A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

1130 N. 3rd Ave., Brian S. and Amy J. Cox purchased from James D. Sundstrom for $317,500, residential, 7/21.

301 S. 69th Ave. W., Paige Leichtnam purchased from Ivan D. and Sandi Timm for $132,500, residential, 7/21.

5131 Arnold Road, Andra Malecki purchased from Joshua D. and Katrina M. Gendron for $290,000, residential, 7/21.

224 Bluffs Ridge Court, Lillian M. Zeleznikar purchased from Roger C. and Mildred A. Lips for $285,000, residential, 7/21.

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45 W. Cleveland St., Jacob J. Pyrlik and Ava M. Maki purchased from Jack H. and Becky Stephenson for $150,000, residential, 7/21.

1133 Denney Drive, John F Curtis Trust purchased from Robert & Barbara Bennett Trust for $925,000, residential, 7/21.

3219 Florine St., Paul and Margot Johnson purchased from Bruce Porspakka for $285,000, residential, 8/21.

21 Fourth St., Logan E. and Ellen Dehnhoff purchased from Allen C. and Shelly A. Kivisto for $200,000, residential, 7/21.

4911 Greystone St., George C. and Judtih S. Couture purchased from Steven R. and Janice L. Patterson for $540,500, residential, 7/21.

5721 Hendrickson Road, Jude and Elana Homola purchased from John and Jeanette Boynton for $630,000, residential, 7/21.

1594 Homestead Drive, Shandra and Christopher McMillan purchased from Charles and Evelyn Michaelson for $481,000, residential, 7/21.

2729 Jean Duluth Road, Madeline K. and Abram O. Heikkila purchased from Steven J. and Kathryn A. Isola for $292,000, residential, 8/21.

4966 Jonan Drive, Mathew and Kate Engelmeier purchased from Jeffery and Debra Dahlin for $390,000, residential, 7/21.

5141 Juniata St., Matalee Frem and Michelle Babcock purchased from Jeremy and Nicole Britton for $246,000, residential, 8/21.

4823 Oak Ridge Drive, Jennifer Dobbs and Daniel Nylund purchased from Philip and Kim Zastrow for $600,000, residential, 7/21.

2343 Old North Shore Road, Ellyn L. and Daniel J. Johnson purchased from William Thomson and Ashley Cameron for $205,000, residential, 7/21.

4190 W. Pond Drive, Ryan A. and Chelsey L. Morgan purchased from Christopher and Nina Baumbach for $650,000, residential, 7/21.

4067 Reinke Road, Reinke Road Property LLC purchased from Golden Oaks Senior Living of Hermantown for $1,467,750, apartment, 7/21.

145 Second St., Hannah R. Bergman purchased from Michael J. and Lyndi M. Hudson for $152,494, residential, 7/21.

925 E. Seventh St., FJR Properties LLC purchased from Tim Jollymore for $350,000, apartment, 7/21.

3242 Strand Road, Dean M. and Alyssa Nelson purchased from Karen and Troy Reabe for $454,000, residential, 7/21.

4328 Ugstad Road, Lisa J. Volk purchased from Albert E. and Virginia L. Holappa for $250,001, residential, 7/21.

1931 Valhalla Drive, Peter and Lindsay Haugen purchased from Elizabeth Amatuzio for $775,000, residential, 8/21.

2416 Woodland Ave., Megan Fort and Kevin Huseth purchased from Jeffrey and Jennifer Germain for $345,000, residential, 8/21.

Address unassigned, Matthew Mirau purchased from David Rauschanfels for $545,000, residential, 6/21.