A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

1101 103rd Ave. W., John and Tiffany Seguin purchased from Michelle and Gerald Lewandowski for $90,000, residential, 4/21.

2256 W. 13th St., Lindsay Johnson purchased from Michael Collard for $204,000, residential, 4/21.

420 N. 24th Ave. W., Charlene Ross purchased from Shawn J. and Megan Flaten for $178,000, residential, 5/21.

209 S. 25th Ave. W., 209 South 25th LLC purchased from James and Barbara Woodhull for $680,000, commercial (with buildings), 4/21.

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620 N. 40th Ave. W., Jesse Hoheisel and Jordan Decker purchased from Zachary and Brynn M. Sias for $150,000, residential, 3/21.

805 N. 57th Ave. W., Joshua Hendrickson purchased from Lick-ity-split LLC for $124,900, residential, 3/21.

16 W. Ninth St., C & D Management Company LLC purchased from Lauren E. and Douglas W. Burger for $156,000, residential, 3/21.

4976 Arnold Road, Sederberg Properties LLC purchased from Bruce and Brenda Sederberg for $350,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/21.

312 Coffee Creek Boulevard, Nathan Soumis purchased from Menard Inc. for $32,500, residential - bare land, 4/21.

3120 Greysolon Road, Bruce and Theresa Smith purchased from Jessica Mizia and Jeffrey Klassen for $1,000,000, residential, 3/21.

4815 Jay St., Jab Properties LLC purchased from D. Morris and D. and I. Hamilton for $107,000, residential, 5/21.

17 E. Mankato St., William J. and Kaitlin M. Montz purchased from Brenna Greenfield and Vida Sanchez for $270,000, residential, 5/21.

5820 McQuade Road, Matthew and Katie Dobrava purchased from Jerry M. and Jodi M. Wantaja for $395,000, residential, 4/21.

710 Minneapolis Ave., Mitchell Irlbeck purchased from Jay and Gwendalyn Knute for $210,000, residential, 4/21.

1515 Minnesota Ave., Thomas and Karleen Tjepkema purchased from Ian G. and Mary K. Scherber for $489,900, residential, 4/21.

4920 Otsego St., Heather Wilde purchased from Linda S. Schubert for $229,000, residential, 4/21.

4717 Robinson St., Bruce M. and Rori A. Bordeau purchased from Mary Rose and K.M. and S. H. Snyder for $203,000, residential, 3/21.

9330 W. Skyline Parkway, Hariom Hospitality Seven LLC purchased from Maplewood Hospitality LLC for $3,925,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/21.

2128 W. Third St., Samuel Kaiser purchased from CJ Realty Group LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company for $156,000, residential, 3/21.

4930 Trails End Drive, Kathleen Hanson purchased from Arlene Tucker for $408,000, residential, 5/21.

1721 Tyrol St., Anthony Miller purchased from Brett and Iris Hiemenz for $175,000, residential, 5/21.

Bare land, Birch T. Hilgers purchased from David C. and Marie L. McKee for $110,000, bare land, 4/21.