A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

1406 104th Ave. W., Jill and Brittnie Hildr purchased from Robert and Alexandria Stevens for $167,500, residential, 10/20.

1112 E. 4th St., Lisa Lokken-Dunn purchased from David E. Miller for $41,500, residential, 10/20.

3920 Calvary Road E., Maher & Siegle LLC purchased from Cheryl L. and Robert Larson for $146,000, residential, 10/20.

4252 Calvary Road W., Nicholas and Jana Winchell purchased from Contance L. Peer-Haakensen for $275,000, residential, 10/20.

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901 W. Dickson St., Kevin Vegar purchased from Lynn Taipale for $37,000, residential - bare land, 10/20.

143 Fifth St., Jordan Mershon purchased from Kira Mcintosh for $130,700, residential, 10/20.

5314 Grand Ave., Micromont Holdings 2 LLC purchased from DC GG Green LLC for $936,350, commercial (with buildings), 10/20.

2920 Greysolon Road, Susanna Ojakangas purchased from Lorin Black for $371,000, residential, 10/20.

3339 Lindahl Road, Matthew and Stephanie Jahn purchased from John W. and Sarah Marchand for $447,500, residential, 10/20.

3826 Martin Road, Margaret and Mark Hamlin purchased from Tessa Lathrop for $260,000, residential, 10/20.

3396 Mattson Road, Hamilton Smith and Kim Tran purchased from The Mark Henry Schneider Trust for $210,000, residential, 10/20.

3375 Midway Road, William R. and Jennifer K. Wolk purchased from Luke E. Hom for $257,000, residential, 10/20.

39 W. Niagara St., Richard and Amy Sundland purchased from Joseph and Shannon Klingsporn for $236,000, residential, 10/20.

2417 Plymouth Ave., Troy D. and Bernadette A. Kraft purchased from Katrina E. Erickson for $243,000, residential, 10/20.

Bare land, Brandon and Kelsi Steffen purchased from Patrick and Patricia Driscoll for $47,000, residential - bare land, 10/20.