A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

1120 102nd Ave. W., Evan Swanson purchased from Kenneth Gunderson for $159,900, residential, 9/20.

1417 105th Ave. W., Steven Kenworthy purchased from Secretary of Housing And Urban Development for $70,000, residential, 9/20.

1024 N. 11th Ave. E., Leslie Solis purchased from Ge Jin and Patrick R. Woock for $150,000, residential, 8/20.

1316 E. 11th St., Lindsey and Vicki Lee purchased from Dillon R. and Hannah Campbell for $135,000, residential, 9/20.

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720 N. 12th Ave. E., Jennifer J. and Joel R. Davey purchased from Raeanne Allgood and Andrew Cizek for $155,000, residential, 9/20.

426 N. 12th Ave. E., Michael J. Hoffman purchased from Scott Jezierski for $110,000, residential, 9/20.

2136 W. 13th St., John S. Donald purchased from Larry M. Olson and Della Schmiege for $206,000, residential, 8/20.

427 N. 16th Ave. E., Elizabeth A. and Owen S. Fifield purchased from David and Pamela Benson for $223,000, residential, 9/20.

610 N. 16th Ave. E., Keith Linne purchased from Gina E. Miller and Jeramy Katchuba for $155,000, residential, 8/20.

2222 W. 22nd St., Jordon M. Aune purchased from Bijold, Overlie, Mysloney et al. for $147,896, residential, 8/20.

629 N. 24th Ave. W., Roger and Dwight Wynn-Kimball purchased from Molly M. Berhow for $149,900, residential, 8/20.

505 N. 27th Ave. W., Kathryn and Dylan Vall purchased from Catalyst Holdings LLC for $149,900, residential, 9/20.

604 N. 39th Ave. W., Angel S. Maloney purchased from Dana M. and Joseph B. Marciniak for $157,000, residential, 8/20.

11 S. 54th Ave. E., Seth and Sarah Maxim purchased from Betty Carlson for $150,000, residential, 9/20.

5 N. 58th Ave. W., Curtis T. and Amelia Peterson purchased from Christopher and Sadie McNamara for $167,000, residential, 9/20.

617 N. 58th Ave. W., Stephanie and Billy Woods purchased from Mark E. and Amanda J. Dewitt for $135,000, residential, 9/20.

2118 W. Sixth St., Kaylee Skahan purchased from Bryan Bubb for $145,000, residential, 8/20.

125 N. 65th Ave. W., Janell Banks purchased from Patti and Darin Schuman for $180,000, residential, 9/20.

20 S. 66th Ave. W., Ryan M. Peterson purchased from Amanda M. Marx for $149,900, residential, 9/20.

1111 N. 7th Ave. E., Christopher M. Lehmann purchased from Jillian and Brian Haselman for $140,000, residential, 8/20.

415 S. 71st Ave. W., Connor Hegrenes purchased from C. Heidemann III, et al. for $184,900, residential, 9/20.

9 N. 79th Ave. E., Robert N. and Sierra M. Kryzer purchased from Von Brauchitsch Trust for $233,259, residential, 9/20.

214 96th Ave. W., Andrew Dille purchased from Michael A. and Laura M. Jones for $237,000, residential, 9/20.

301 97th Ave. W., Jacob Curtis purchased from Gloria Fraser for $137,000, residential, 9/20.

417 97th Ave. W., Kristina Lopez purchased from Leanne J. Sirois for $149,900, residential, 9/20.

5324 Arnold Road, Lori L. Thompson purchased from Susan W. Mrozik for $234,000, residential, 9/20.

302 W. Arrowhead Road, Barbara Folz purchased from Debra Reynolds for $233,000, residential, 9/20.

329 W. Arrowhead Road, Sarah Black and Orrin Dabney purchased from Benjamin F. Wagner for $220,000, residential, 9/20.

310 W. Austin St., Eric J. and Grace L. Estes purchased from Christopher J. and Anne Breister for $206,000, residential, 8/20.

3015 Bald Eagle Trail, Karen E. and Bryon D. Tonnis purchased from James and Brandelyn Grandaw for $455,000, residential, 8/20.

6098 Bergquist Road, Marlin R. Nelson purchased from Arthur B. and Carol Marlow for $437,000, residential, 8/20.

4429 Beyer Road W., Jeremy and Theresa Caine purchased from Dennis R. and Carole J. Clark for $220,000, residential, 9/20.

3202 N. Blackman Ave., Elizabeth Coles and Tyler Weesen purchased from Teresa Woodwick for $330,000, residential, 9/20.

2507 Branch St., Elizabeth M. and Harley S. Young purchased from James R. and Laura K. Goodman for $330,000, residential, 9/20.

1126 N. Central Ave., Ian Vincent and Katie Johanson purchased from Donald A. and Lesli Desanto for $223,000, residential, 8/20.

313 Commonwealth Ave., Ryan Spoden purchased from Riverloon Properties LLC for $146,000, residential, 8/20.

4411 Cooke St., Neil and Jacklyn Huss purchased from Brandon and Melissa Anderson for $230,000, residential, 9/20.

4431 Cooke St., Summer Ledingham purchased from Kimberly and Jay Belcastro for $202,500, residential, 9/20.

3677 Copley Road, Shelli Windsor and Michael Schober purchased from Debra L. McIntyre for $195,000, residential, 9/20.

4230 Dodge St., Tyler and Adrienne Lloyd purchased from Peter L. and Lisa A. Thomas for $238,500, residential, 9/20.

2709 Doe Road, Peter C. Lande and E. H. Claire purchased from Kathleen Jensen for $260,000, residential, 9/20.

2102 Dunedin Ave., The Lucinda L. Trieschmann Trust purchased from Lori L. Thompson for $199,000, residential, 9/20.

610 E. Eighth St., Human Homes LLC purchased from Northern Property Ventures LLC for $60,000, residential, 9/20.

2913 Exeter St., A & B Rentals purchased from Lucas and Stephany Shanley for $125,300, residential, 9/20.

2957 Exeter St., Accelerated Investment Group LLC purchased from Jack Luoma for $40,000, residential, 9/20.

148 W. Faribault St., Eric Rodvold purchased from Terresa and Blair J. Moses for $182,000, residential, 8/20.

2016 Featherstone Drive, Molly E. Tryon purchased from Margaret C. Hayes for $526,500, residential, 9/20.

726 N. Fifth Ave. E., Lake View Land Co. LLC purchased from L.W. Rentals LLC for $128,000, residential, 9/20.

927 W. Fifth St., Brian Ott and Magdalen Saldivar purchased from Leanna J. Gilbert for $150,000, residential, 9/20.

1127 E. Fifth St., Lake View Land Co. LLC purchased from L.W. Rentals LLC for $128,000, residential, 9/20.

3821 W. Fifth St., Michael Viaene purchased from U.S. Bank National Association for $52,500, residential, 9/20.

3930 W. Fifth St., Stephanie Chapin purchased from Marissa and Louis St. George III for $145,000, residential, 9/20.

830 N. First Ave. E., Michael Kling and Jon landstrom purchased from Justin L. and Elizabeth A. Socha for $199,900, residential, 9/20.

2807 W. First St., John J. and Nancy S. Saari purchased from Jhonrae Reeves for $87,500, residential, 8/20.

1905 W. First St., Nathan Ojala purchased from Torvinen Rentals LLC for $120,000, residential, 9/20.

2308 W. Fourth St., Michael Hoffman purchased from Brian Vanbeusekom for $119,900, residential, 9/20.

4315 Gilliat St., Caroline A. Loundsbury purchased from Leila Welter for $215,000, residential, 9/20.

4902 Greystone St., Mickie and Michael Naperala purchased from Justin and Stephanie Patterson for $494,300, residential, 9/20.

4034 Haines Road, Marilyn Whitehead purchased from Joanne Olson for $239,500, residential, 9/20.

4709 Hermantown Road, Triple J Holdings of Duluth LLC purchased from Nicole Budisalovich for $235,000, residential, 9/20.

6229 Highland St., Michael G. Preston purchased from Mark W. Timm for $80,000, residential, 9/20.

5821 Highway 194, Kelsi J. and Lucas R. Lilliberg purchased from Outlaw Properties LLC for $286,500, residential, 9/20.

2323 Hutchinson Road, Ryan L. and Ashley Boller purchased from Julie J. and Timothy H. Gross for $170,000, residential, 9/20.

5202 Idlewild St., Zach and Renee Burns purchased from Jennifer D. Silverness for $346,000, residential, 9/20.

4324 Jay St., Katharine T. and Jacob Imrie purchased from Xiaoyin Li and Mengshi Zhou for $266,000, residential, 9/20.

827 S. Lake Ave., Lorien and Gregg Mueller purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $129,900, residential, 9/20.

1605 Lavaque Road, Alex R. and Amanda R. Mickelson purchased from Todd A. and Charisha A. McGowan for $330,000, residential, 8/20.

3509 Lavaque Road, Sara J. and Correy W. Lowinski purchased from James J. and Erin C. Lowinski for $290,000, residential, 8/20.

4644 Lindahl Road, Bridget D. and Adam P. Stevens purchased from Richard H. and Jean M. Hanson for $199,500, residential, 9/20.

4657 Lindahl Road, Jodi L. Aubin purchased from Drew and Abigail Bryant for $252,000, residential, 9/20.

3274 Lindahl Road, Kyle and Allison Kloss purchased from Brock T. and Sarah J. Urie for $405,000, residential, 9/20.

3520 Little Creek Place, Chad R. and Laura J. Walsh purchased from Steven R. and Kathy J. Burgess for $750,000, residential, 9/20.

1631 London Road, Sadi's Real Estate Holdings LLC purchased from Craig T. Binsfield for $150,000, commercial (with buildings), 9/20.

5718 London Road, Steven L. Hampton purchased from Anne L. Mayall for $400,000, residential, 9/20.

5171 Maple Grove Road, Kristina L. and Brian C. Scott purchased from Neil and Dawn R. Anderson for $422,500, residential, 9/20.

5150 Maple Grove Road, Robert A. and Sonja Jones purchased from Eric D. and Brenda A. Hill for $485,000, residential, 9/20.

4697 Martin Road, Daniel Scheall purchased from Russell O. and Carol Y. Birkeland for $179,000, residential, 9/20.

5671 McQuade Road, Lainee Hoffman and Samuel Gatzlaff purchased from Curt Brubakken for $410,000, residential, 9/20.

3276 Medin Road, Denny J. Scott purchased from K. and D. Michaelson and B. and R. Mattson for $122,700, residential, 9/20.

3271 Medin Road, Vicki and Gerald Rose purchased from Hazelnut Investment Group LLC for $44,800, residential - bare land, 7/20.

2125 Miller Creek Drive, Richard B. and Carol A. Olson purchased from Walter and Lois Newell for $250,000, residential, 9/20.

1826 Minnesota Ave., Ercument and Amy Akbay purchased from Jacob and Marta Q. Nelson for $185,000, residential, 8/20.

207 Misquah Road, Thaiane P. and Joshua D. Hensch purchased from Brian and Monique Forcier for $520,000, residential, 9/20.

1239 Missouri Ave., RBI Group LLC purchased from Mary Jackson for $118,000, residential, 9/20.

5188 Morris Thomas Road, Courtney B. and Daniel C. Kjoberg purchased from Tuyen Ta and Lien Tran for $365,000, residential, 9/20.

5119 Morris Thomas Road, Tanner Peterson and Kylie Kraft purchased from Joshua J. Blomdahl for $249,500, residential, 9/20.

320 E. Myrtle St., Marisa and Louis St. George III purchased from Allison and Kyle Kloss for $299,900, residential, 9/20.

2602 Nanticoke St., Chloe Strand and Daniel McGaffey purchased from Mary Atwood for $194,000, residential, 9/20.

133 E. Niagara St., Kathryn M. Haglin purchased from Marianne and Josef Hanzlik for $246,000, residential, 9/20.

1931 E. Ninth St., Bailey and Alec Olson purchased from Curtis and Megan Moe for $263,500, residential, 9/20.

318 E. Ninth St., Jennifer Thorpe and Steve Johnston purchased from Nathan A. Bronk for $137,900, residential, 9/20.

4818 Oak Ridge Drive, Jennifer and Garret Glanville purchased from Jean L. Sedin Trust for $470,000, residential, 9/20.

707 Old Howard Mill Road, Whitney Wysocki purchased from Summer and Cade Ledingham for $345,000, residential, 8/20.

325 W. Owatonna St., Jaden Simonson purchased from Rab Properties LLC for $75,000, residential, 8/20.

50 E. Owatonna St., James Sietsema purchased from Travis and Jamie Tolaas for $230,000, residential, 8/20.

416 E. Oxford St., Gabriel and Christina Dodson purchased from John and Mildred Felice for $110,000, residential, 9/20.

416 E. Oxford St., Stephen Blanck purchased from Gabriel and Christina Dodson for $113,500, residential, 9/20.

2852 Palisade Drive, Guy and Beth Hanson purchased from Timothy and Laura W. Belcastro for $322,000, residential, 9/20.

134 Parkland Ave., Stephanie Love purchased from James F. Yeager for $225,000, residential, 9/20.

4346 Peabody Lane, Jacob and Katie Johnson purchased from Samantha Pykkonen for $297,000, residential, 9/20.

4705 Peabody St., Kristin and Jesse Trelstad purchased from Andrea R. and Hunter Chartier for $197,000, residential, 8/20.

4124 Peabody St., Kristina Mehrman purchased from Jessica Durbin and N. Mickelson for $280,000, residential, 8/20.

44 E. Penton Boulevard, James S. and Katelynn P. Rys purchased from Joshua and Marylou MacInnes for $210,000, residential, 8/20.

577 W. Redwing St., Michael E. Nelson purchased from Cora Ann Paulson for $233,000, residential, 9/20.

4010 Regent St., Garbow Law Office P.a. purchased from Jordan and Erika Oja for $250,600, residential, 9/20.

660 Ridgewood Road, Diocese of Duluth purchased from Bernard J. Kolar Lifetime Trust for $530,000, residential, 9/20.

4426 Robinson St., Gregory and Brianne Benson-Schlegel purchased from Philip Juskiewicz for $200,000, residential, 9/20.

4218 Robinson St., Molly E. Cochran purchased from Alan M. Josephson for $225,000, residential, 9/20.

5861 Saint Louis River Road, Matthew and Anna Estep purchased from Kelly L. and Katie A. Collins for $435,000, residential, 9/20.

17 Saint Paul Ave., Deborah L. Krebs purchased from Benjamin and Stephanie Disera for $210,000, residential, 9/20.

2623 W. Second St., Luis Sanchez and Ayana Maitland purchased from GRS Holdings LLC for $78,000, commercial (with buildings), 9/20.

1615 N. Seventh Ave. E., Julia Convissor purchased from Elizabeth and Kyle Dumas for $145,000, residential, 9/20.

119 E. Seventh St., 217 Properties LLC purchased from J. and C. Tomaich and Bernice Giernot for $165,000, residential, 9/20.

2310 W. Seventh St., Emily Jenses purchased from Michael and Kaira Pihlaja for $184,900, residential, 9/20.

1231 E. Seventh St., J & R Sundberg Construction Inc. purchased from Julie A. Plourde for $108,200, residential, 8/20.

4501 W. Seventh St., Jason and Amanda Rolfe purchased from John Woodworth for $249,900, residential, 9/20.

4118 W. Seventh St., Lee A. Gillund purchased from Jason and Amanda Rolfe for $185,000, residential, 9/20.

810 E. Seventh St., No Investments LLC purchased from Kevin Boerboom for $96,999, residential, 9/20.

301 E. Sixth St., Amber McConaughy purchased from Daniel Lang for $159,000, residential, 8/20.

3711 W. Sixth St., Matthew McCann and Sophia Larson purchased from Susan J. Hanson for $57,000, residential, 8/20.

12825 W. Sixth St., Tawney Summers purchased from Lisa M. and Harold J. White for $173,000, residential, 9/20.

5363 Stark Road, Lori Eberhart purchased from Cody Blossom for $130,000, residential, 9/20.

4034 Stebner Road, April Jacobson Turner Gonia purchased from James and Annayea Kovacevich for $220,000, residential, 8/20.

3854 E. Superior St., Vicki L. and Donald J. Brewster purchased from Joseph and Carol Hesch for $290,000, residential, 9/20.

2213 Sussex Ave., Tami and Luke Morrison purchased from Patrick K. Mullen for $240,000, residential, 9/20.

803 Third St., Amanda Van Arman purchased from Kelsi Lilliberg for $163,000, residential, 9/20.

3612 E. Third St., Thomas C. Motl and Rhea L. Owens purchased from Elizabeth & Wolcott Holt Trust for $480,000, residential, 9/20.

3935 W. Tischer Road, Accelerated Investment Group LLC purchased from Donald Keuten for $28,000, residential, 9/20.

5325 Truman Drive, Tyler and Laura Larson purchased from Easy Housing of Duluth Inc. for $550,000, residential, 9/20.

414 N. Ugstad Road, Ivars A. and Stephanie A. Linde purchased from Helen J. Koski for $105,950, residential, 8/20.

4219 Ugstad Road, Marko W. Yonkovich purchased from Theresa and Richard Johnston for $202,400, residential, 8/20.

9136 Vinland St., Alicia M. Cosgriff purchased from Jason D. and Angela A. Lakanen for $127,000, residential, 9/20.

1831 Wallace Ave., Raquel Else purchased from Clayton Schnell for $230,000, residential, 9/20.

4188 West Pond Drive, Jameson and Mia Lundquist purchased from Michael J. and Sheila M. Watson for $470,000, residential, 9/20.

4282 Westwood Road, Glen H. and Kristi L. Rudolph purchased from Bruce and Christine Burgstahler for $672,000, residential, 9/20.

5031 White Pine St., Ralph and Rhonda Kazik purchased from Darren and Layne Weets for $594,000, residential, 9/20.

5121 Woodlawn St., Steven J. Arnold purchased from Alexander Eglinton Trust Agreement for $150,000, residential, 9/20.

5726 Wyoming St., Anthony and Hailey Corradi purchased from Peter C. Lande for $196,000, residential, 9/20.

Address unassigned, Adam D. Stenhammer purchased from Brian M. and Ann C. Smith Trust for $197,500, residential, 9/20.

Address unassigned, Robert J. Cheetham purchased from Eun K. Suh for $245,000, residential, 9/20.

Residential bare land, Daniel D. Dougherty purchased from M. and T. Hendrickson, et al. for $82,500, residential - bare land, 9/20.

Residential bare land, Erin and John Pepelnjak III purchased from Northern Investments LLC for $33,000, residential - bare land, 9/20.

Residential bare land, Lindi Carlson and Michael Steffes purchased from One Roof Community Housing for $18,750, residential - bare land, 9/20.

Residential bare land, One More Gallon LLC purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Department for $9,100, residential - bare land, 9/20.

Residential bare land, Ryan C. and Sara B. Weidemann purchased from Donald G. Johnson for $24,000, residential - bare land, 7/20.

Residential bare land, Sarah A. Burdey purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Department for $4,096, residential - bare land, 9/20.

Residential bare land, Vince Nelson and Alvin Berg purchased from William C. and Karen J. Agenter for $25,000, residential - bare land, 9/20.

Bare land, Asa Spicer purchased from Terri L. Wick for $50,000, residential - bare land, 9/20.

Bare land, Dale Maynard Johnson Trust purchased from Spirit Valley Land Company LLC for $479,474, commercial (with buildings), 9/20.

Bare land, Holiday Station stores LLC purchased from Edgewater Services Inc. for $533,000, commercial (with buildings), 9/20.

Bare land, Reuben and Doni Deisch purchased from Brett Mlaskoch for $290,000, seasonal-recreational residential - bare land, 9/20.

Bare land, Tender Loving Care North LLC purchased from Daniel D. Turnquist for $53,000, seasonal-recreational residential - bare land, 7/20.

Bare land, Tucker Hanlon purchased from Mark and Sheryl Vieau for $280,000, seasonal-recreational residential - bare land, 9/20.