A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

1403 104th Ave. W., Maria Nordlund purchased from Sarah and Carl Brinda Nelson for $146,000, residential, 6/21.

2515 108th Ave. W., Sean Opheim purchased from Robert M. Opheim for $242,000, residential, 6/21.

316 N. 15th Ave. E., Lydia Black purchased from Daniel and Heather Franz for $88,000, residential, 6/21.

121 N. 24th Ave. E., David and Andrew Lund purchased from Jordyn and Travis Allen for $277,000, residential, 6/21.

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25 S. 26th Ave. E., Peter Lee purchased from Lisa Abrahams and Andrew Niemyer for $690,000, residential, 6/21.

430 N. 60th Ave. W., Daisy Goatley purchased from Ethan M. and Michaela R. Lemke for $185,000, residential, 7/21.

3030 N. 85th Ave. W., Aaron Rabideau and Brooke Basto purchased from Paige and Justin Koosmann for $275,000, residential, 6/21.

1443 89th Ave. W., Ross C. and Jennifer L. Lovely purchased from Amy and Loren M. Mustache for $77,000, residential, 6/21.

120 Anchor St., Mekinna Rahn purchased from Dale R. and Shelly M. Jacobson for $224,000, residential, 7/21.

5324 Avondale St., Brandon Erickson purchased from Jacob A. and Meghan McGlynn for $237,500, residential, 6/21.

8709 Beverly St., Lynn Johnson purchased from Doris Toman for $195,900, residential, 6/21.

703 Bong Boulevard, Kamala J. and David E. Hanskala purchased from Thomas Sailstad for $192,000, residential, 6/21.

5230 Colorado St., B. Lalonde, S. Putnoki and M. Acopan purchased from Andrea and Brian Rosenberg for $265,000, residential, 6/21.

4501 Dodge St., Jennifer Berges purchased from Justin and Megan Swap for $302,000, residential, 6/21.

2308 Ensign St., J. Stampohar and B. Hartmann purchased from Ronald Ruhnke and Carol Smith for $225,000, residential, 6/21.

25 W. Fourth St., Corner Pocket Investments LLC purchased from Florence 6 LLC for $395,000, apartment, 6/21.

3922 W. Fourth St., Danette Thacker purchased from Jeanne Tondryk for $115,000, residential, 7/21.

5713 Highland St., Kadin Ferguson purchased from John M. and Brittney M. Wychor for $200,000, residential, 6/21.

2311 Hoover St., Samuel A. and Brittny Wada purchased from Natalie Brendon for $225,187, residential, 6/21.

2232 Hoover St., Scott Wendroth purchased from Tris Paul Rude Properties for $37,000, residential, 6/21.

409 Maple Grove Road, Casey A. Hage purchased from Craig and Suzanne Taylor for $180,000, residential, 6/21.

4211 McCulloch St., Anna Gybina purchased from Mary Lorbiecki for $350,000, residential, 6/21.

5150 McDonnell Road, Kelsey Arnold purchased from Carrie J. and Benjamin L. Kelley for $355,000, residential, 6/21.

2902 Midway Road, Rebecca J. and Ryan J. Oikari purchased from Miles T. and Elizabeth Hanon for $399,900, residential, 6/21.

301 W. Mulberry St., Charles and Sarah Chevalier-Rood purchased from Warren A. and Ryann N. Huttel for $305,000, residential, 6/21.

1901 E. Ninth St., Dean and Julia Sampson purchased from Daniel Delmore for $254,900, residential, 7/21.

2309 W. Ninth St., Tasha Ellis purchased from Andrew Puvogel for $175,000, residential, 6/21.

126 W. Saint Marie St., Bora Incorporated purchased from Merlyn and Mary Bowker for $245,000, residential, 6/21.

4302 Schultz Road, Zachary Campbell purchased from Donald and Marte Kitson for $325,000, , 6/21.

2922 E. Second St., Jeffrey T. and Nicole Phillipich purchased from Michael J. and Kerri A. Hinton for $365,000, residential, 6/21.

714 W. Skyline Parkway, Alicia and David Lokke purchased from Timothy A. and Jill M. Halverson for $285,000, residential, 6/21.

335 Snively Road, Tyler T. Morphew purchased from Matthew Tryon for $270,000, residential, 6/21.

5351 Stark Road, Michael Cadotte purchased from David Johnson and Bettie Marnich for $260,000, residential, 6/21.

132 Waverly Pl., Bryan and Laura Koenig purchased from Cathy A. and David Nevanen for $385,000, residential, 6/21.

3984 Willow Place, Grace K. Brown and Danny J. Lee purchased from David J. and Leslie J. Rathbun for $630,000, residential, 6/21.

2004 Woodhaven Lane, Ann and Robert Doucette purchased from Vickie L. and Gordon R. Hoppe for $430,000, residential, 6/21.

2039 Woodland Ave., Sophia Knight and Justin Dean purchased from James Kendall and Steven Zobenica for $431,500, residential, 6/21.

Address unassigned, John P. and Jane L. Sadler purchased from Susan B. Meyer Trust for $435,000, residential, 6/21.

Commercial bare land, City of Duluth purchased from Joseph and Rose Kleiman for $225,000, commercial - bare land, 6/21.

Residential bare land, Aaron and Allison Heaslet purchased from JLG Enterprises of Hermantown for $80,000, residential - bare land, 6/21.

Residential bare land, Blair Holdings MN LLC purchased from Lakeland Holdings LLC for $4,500, residential - bare land, 6/21.

Residential bare land, Robert Gaskill purchased from Alyssa R. Jones for $18,400, residential - bare land, 6/21.

Bare land, Joseph and Rose Kleiman purchased from City of Duluth for $32,200, exempt from property tax, 6/21.