A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

2318 W. 11th St., Meghan Jonas purchased from Troy Sager for $183,000, residential, 6/21.

423 N. 16th Ave. E., R45 Holdings LLC purchased from G & B Properties of Duluth for $267,500, residential, 6/21.

105 S. 18th Ave. E., Lauren McCracken and Patrick Finnegan purchased from Sarah Hannig and Rodney Graf for $165,000, residential, 6/21.

116 N. 24th Ave. W., 116 Duluth LLC purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $19,585, exempt from property tax, 6/21.

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836 6th St., Lara Quick purchased from Joanna L. Olson for $158,500, residential, 6/21.

1083 86th Ave. W., Drew Shaine LLC purchased from Smithville Properties LLC for $130,000, residential, 6/21.

228 E. Chisholm St., Joel and Christy Peed purchased from Michael and Sara Rowe for $165,000, residential, 6/21.

4603 Dodge St., Troy E. and Maggie C. Sager purchased from William L. Martin for $237,000, residential, 6/21.

4001 W. Eighth St., Ella Brown and Chaz Roush purchased from Donald A. and Diane M. Thompson for $100,000, residential, 6/21.

118 W. Faribault St., John and Heidi Ness-Thill purchased from Sondra Kempf for $221,000, residential, 6/21.

2124 E. Fifth St., Kathleen Petersen and Harsh Jain purchased from Kevin and Abbie E. Lyons for $400,000, residential, 6/21.

1814 E. First St., Brian and Julie Tikka purchased from Randy and Joyce Simonson for $140,000, residential, 6/21.

4371 Grouse Ridge Drive, Darrell, Darren and Derek Weets purchased from Karen L. Melin for $410,000, residential, 6/21.

25 Howard Gnesen Road, Vineyard Christian Fellowship purchased from Margaret Donovan for $252,500, residential, 6/21.

2015 Jefferson St., Duluth Investors LLC purchased from Earl L. Richards Revocable Trust for $10,655,000, apartment, 6/21.

4019 S. Lake Ave., Jason and Alexi Pearson purchased from Dennis and Susan Johnson for $1,140,000, residential, 6/21.

4629 Lavaque Road, Ryan and Lindsay Kern purchased from Mary Duff for $60,000, seasonal-recreational res, 6/21.

4001 McCulloch St., Marcus and Jessica Anderson purchased from Betsy Ward for $239,900, residential, 6/21.

1825 Melrose Ave., Emily Boysen purchased from Claude and Jung Brist for $221,000, residential, 6/21.

106 Parkland Ave., Eric and Theresa Johnsen purchased from John H. and Sherri A. Carlson for $216,500, residential, 6/21.

217 N. Second Ave. E., Corner Pocket Investments LLC purchased from 8 LLC Stockholm for $575,000, apartment, 6/21.

626 E. Seventh St., Fawcett Properties LLC purchased from Jab Properties LLC for $125,000, residential, 6/21.

4450 Sugar Maple Drive, Timothy and Kathleen Perala purchased from Dwayne and Dori Haapanen for $452,000, residential, 6/21.

204 N. Third Ave., Proctor Properties LLC purchased from PS Property Investment Inc. for $235,000, commercial (with buildings), 6/21.

Address unassigned, Susan Knaus purchased from The Joanne G Carlson Living Trust for $350,000, residential, 6/21.

Residential bare land, Noemi and Michael Wierwille purchased from Laura Solem and Rodney Booth Jr. for $30,000, residential - bare land, 6/21.