A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

821 N. 10th Ave. E., Thimmesch-Gill and Goodenberg purchased from Michael Nynas for $162,500, residential, 9/21.

424 E. 10th St., Ellen M. Cooney purchased from Stephanie L. Richards for $197,000, residential, 9/21.

1314 E. 11th St., Kiff Samuelson and Glenda Lane purchased from Marlene J. Lane for $98,500, residential, 9/21.

2602 W. 15th St., Sally and Stephen Ronstrom purchased from Paul W. and Kathryn A. Norgren for $296,000, residential, 9/21.

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323 S. 17th Ave. E., Portland Land Co. LLC purchased from Robert Hilde for $165,000, residential, 9/21.

725 N. 20th Ave. E., The Ridolfi Family Limited purchased from Rebecca Skurla for $315,000, residential, 9/21.

325 N. 20th Ave. W., Michael Hoffman purchased from Daniel and Deborah Hill for $160,000, residential, 9/21.

812 N. 23rd Ave. W., RDJK Properties LLC purchased from Mallard Properties LLC for $150,000, residential, 6/21.

524 N. 25th Ave. W., Cook-Lovlien Properties LLC purchased from Duane C. and Elizabeth Sieger for $138,000, residential, 9/21.

2331 W. 26th St., Darla Gray purchased from Janice Laulunen for $187,500, residential, 9/21.

128 N. 36th Ave. E., Sarah Olson and Micahel Kershaw purchased from William H. Moser Living Trust for $385,000, residential, 9/21.

706 N. 40th Ave. W., Cody Paulson and Devon O'Shaugnessy purchased from Hunter Kraus and Kaylee McClellan for $185,000, residential, 9/21.

719 N. 43rd Ave. E., Isaiah Wierczorek purchased from Robert C. and Anna M. Heger for $197,000, residential, 9/21.

17 N. 56th Ave. W., David Stocke purchased from Mitchell and Christi Capra for $75,000, residential, 9/21.

308 S. 68th Ave. W., Stephen Nelson purchased from Lethen and Katherie Penttinen for $195,000, residential, 9/21.

423 N. 77th Ave. W., Nicole Albertson purchased from Jacob R. and Kristen E. McIntosh for $200,000, residential, 9/21.

502 N. 78th Ave. W., Gregory and Laurie Cottingham purchased from Gloria and Jeffrey R. Moen for $147,737, residential, 9/21.

1303 92nd Ave. W., Aaron Fournier purchased from Timothy G. Kiehl and Janis Stern for $215,000, residential, 6/21.

110 97th Ave. W., Jenny Carlson purchased from Michael T. and Alicia Priola for $165,000, residential, 9/21.

1503 98th Ave. W., Mae Hedlund purchased from Riverloon Properties LLC for $177,000, residential, 9/21.

439 W. Anoka St., Megan Roers purchased from Edith Hill for $170,000, residential, 9/21.

215 E. Anoka St., Sean and Michaela Peterson purchased from Mary V. and Scott A. Starkman for $256,000, residential, 9/21.

111 W. Anoka St.,Megan Yoder and Elijah Schmitz purchased from Lake Ancques for $200,000, residential, 9/21.

5134 W. Arrowhead Road, Amanda J. and Tyler J. Erickson purchased from John K. and Karen D. Pierce for $370,000, residential, 9/21.

115 Artavia St., Jacob and Meghan Fisher purchased from Joan Severson for $261,000, residential, 9/21.

3416 Chambersburg Ave., Joseph and Jody Tucker purchased from David W. and Mary E. Engblom for $360,000, residential, 9/21.

706 Creekside Circle, Benjamin G. and Paige A. Cullen purchased from Andrew D. and Heather M. Podolsky for $440,000, residential, 9/21.

718 N. Ebony Ave., William J. and Alice M. Truscott purchased from Linda K. Carlson for $250,000, residential, 6/21.

2216 W. Eighth St., HBOO Properties LLC purchased from Rual and Rebecca Lee and Karen Meagher for $85,000, residential, 9/21.

4307 W. Eighth St., Nicholas Katich purchased from Bart Evavold for $215,000, residential, 9/21.

227 W. Faribault St., Martin Phillips purchased from Benjamin Ross for $260,000, residential, 9/21.

142 Farley Lane, Chad Derosier purchased from S. Kjellberg and T. Bergum for $187,000, residential, 9/21.

1801 E. Fifth St., Emily R. and Steven M. Mahr purchased from Kristin Plamann for $238,000, residential, 9/21.

1725 W. First St., RDJK Properties LLC purchased from New Birgelen LLC for $184,600, apartment, 6/21.

1811 E. Fourth St., Jessica Prouse and Aaron Dias purchased from Patti T. and Scott Olt for $302,000, residential, 9/21.

4510 Gladstone St., Madison Wagner purchased from Timothy and Elizabeth Schuller for $130,000, residential, 9/21.

1924 Greysolon Road, Sanders Smith purchased from Joanne and Bernadette Rosberg for $310,000, residential, 6/21.

2662 Guss Road, Reginald N. Postal purchased from Maija Colombe $242,500, residential, 9/21.

2809 Hagberg St., Michael and Clela Henson purchased from Eric Peterson for $290,000, residential, 9/21.

4275 Haines Road, Pine21 Acquisitions X LLC purchased from NS Retail Holdings LLC for $10,451,156, commercial (with buildings), 9/21.

4934 Howard Gnesen Road, Scott and Laura Horton purchased from Marilyn Lepak for $355,000, residential, 9/21.

2622 Hutchinson Road, Eric and Jill Falldin purchased from Judy G. Pearson for $240,000, residential, 9/21.

2832 Jefferson St., Caitlin Lombard and Ian Robertson purchased from Jude A. and Elana A. Homola for $285,500, residential, 9/21.

2824 Jefferson St., Dmjemac Properties LLC purchased from James A. Cox and Steven E. Pauli for $195,000, residential, 6/21.

3601 Kolstad Ave., Jeffery and Jessica Matthiasry purchased from Margaret M. Waechter for $305,000, residential, 9/21.

3730 Lavaque Road, Chuck Sylvester and Verna Thorton purchased from Richard Zabel for $410,000, residential, 9/21.

2325 Leonard St., Julia Sybrant purchased from Audrey Swanson for $295,000, residential, 9/21.

4202 Minnesota Ave., North Shore LS LLC purchased from Debora and Charles Maki Bernick for $2,500,000, residential, 9/21.

1516 N. Ninth Ave. E., Kari Olson purchased from Christopher D. Johnson for $175,000, residential, 9/21.

12902 W. Ninth St., Ellie and Cody Burcar purchased from Jeffrey W. Braack for $277,500, residential, 9/21.

3663 Okerstrom Road, Gary R. and Christine C. Lindgren purchased from Corrine Murray Floding for $275,000, residential, 9/21.

5715 Oneida St., Lisa Naaktgeboren purchased from Michael and Stephnie Granke for $235,000, residential, 9/21.

3024 Restormel St., Ashley D'agostino and Jason Hirt purchased from Betty Guzzo for $144,900, residential, 9/21.

116 W. Saint Andrews St., Charles and Elizabeth Abernathy purchased from Ryan C. and Amy Goei for $265,000, residential, 9/21.

3012 E. Second St., Peter and Loann Stone purchased from Margaret O. and Robert G. Bell for $530,000, residential, 9/21.

1812 W. Second St., RDJK Properties LLC purchased from D & N. Rentals LLC for $360,000, apartment, 6/21.

825 E. Sixth St., Avery Cassar and Angela C. Ball purchased from Robert B. and Cheryl B. Larson for $186,000, residential, 9/21.

12550 W. Skyline Parkway, John and Jeanette Boynton purchased from Jeffery Daveau and Amber Maddern for $410,000, residential, 7/21.

2914 E. Superior St., Christopher and Monica M. Steele purchased from Peter M. and Loann Stone for $399,900, residential, 9/21.

2215 E. Superior St., Jason and Megan Johnson Trust purchased from MLM Historic Properties for $510,000, residential, 9/21.

151 W. Terrace St., Jennifer and Gregory Anderson purchased from Vincent Surges for $253,000, residential, 9/21.

725 Third St., Corey Stebner purchased from Andrew M. and Amanda C. Paszak for $110,000, residential, 9/21.

5217 Tioga St., Cassandra King purchased from Roseanna and Christopher Parsons for $185,000, residential, 9/21.

310 N. Ugstad Road, Michael L. and Jamie L. Calaman purchased from Paul Jorgensen Revocable Trust for $101,250, residential, 9/21.

1711 Wallace Ave., Charlotte Muzzi and Danie Anderson purchased from Scott and Suanna Johnson for $690,000, residential, 9/21.

26 Waterview Drive, Two Below LLC purchased from JLG Enterprises of Hermantown for $285,000, residential - bare land, 7/21.

115 Waverly Pl., Ashley Erickson and Benjamin Neff purchased from John J. Hollingsworth for $224,900, residential, 9/21.

5036 White Pine St., James E. and Kelly A. Rathe purchased from Larry B. and Mary A. Sumbs for $800,000, residential, 9/21.

318 E. Willow St., Rebecca Alvar purchased from Steven Alver and Yevge Mishcehnko for $219,500, residential, 9/21.

1816 Woodland Ave., Tracy and Gordon Ramsay purchased from Susan A. and James T. Bennett for $160,000, residential, 9/21.

Address unassigned, Kaylee Johnson purchased from Hope G. Heikkinen for $585,000, residential, 6/21.

Residential bare land, Anthony and Heather Smith purchased from Hartley Hills Land Development for $175,000, residential - bare land, 6/21.

Residential bare land, Darin and Laura Hanson purchased from Hartley Hills Land Development for $155,000, residential - bare land, 9/21.

Residential bare land, Gerald and Laurel Truscott purchased from Joanne Miller for $50,000, residential - bare land, 9/21.

Residential bare land, Katie Joseph-Johnson purchased from Hartley Hills Land Development for $110,000, residential - bare land, 9/21.

Residential bare land, Smith Boys LLC purchased from Hartley Hills Land Development for $115,000, residential - bare land, 6/21.

Bare land, Mark and Jennifer Schmidtbauer purchased from James R. and Jessica A. Carr for $51,000, bare land, 9/21.

Bare land, Mary Munroe purchased from Carrie and Benjamin Kelley for $75,000, bare land, 9/21.