A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

229 N. 60th Ave. W., Isaac Pinney purchased from Northern Property Ventures for $183,500, residential, 8/21.

27 N. 63rd Ave. W., Naomi and Jon Jacoby II purchased from Betty L. and Anthony D. Lewis for $54,000, residential, 8/21.

517 E. Fifth St., Modal Investors LLC purchased from Clyde Whitledge for $290,000, apartment, 9/21.

2611 W. Fourth St., Joseph Hinke purchased from Timothy Benge and Devin E. Kirven for $138,000, residential, 8/21.

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5132 Juniata St., Megan Wilson purchased from Kyle and Beatriz Peterson for $150,000, residential, 8/21.

5339 Old Highway 61, Benjamin T. Goldsmith purchased from Aili E. and Luke M. Ratike for $214,625, residential, 8/21.

5664 Seville Road, Derrick D. and Cheryl L. Deturk purchased from Brandon and Andrea Walburg for $290,000, residential, 8/21.

2031 E. Sixth St., Logan James Holdings LLC purchased from Garett, Heather and Steven Olson for $309,000, residential, 9/21.

Residential bare land, Steven N. Colich purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Department for $1,850, residential - bare land, 8/21.

Residential bare land, Todd and Kerrie Pelkey purchased from Thomas E. Levar for $70,000, residential - bare land, 8/21.

Bare land, Kimberley Busch purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Department for $2,800, exempt from property tax, 8/21.