A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

714 E. Fifth St., William and Susan Churchill purchased from David M. and Theresa D. Johnson for $181,500, residential, 5/21.

4759 Anderson Road, Jared and Cayla Ebel purchased from Daniel R. and Marie Lynn Reilly for $305,000, residential, 5/21.

2308 Catskill St., Megan McMahon purchased from Samuel T. and Melissa E. Toso for $170,000, residential, 5/21.

126 W. College St., Chad A. and Maria L. Bloomberg purchased from M. and H. Michelizzi and P. and K. Shelton for $262,500, residential, 5/21.

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4341 W. Eighth St., Alexander Anderson purchased from Kevin and Jessica Bachke for $177,500, residential, 5/21.

1009 W. Fifth St., Joshua Crittenden purchased from Joanne C. Derosier Trust for $193,000, residential, 5/21.

2206 W. Fourth St., Ryan and Lora Kesselhon purchased from Lynn M. Tracey for $99,999, residential, 5/21.

1014 E. Fourth St., Vagner LLC purchased from Kent A. Dewey for $139,000, residential, 5/21.

1016 E. Fourth St., Vagner LLCr purchased from Kent A. Dewey and Jay Paul for $139,000, residential, 5/21.

2215 Hoover St., Nicole and Travis Klicka purchased from Darrin Zwak for $171,000, residential, 5/21.

4515 London Road, Shawn and Kimberly Bourgeault purchased from Cold Lake LLC for $391,000, residential, 5/21.

310 Marshall St., Lee and Kim Kruger purchased from Matthew and Karissa Wiklund for $287,000, residential, 5/21.

1815 Melrose Ave., Sulasa LLC purchased from Diane M. Kessler for $224,900, residential, 5/21.

1216 E. Ninth St., Leas LLC purchased from Susan Bathory and Donald Lane for $154,500, residential, 5/21.

232 W. Rainbow St., Graham M. and Emily L. Whiting purchased from Matthew J. and Joanna C. Just for $361,100, residential, 5/21.

4023 W. Sixth St., Emily Zeimet purchased from Jennifer Snyder for $173,000, residential, 5/21.

2806 Snowy Owl Circle, Julie Anderson purchased from Andrew J. Nelson for $369,000, residential, 5/21.

4312 E. Superior St., Zachariah Cuypers purchased from Alexander M. Witte for $190,000, residential, 5/21.

9206 Vinland St., Elise Mattson and Seth Sutherland purchased from Eric and Rhonda Hennessy for $155,900, residential, 5/21.

8108 Vinland St., Reece and Ashley Zimm purchased from Amy L. and Scott L. Arntson for $280,400, residential, 5/21.

Address unassigned, Tom and Jeanie Lummis purchased from Linda Krug and Leslie E. Beiers for $350,000, residential, 5/21.

Residential bare land, 915 North 27th Ave West LLC purchased from Lakeland Holdings LLC for $4,000, residential - bare land, 5/21.

Residential bare land, Chad and Anne Williams purchased from Patricia Winget and Michael Donahue for $5,000, residential - bare land, 5/21.

Residential bare land, Cheryl Fosdick purchased from Richard C. and Susan W. Taylor for $24,000, residential - bare land, 5/21.

Bare land, Christian T. and Sarah A. Grunnah purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $51,825, exempt from property tax, 3/21.

Bare land, Samuel G. Vasquez purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $11,775, exempt from property tax, 3/21.