A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

415 S. 69th Ave. W., Kevin Glass purchased from Nicholas and Brooke Powell for $262,000, residential, 11/20.

5317 Avondale St., Patricia Benson purchased from Karen S. Monson for $219,900, residential, 11/20.

2909 Bald Eagle Trail, Gary and Susan Cawele Trust purchased from The HRA of Duluth MN for $60,000, exempt from property tax, 11/20.

428 N. Blackman Ave., Bruce H. Beckwith purchased from Erik Johnson for $189,000, residential, 11/20.

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9602 Boyd Ave., Jennifer amd Jeffrey Dexheimer purchased from William and Katherine Johnson for $200,000, residential, 11/20.

5476 Cloquet Road N., Dalton and Austin Plaisted purchased from Ryan E. and Jennifer A. Fraboni for $228,400, residential, 12/20.

2924 Exeter St., Andre and Peter Hussey purchased from Kenneth A. and Helen J. Kessler for $128,500, residential, 11/20.

2222 E. Fourth St., 4th Dimension Holdings LLC purchased from Revocable Trust Agreement of L for $337,500, residential, 11/20.

2301 E. Fourth St., James J. and Michelle R. Lelwica purchased from NM Family Properties LLC for $167,000, residential, 11/20.

4964 Jean Duluth Road, David M. and Beverly M. Biele purchased from David J. and Heather F. Peterson for $255,000, residential, 11/20.

5871 Lakewood Road, Jonathan and Gayle Koop purchased from James Dexter for $110,000, residential, 11/20.

14 Mallard Ln., Amy Norris purchased from D.N.J. Properties LLC for $580,000, residential, 11/20.

414 W. Morgan St., Debbie Waterhouse purchased from Scott M. and Jodi L. Hilleren for $254,900, residential, 11/20.

2435 Nanticoke St., Bree Ransom and Michael Roers purchased from Jill K. Doberstein for $180,400, residential, 11/20.

5874 Our Drive Way, Kevin and Marianne Janssen purchased from Linda L. Schroer for $270,000, residential, 11/20.

4205 Regent St., Ryan A. and Erika M. Hansen purchased from Rick J. and Barb K. Lappi for $285,000, residential, 11/20.

12 W. Saint Andrews St., Timothy J. Cyr purchased from Elisabeth M. and Eric M. Cyr for $165,000, residential, 11/20.

124 Saint Paul Ave., Megan Mattei purchased from Charles and Samantha Habermann for $190,100, residential, 11/20.

3345 Strand Road, Garrett R. Busch purchased from Sherry and Carl Holten for $239,900, seasonal-recreational res, 11/20.

5419 Ugstad Junction, Kristin Bushey purchased from Mellisa A. Andrews for $250,000, residential, 11/20.

3824 Woodland Ave., Cody J. Backmann purchased from Kathleen A. Fladung for $239,900, residential, 11/20.

5730 Wyoming St., Sharlene Harvester purchased from Kelly Emmons for $225,000, residential, 11/20.

Address unassigned, Benton G. and Rebecca A. Hendrix purchased from The Keith A. Haglin Trust for $410,000, residential, 11/20.

Residential bare land, Kai M. Olstad purchased from Curtis and Kelli Hansen for $10,000, residential - bare land, 11/20.

Bare land, Zachary P. and Michele L. Miller purchased from Wesley K. and Jennifer Johnston for $47,000, bare land, 11/20.