkes and Jes Golding for $155,000, residential, 9/21.

1031 W. Sixth St., Jon Sarkala purchased from Gwendolyn Brooks for $75,000, residential, 9/21.

621 S. 63rd Ave. W., Shawn Fitch purchased from Randy P. and Leah Ritzko for $141,000, residential, 9/21.

3003 N. 85th Ave. W., Deborah McCarty purchased from Connor Kalenowski for $285,000, residential, 9/21.

219 96th Ave. W., Jacob and Brenda Wood purchased from James R. and Lynn S. Jeannette for $227,000, residential, 9/21.

144 Alice St., John Ribble and Brenda Beckloff purchased from Cheryl and Troy Templer for $285,000, residential, 9/21.

5014 Anderson Road, Matthew Frelich and Annabel Butler purchased from Rathbun LLC for $89,500, residential, 9/21.

1122 W. Arrowhead Road, Daniel and Michelle Liefwalker purchased from Walsh Properties of Duluth LLC for $148,000, residential, 9/21.

5430 Avondale St., Kent and Kimber Hunt purchased from Tammy and Christopher Anderson for $235,000, residential, 7/21.

4016 Chambersburg Ave., Christina and Brian N. Miller purchased from Richard J. Priley for $372,700, residential, 9/21.

4101 Colorado St., Ruwan Adikaram and Gamage Nayomi purchased from Ashley Burgess for $445,000, residential, 7/21.

8403 Congdon Blvd., Patricia Burns purchased from Northland Investments Limited for $546,000, residential, 9/21.

13 E. Eighth St., Dustin and Jordan Scholz purchased from Donald C. and Elsie E. Zachow for $145,000, residential, 9/21.

4007 W. Fifth St., Redeeming Homes LLC purchased from Roger and Yvonne M. Bernhardt for $108,150, residential, 9/21.

39 First St., Sentra Holdings LLC purchased from Laurista Properties LLC for $128,000, residential, 9/21.

4001 Five Corners Road, Edward J. and Jodie M. Hudak purchased from Elaine A. Lowrey for $168,000, residential, 9/21.

4202 W. Fourth St., Joel and Jessica Perkins purchased from Kendra and Maxwell Southbloom for $240,000, residential, 8/21.

213 E. Gary St., Robert Swanson purchased from Lisa, Thomas, Linda and Troy Clarke for $85,000, commercial (with buildings), 9/21.

4731 Gladstone St., Happy Rock LLC purchased from Lake Superior Masonic Lodge for $395,000, resorts (seasonal-rec commercial), 9/21.

3103 Greysolon Road, Karla McCall and Nathan Selstad purchased from Mary Shields for $580,000, residential, 9/21.

123 Grove St., Land Advantage LLC purchased from Gary Halgren for $190,151, residential, 9/21.

2008 Hartley Road, Adam J. Birr and Tiffany M. Zent purchased from Robert McFarland for $305,000, residential, 9/21.

206 W. House St., Erik D. Johnson purchased from Reginald N. Postal for $177,000, residential, 9/21.

1914 Lakeview Drive, Eric D. and Lara Montgomery purchased from Karen K. Peterson for $549,900, residential, 8/21.

3976 Lavaque Road, Eric and Megan Johnson purchased from Larry W. and Karen J. Johnson for $374,000, residential, 9/21.

2125 Lester River Road, Gary and Catherine Wereley purchased from Lyssa Supinski for $701,000, residential, 9/21.

5845 Lonely Pine Drive, Blair Raisanen purchased from Amber H. and Scott C. Johnson for $484,500, residential, 9/21.

3263 Medin Road, Anna and Robert Heger purchased from Joe and Emily Marinac for $290,000, residential, 9/21.

922 Mesaba Ave., Anthony and Christina Lepage purchased from Endion Land Co. LLC for $137,500, residential, 9/21.

1401 Mississippi Ave., Madison Vinje purchased from John P. Jackson Trust for $260,000, residential, 9/21.

4730 Oneida St., G. Schumacher and C. Pyan purchased from William and Carol Hall Trust for $265,000, residential, 7/21.

3690 Patriot Lane, Jeanette Nesseth purchased from Jay and Jill Zierden for $399,900, residential - bare land, 9/21.

2130 Princeton Place, Daniel Husnik purchased from Eric and Mandy Stone for $300,000, residential, 9/21.

3808 Rehbein Road, Ariel Jauss purchased from James C. and Charlotte A. Watts for $198,500, residential, 9/21.

3959 Schultz Road, Maxwell Werdin purchased from Ben D. and Shannon M. Swegle for $330,000, residential, 9/21.

1405 Shilhon Road, Kyle and Emily Krull purchased from Wesley K. and Jennifer Johnston for $275,000, residential, 9/21.

1223 E. Sixth St., Josiah Smith purchased from Darrin M. and Angela M. Garner for $225,000, residential, 9/21.

1115 E. Sixth St., Rory I. Isakson purchased from Dean Scufsa for $175,000, residential, 9/21.

8 Third St., Leah Hansen and Veronica McKinnon purchased from Cody J. and Stacy M. Opack for $185,000, residential, 9/21.

205 Third St., Mitchell L. Luoma purchased from Pamela L. Loven for $108,500, residential, 9/21.

1822 W. Third St., Ryan and Lora Kesselhon purchased from L. and C. Berg and E. and J. Kleinberg for $130,900, residential, 9/21.

4901 Tioga St., Jayson and Laura Beaster-Jones purchased from Jacquelyn Barnard for $197,000, residential, 9/21.

5664 Town Line Road, Joseph T. and Emily Marinac purchased from Sean Hartley and Liza Butkiewicz for $365,000, residential, 9/21.

5286 Twin Pines St., Bradley and Kathy Mickelson purchased from Ronald and Jane Alston for $425,000, residential, 9/21.

5774 Wildlife Trail, Nathaniel and Alexandra Atkinson purchased from Scott J. and Dawn M. Cole for $382,000, residential, 9/21.

Residential bare land, Kevin Ehrenreich purchased from David Lax and Keira Youngblom for $75,000, residential - bare land, 9/21.

Residential bare land, Lara and Andrew Heubusch-Debnar purchased from Scott Dorgan for $76,000, residential - bare land, 9/21.

Bare land, S. Okerstrom and A. Frederiksen purchased from Nancy and Dale Odegard for $80,000, bare land, 9/21.