A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

917 N. 27th Ave. W., Matthew Andrews purchased from Bonita Jaros for $144,900, residential, 11/20.

1201 N. 7th Ave. E., Adam J. and Katherine M. Ruhland purchased from Elliot B. Silberman for $108,000, residential, 11/20.

328 99th Ave. W., Donna and Jon Landowski purchased from Briana L. and David Efram for $80,000, residential, 11/20.

5961 Alseth Road, Anton A. and Regan L. Dabbs purchased from Dawn K. and Zachary A. Kilpela for $485,000, residential, 11/20.

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1831 Anderson Road, Amanda Kolb and Nathan Myers purchased from Jacqui J. Onken for $230,000, residential, 11/20.

1522 N. Basswood Ave., Cody and Aleigha Budisalovich purchased from Annette M. Curtiss for $222,000, residential, 11/20.

2800 Beyer Road E., Robyn Stoneburner and Garret Larson purchased from Mark R. and Diane Lund for $270,000, residential, 11/20.

3823 Birchwood Road, Wendy and Christopher Treadwell purchased from Marilyn Lepak for $200,000, residential, 11/20.

9616 Congdon Boulvard, The Nature Conservancy purchased from Anne C. and Milton Ulmer for $2, residential - bare land, 11/20.

631 E. Eighth St., Douglas Odlevak purchased from Bryn Jacobson for $45,000, commercial (with buildings), 11/20.

2315 W. Fourth St., Danielle Rhodes and Karl Wagner purchased from Dennis R. Olerich for $73,000, residential, 11/20.

2901 Getchell Road, Joseph Autio and Lauren Bochna purchased from Ryan L. Chalupsky for $455,000, residential, 10/20.

4853 Glendale St., Ted Conover and Molly Ehling purchased from Mary McManus Larson for $200,000, residential, 11/20.

4912 Lester River Road, Elizabeth Vork-Howell purchased from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $375,000, residential, 10/20.

2852 Morris Thomas Road, Elizabeth Dornbusch purchased from Karen A. Blakesley for $135,500, residential, 11/20.

4133 Nelson Road, Matt Massie purchased from Richard L. and Linda K. Peters for $192,500, residential, 11/20.

1215 E. Ninth St., Leanna C. Hammer purchased from Marjorie G. Broman for $144,900, residential, 11/20.

4524 Oakley St., James K. and Debbie M. Johnson purchased from David J. and Diana J. Royal for $212,000, residential, 10/20.

5701 Oneida St., Kimberly Kofstad purchased from Darlene Tessier for $315,000, residential, 11/20.

3231 Piedmont Ave., Kyle D. O'Donnell purchased from Darrin J. and Jenna J. Dzuck for $210,000, residential, 11/20.

4327 Robinson St., Teresa Eager and Gerhart Von Rabenau purchased from Kevin R. and Tara N. Mudrak for $240,000, residential, 11/20.

31 W. Seventh St., Deborah D. Rock purchased from Wallace M. and Deborah J. Medlin for $119,000, residential, 11/20.

4516 W. Seventh St., Michael Raskie purchased from Judith J. Zigich for $218,000, residential, 10/20.

1210 South Ridge Road, Jason E. and Diane M. McCaffrey purchased from Jonathan and Alissa Glickstein for $875,000, residential, 11/20.

2102 W. Superior St., Duluth Lincoln Park1 LLC purchased from Arrowhead Supply Inc. for $585,000, commercial (with buildings), 10/20.

4509 Tioga St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from D. Harrison, Z. and R. Burns, and N. Burns for $179,900, residential, 11/20.

3129 W. Tischer Road, Ami Stenseth purchased from Richard Lind for $200,000, residential, 11/20.

3783 W. Tischer Road, Jadin and Mandy Dallum purchased from Madge Erickson for $254,900, residential, 11/20.

Residential bare land, David and Claudia Ankarlo purchased from Billman Construction Inc. for $50,000, residential - bare land, 11/20.

Bare land, Robert R. Doblar purchased from Gordon R. and Tammi D. Beier for $65,000, residential - bare land, 11/20.