A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

924 E. 10th St., Benjamin Maki purchased from Ross Trooien for $191,000, residential, 5/21.

2229 W. 11th St., Timothy MacAdams purchased from Sawbill Outstate Inc. for $115,000, residential, 5/21.

313 S. 21st Ave. E., Pocket Change LLC purchased from David and Terez Pavelich for $525,000, apartment, 5/21.

209 S. 26th Ave. W., Duluth Hospitality LLC purchased from G6 Hospitality Property LLC for $3,200,000, commercial (with buildings), 5/21.

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1219 E. Fifth St., John Knutson purchased from Garrett Owens for $210,000, residential, 5/21.

106 N. 56th Ave. W., Melissa Stott purchased from Rent Check LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company for $140,900, residential, 5/21.

318 N. 76th Ave. W., Jessica Yernatich purchased from William A. and Laurie J. Ness for $187,000, residential, 5/21.

3114 N. 85th Ave. W., Bobbi and Karl Kaldor purchased from Edward A. Joyal for $278,500, residential, 5/21.

997 87th Ave. W., Jacob Frasier and Jessica Mack purchased from Joanne Juliff for $154,500, residential, 5/21.

2033 Allegheny St., Joseph and Bailey Broback purchased from Emily Hamilton for $261,500, residential, 5/21.

3043 N. Blackman Ave., David Gustafson purchased from Robert B. and Margaret Ruikka for $315,000, residential, 5/21.

44 W. Buffalo St., Diane Eaton purchased from Gary Lofdahl for $186,000, residential, 5/21.

323 E. Central Entrance, Joel Perrin purchased from Kenneth Larson for $250,000, commercial (with buildings), 5/21.

4319 Dahl Road, Richard Timmer purchased from Carl J. and Linda J. Macioce for $255,000, residential, 5/21.

1416 W. First St., Michell Laporte and Wayne Saraphis purchased from James Stebe and Terri St. John for $150,000, residential, 5/21.

4020 W. Fourth St., Emma Hirsch and Serafin Hayward purchased from David A. Bjorlin Trust for $175,000, residential, 5/21.

4051 Haines Road, Douglas and Nancy Janzig purchased from A. Anderson and L. and B. Tallakson for $245,000, residential, 5/21.

4744 Howard Gnesen Road, Jeremy D. Trevis purchased from Justin J. and Jennifer Boucher for $126,000, residential, 5/21.

2893 Hutchinson Road, Riley Johnson purchased from Ryan and Brianna Loitz for $281,000, residential, 5/21.

3772 Johnson Road, Michael and Michelle Ketola purchased from Deborah Duprey for $245,000, residential, 5/21.

1211 Kenwood Ave., Kristian Moen purchased from Joseph T. and Sharon L. Wehner for $197,000, residential, 5/21.

2829 Lindahl Road, Preston and Alyssa Hedlund purchased from Nichole Gruis for $249,900, residential, 6/21.

5214 London Road, David Sundaram and Haley Anderson purchased from Paul and Debora Almirall for $760,000, residential, 5/21.

5022 Maxwell Road, Do North Properties LLC purchased from Christopher and Melissa Wipson for $52,000, residential, 5/21.

4750 Morris Thomas Road, Deborah Duprey purchased from Andrea L. and David Engstrom for $323,000, residential, 5/21.

302 Osakis St., Brenda M. and Kent M. Hendrickson purchased from Nancy Taylor for $123,830, residential, 5/21.

4874 Second Ave. N., Stephanie and Matthew Kopp purchased from Wiiliam G. and Joyce Rosenbush for $134,000, residential, 5/21.

828 E. Seventh St., Jessi Johnston and Paul Lajeunesse purchased from Elisha Heimbecker for $188,000, residential, 5/21.

2919 Wicklow St., Andrew B. and Jessica Nyquist purchased from Smithville Properties LLC for $134,500, residential, 5/21.

441 W. Winona St., Peter and Shannon Haynes purchased from Dale and Christine Davis for $276,100, residential, 5/21.

417 W. Winona St., Todd J. McClarey purchased from Cody C. Oakland for $210,000, residential, 5/21.

Address unassigned, Tammy and Christopher Anderson purchased from Cassandra and Richard L. Johnson for $266,000, residential, 5/21.

Residential bare land, Todd H. and Janelle Hnatko purchased from Gregg D. and Hiroe A. Anderson for $76,000, residential - bare land, 5/21.

Bare land, Jeremy and Brianna Tinquist purchased from Justin and Jessie Agne for $35,500, bare land, 5/21.