A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

1310 E. 10th St., Dylan E. Koltz-Hale purchased from Ericka Day for $177,000, residential, 12/20.

307 N. 34th Ave. E., Thomas and Kathryn MacDonald purchased from Nathan and Alina Heydt for $390,000, residential, 12/20.

329 N. 40th Ave. W., Loren Mustache purchased from Allan, Kunz, Malm, Kratt and Anderson for $169,950, residential, 12/20.

3023 N. 52nd Ave. E., Ashley and Brooks McMahon purchased from Goldberg Properties of Duluth for $75,800, residential - bare land, 11/20.

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2115 Allegheny St., Christine P. and Ryan J. Kne purchased from Jennifer Hovland for $350,000, residential, 12/20.

709 N. Arlington Ave., Ian and Darlene Rossetti purchased from Joseph and Sharien Palmer for $219,000, residential, 11/20.

43 Cato Ave., Emily Craig purchased from Jeremy D. and Tara L. Thompson for $203,000, residential, 12/20.

1440 Cliff Ave., Gregory A. and Sherryl L. Joos purchased from Richard Ziegler and Sonja Anderson for $449,000, residential, 11/20.

319 Coffee Creek Boulevard, S. Poorrahmat and S. Kouchakisanji purchased from D.N.J. Properties LLC for $400,000, residential, 12/20.

1725 Dodge Ave., Carter D. Nelson purchased from Rebekah Schelde Evingson for $275,500, residential, 11/20.

125 E. Eighth St., Jennifer Krussow purchased from Jacquelyn Dold and Jan Fitzpatrick for $132,000, residential, 12/20.

2953 Exeter St., Blake and Sabine Naber purchased from YourPlaceRentals LLC for $106,000, residential, 11/20.

2625 W. Fifth St., Logan Sulentic and Rachel Howard purchased from Michael, Jacob and Jill Dryke for $8,000, residential - bare land, 12/20.

1608 E. Fifth St., Robert Prose purchased from Karl M. and Bobbi Kaldor for $165,900, residential, 12/20.

2811 W. First St., Fawcett Properties LLC purchased from Monges Investments LLC for $93,000, residential, 11/20.

1915 Garden St., Joan H. and Bradford G. Fujii purchased from Barbara Schleppenbach for $227,250, residential, 11/20.

4630 Glenwood St., Steve and Wenday Sorenson purchased from Michael Renier for $240,000, residential, 12/20.

4734 Hermantown Road, Elizabeth and Christopher Cheney purchased from Marilyn Lepak for $230,000, residential, 12/20.

1227 Knife River Road W., Tyler M. and Nicole R. Marr purchased from Nicholas and Calley Oetterer for $282,000, , 11/20.

2739 S. Lake Ave., Jill Cornwell purchased from Bobbie and Joann Carmack for $399,500, residential, 11/20.

4034 Lismore Road, Samantha and Cassondra Roseth purchased from Beth Johnson and Noel Stenstadvold for $285,000, residential, 11/20.

318 N. Ninth Ave. E., Michael and Joycelyn S. Nkrumah purchased from Chad Follmer for $125,000, residential, 11/20.

556 Park St., Paradocs Holdings LLC purchased from Samantha J. Roseth for $182,000, residential, 11/20.

4343 Peabody Lane, John and Sabrina Ryan purchased from Brian T. and Wendy S. Homstad for $291,000, residential, 12/20.

2514 Peace Drive, Cassandra and Christopher Roemhildt purchased from Boissey Johnson Jr. for $364,900, residential, 11/20.

4032 Robinson St., S. Jenkins and S. Kutz et al. purchased from Kelly Barbara L. for $233,000, residential, 12/20.

210 Rockridge Circle, Alina and Nathan Heydt purchased from John H. and Mary B. Anderson for $495,000, residential, 11/20.

2502 W. Third St., Perry Webster and Jeremiah Haynes purchased from Todd and Candice Webber for $100,000, residential, 12/20.

117 W. Toledo St., Chad M. and Nicole L. Dumars purchased from Jayson W. Sundvall for $190,000, residential, 12/20.

3609 Trinity Road, Jeremy D. and Tara L. Thompson purchased from Ryan S. and Brittany J. Kuschel for $275,000, residential, 12/20.

2853 Wellington St., Justin Kervina and Spring Aubol purchased from Robert A. Jantzen for $113,500, residential, 12/20.

12 W. Winona St., Callie Johns purchased from Samuel Williams for $191,000, residential, 12/20.

4420 Woodland Ave., Ashley M. and Jordan J. Haugen purchased from James E. and Beverly F. Anderson for $248,000, residential, 11/20.

1214 Woodrich Circle, Ann Fleming purchased from The Stukel Joint Trust U/A/D O for $340,000, residential, 11/20.

Address unassigned, Joann Carmack purchased from Terri L. Cullen for $370,000, residential, 11/20.

Residential bare land, Meredyth Fifield purchased from Anchor Point Community Church for $19,000, residential - bare land, 11/20.

Bare land, Charles Sjodin and Patrica Finney purchased from Roberta V Sien Revocable Trust for $65,000, residential - bare land, 11/20.