A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

921 N. 10th Ave. E., Rikelle Hendrickson purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority for $135,000, residential, 9/20.

1111 102nd Ave. W., Jeremy and Jessica Shovein purchased from Kevin M. Oehl for $188,000, residential, 9/20.

926 E. 13th St., Trey Dill purchased from Julia A. Ojala for $190,000, residential, 9/20.

118 N. 17th Ave. E., Jodi Beckstrom-Korzenowski purchased from Jean McCue for $313,200, residential, 8/20.

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806 N. 23rd Ave. W., Brandon Vanwaeyenberghe purchased from Peter K. Jongewaard for $115,000, residential, 8/20.

419 N. 26th Ave. E., Linda J. Craig purchased from Candace C. Christen for $205,000, residential, 9/20.

528 N. 27th Ave. E., Carlos and Devinyl Schonfeld purchased from Nathan G. and Corrina M. Halstead for $650,000, residential, 7/20.

603 N. 40th Ave. W., Scott D. Cooke purchased from Amber Thiry for $160,000, residential, 9/20.

1029 N. 41st Ave. E., Polla and Dolf Hergert purchased from Patrick and Penny Wilmers for $200,000, residential, 9/20.

821 N. 41st Ave. W., Wendy Privett and Jack Tibbs purchased from Amy L. Mattson for $133,000, residential, 9/20.

102 5th St., Britta Nerhaugen and Bryan Ellis J. P. Lowe, et al. purchased from for $170,000, residential, 9/20.

30 S. 56th Ave. E., Samuel Thiesse purchased from Jeffrey Kaufmann and Peggy Rouleau for $220,000, residential, 7/20.

804 N. 58th Ave. W., Concorde Venture Corporation purchased from Peter H. and Kristine A. Boysen for $194,000, residential, 8/20.

121 S. 65th Ave. W., Jason and Alexandria Loop purchased from Rodney F. and Sandra J. Polson for $185,000, residential, 9/20.

531 S. 66th Ave. W., Donald A. and Lesli Desanto purchased from Correy W. and Sara Lowinski for $190,000, residential, 8/20.

225 S. 69th Ave. W., Alex Faber purchased from Robera and Dean Pirkola for $137,900, residential, 9/20.

439 N. 82nd Ave. W., Kelly Swenson purchased from Dale and Tammy Kitchenmaster for $130,000, residential, 8/20.

1123 87th Ave. W., Tobias V. Effinger purchased from Erica and Ryan C. Stevens for $197,200, residential, 8/20.

950 88th Ave. W., Joshua Johnson purchased from Weston and Bryce Morris for $80,000, residential, 8/20.

402 98th Ave. W., Lindsy M. Jensen and Jeremy Vogt purchased from Mark J. Spehar for $199,000, residential, 9/20.

218 99th Ave. W., Caimon Bistis purchased from Nicholas J. Swede for $170,000, residential, 8/20.

3711 Allendale Ave., Lisa A. Hoffman purchased from Jonathan and Joelle Bodin for $190,000, residential, 8/20.

2304 Apple Ridge Drive, David Greenberg and Amber Thiry purchased from Cody A. and Meghan E. Morrow for $336,000, residential, 9/20.

802 N. Arlington Ave., Dushan J. Knezevich-Howard purchased from Thomas A. Larson for $171,000, residential, 9/20.

4955 Arnold Road, Brad and Rachel Moloney purchased from Sharon Krause for $242,400, residential, 8/20.

4001 W. Arrowhead Road, Daniel Vath purchased from Christopher and Trilby Idzerda for $195,000, residential, 9/20.

4975 W. Arrowhead Road, James and Annie Hanninen purchased from Daniel A. and Lillian M. Holm for $310,000, residential, 9/20.

5411 W. Arrowhead Road, Michael J. and Jodie Smith purchased from Jonathan E. and Grace E. Webb for $205,000, residential, 7/20.

1221 W. Arrowhead Road, Northern States Properties LLC purchased from Noel Eggebraaten and Mary Bowen- for $260,000, residential, 8/20.

3017 Berkeley Road, Donald W. and Cynthia A. McIsaac purchased from Frank and Susan Munns for $319,900, residential, 9/20.

1212 Butternut Ave., Amy L. Boettcher purchased from Richard H. and Roberta B. Berg for $377,000, residential, 9/20.

1208 Butternut Ave., Gregory W. and Sandra K. Wallgren purchased from Troy and Debora Swanson for $395,000, residential, 8/20.

4431 Cambridge St., Ashley Premo purchased from Alexander and Tanya Jackson for $170,000, residential, 9/20.

5125 Cedar Ridge Dive., Relo Direct Inc. purchased from Troy C. and Julie A. Fath for $675,000, residential, 8/20.

5125 Cedar Ridge Drive, Tanya L. Nichols purchased from Relo Direct Inc. for $675,000, residential, 9/20.

2316 Chambersburg Ave., Matthew B. and Jamie Anderson purchased from Mary E. Kendzora for $236,000, residential, 9/20.

3615 Chambersburg Ave., S. Obermeier and J. Yernatich purchased from Timothy and Christine Nelson for $233,000, residential, 9/20.

9329 Clyde Ave., Jonathan Forgrave purchased from Ian R. and Lisa M. Erickson for $250,000, residential, 9/20.

322 Coffee Creek Boulevard, Eli Grady purchased from Jennifer and James Lansing IV for $455,000, residential, 9/20.

125 Coffee Creek Boulevard, Thomas K. and Julie A. Mullin purchased from Brian C. Denning for $415,000, residential, 8/20.

27 Deerwood St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Kristin Sorensen for $152,000, residential, 8/20.

4512 Dodge St., Jared and Breann White purchased from Joshua and Leah Nonnemacher for $177,500, residential, 8/20.

5243 Dodge St., Peter A. and Andrea M. Rozumalski purchased from Rio Rogador for $200,000, residential, 9/20.

20 Don Avon St., Wayne and Penney Schumacher purchased from Steven Paulson for $125,000, residential, 8/20.

5217 Eagle Crest Road, Lester Lathrop purchased from Tim Stoetzel for $30,000, residential - bare land, 8/20.

7505 Earl St., Kenneth Miller purchased from Robert Lippert for $145,000, residential, 9/20.

1426 Eklund Ave., Leah Verbrugge and Austin Niemczyk purchased from Troy Erie for $189,900, residential, 8/20.

247 W. Faribault St., Jacob L. and Amanda S. Billman purchased from Ian A. Metry for $241,000, residential, 8/20.

40 E. Faribault St., Leah and Joshua Nonnemacher purchased from Elizabeth Preus for $260,000, residential, 8/20.

18 W. Fifth St., Drew Shaine LLC purchased from CCPort LLC for $589,000, residential, 8/20.

2025 E. Fifth St., MVS Holdings LLC purchased from Anthony and Bryan Janowiec for $225,000, residential, 8/20.

1621 E. Fifth St., Scott Wishart purchased from Amain Investements LLC for $131,000, residential, 8/20.

4025 W. Fourth St., Ann and Bruce Todd purchased from Kevin O'Brien and Fritz Wrazidlo for $188,000, residential, 9/20.

715 Fourth St., Christopher and Georgia Rager purchased from Darlene and Rolland Mammenga for $18,500, residential - bare land, 9/20.

5 Fourth St., Gary and Debbra Vanneste purchased from Alex R. and Amanda R. Mickelson for $215,000, residential, 8/20.

2122 E. Fourth St., Laura Burgstahler purchased from Paul and Mary Bishop for $339,500, residential, 8/20.

211 Garden St., Megan and Curtis Moe purchased from Scott and Brianna Halvorson for $279,900, residential, 8/20.

1004 Grand View Ave., Eric Welke and Brittney Nevins purchased from Christyn A. and Evan L. Buchholz for $235,000, residential, 9/20.

2221 Heather Ave., Cynthia and William Walsh IV purchased from Matthew L. and Megan J. Larson for $351,000, residential, 8/20.

5245 Hermantown Road, Taylor McClung and Fredric Midge purchased from Donald C. and Jeanne M. Warttman for $419,000, residential, 9/20.

203 Howard Gnesen Road, Chris M. Stetson purchased from Derek S. and Sarah Plehal for $197,000, residential, 9/20.

4827 Howard Gnesen Road, Sandra and William Pierce purchased from M. and G. Dryke et al. for $264,900, residential, 7/20.

217 Isanti St., Jessica Haig purchased from Jacob S. and Katie E. Johnson for $195,000, residential, 9/20.

5106 Ivanhoe St., Mari E. and Harrison R. Olk purchased from Sarah E. and Ryan V. Grenberg for $235,000, residential, 8/20.

4301 Jay St., K. Reilly and M. Franckowiak purchased from Jergen Furh for $200,000, residential, 8/20.

4417 Jay St., Natasha Cook purchased from Gregory W. and Sandra K. Wallgren for $265,000, residential, 8/20.

647 Jill St., Laura and Edward Feldhake purchased from Kevin and Barbara Titus for $430,000, residential, 8/20.

416 Kelly Circle, Lake & Land Properties LLC purchased from Stacy and Thomas Annear for $128,000, residential, 8/20.

439 Leicester Ave., Amanda Goodman and Joseph Bauer purchased from John F. and Megan L. Bennett for $247,500, residential, 8/20.

8910 Lenroot St., Joseph Peters purchased from Vernon Schaub II for $138,950, residential, 8/20.

705 Lincoln Parkway, David and Anna Temple purchased from Matthew D. and Kimberlie Dillon for $160,000, residential, 9/20.

211 Maple Grove Road, Christopher and Stacia Frazer purchased from Connie L. and Richard J. Swanson for $314,900, residential, 9/20.

4159 Martin Road, Martina R. and Michael G. Jeka purchased from Daniel C. and Courtney B. Kjoberg for $210,000, residential, 9/20.

4202 Martin Road, Michael W. and Heather N. Molitor purchased from Elizabeth R. and Brandon D. Zapp for $300,000, residential, 9/20.

9235 Meadow St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Steven and Sherri Makitalo for $150,000, residential, 8/20.

1611 Middle Road, Justine Olson and Amberly Norton purchased from Asa Spicer and Ashley Kolar for $342,000, residential, 9/20.

3018 Midway Road, Meghan Gillette and Andrew Pearson purchased from Brandy Meidl for $226,000, residential, 8/20.

5589 Miller Trunk Highway, Jayson W. and Xiaoxue C. Sundvall purchased from Daniel J. and Patricia Waseleski for $257,000, residential, 9/20.

29 Minneapolis Ave., Michelle Thompson purchased from Joel Perrin for $231,500, residential, 8/20.

160 W. Morgan St., Eric Blomstrom purchased from Northern Property Ventures LLC for $222,500, residential, 9/20.

340 Mygatt Ave., Rodney and Brenda Beyer purchased from John O. and Joan S. Hunn for $420,000, residential, 8/20.

3975 Nelson Road, Brandon M. and Heather M. Pavlish purchased from Lori A. Hanson for $473,000, residential, 9/20.

617 E. Ninth St., Amanda Buskohl purchased from Beth and Melvin Wiemken for $182,900, residential, 9/20.

5881 North Shore Drive, Elizabeth A Carter Trust purchased from Luke E. Nelson for $164,000, residential, 8/20.

5335 North Shore Drive, Jolyn Lund purchased from David and Brenda Ruppel for $375,000, residential, 9/20.

8 Northfield St., Jeremy Kressman and Christi Hedtke purchased from Gregory T. Anderson Trustee for $272,000, residential, 9/20.

909 Northland Ave., Sulasa LLC purchased from Robert and Cindy Larson for $315,000, residential, 8/20.

5011 Norwood St., James A. and Matthew J. Rolfe purchased from Patricia Jean Sjoberrg revocable trust for $205,000, residential, 9/20.

4828 Oak Ridge Drive, Jason J. and Sarah Denzel purchased from Mark A. and Kelly S. Vavra for $455,000, residential, 9/20.

6 Observation Road, Radiant Life Ministries Inc. purchased from Flinn Broadcasting Corporation for $100,000, commercial (with buildings), 9/20.

1903 Old North Shore Road, Troy C. Erie purchased from Regina M. Rainelli for $336,400, residential, 8/20.

5208 Oneida St., Benjamin and Danielle Johnson purchased from Kimberly Duchscher for $260,000, residential, 8/20.

501 W. Orange St., Devon A. Shustarich purchased from Dannyl Huju for $160,000, residential, 8/20.

15 E. Owatonna St., Michael and Kaira Pihlaja purchased from Donald Stanius for $265,000, residential, 9/20.

564 Park St., Chelsa A. Taggart purchased from Curtis and Janice A. Olson for $220,000, residential, 8/20.

3687 Patriot Lane, Maureen Larson purchased from Jay and Jill Zierden for $383,296, residential - bare land, 9/20.

5132 Peabody St., Keb and Kari Guralski purchased from Michael Miller for $278,500, residential, 8/20.

5664 Plainview Drive, Katherine Vichorek purchased from James P. Cosgrove for $289,000, residential, 9/20.

114 Pleasant View Road, Christine and Joel Post purchased from Kenneth and Marilynn Norenberg for $330,000, residential, 8/20.

6412 Polk St., Nicholas and Jessica Nelson purchased from Christopher and Georgia Rager for $150,000, residential, 8/20.

5117 Ramsey St., Makayla Wilson purchased from Doreen Skinaway for $199,000, residential, 9/20.

151 W. Redwing St., Nathan and Kristina Clobes purchased from Angela L. and Ryan L. Hanson for $201,000, residential, 8/20.

1331 Rice Lake Road, Gerald Crittenden purchased from Joanne Power for $295,000, residential, 9/20.

3 1/2 N. Second Ave., Bradley J. Bushey purchased from Jeffrey M. and Jo C. Dellwo for $140,000, residential, 8/20.

2430 E. Second St., Aaron M. and Staci M. Graber purchased from Scot R. and Keri R. Jenkins for $691,000, residential, 9/20.

617 W. Second St., Amber Green and Samuel Henderson purchased from Nicholas G. and Paige Haverkamp for $210,000, residential, 9/20.

205 W. Seventh St., Danielle Rhodes and Karl Wagner purchased from Barta & Korach Partnership LLC for $160,000, residential, 8/20.

224 W. Sixth St., Lee Ziegler purchased from Kerry Donars and Thomas Beery for $400,000, residential, 8/20.

13031 W. Sixth St., Melissa Derosier-Holshouser purchased from Jacob I. and Angie Johnson for $165,000, residential, 8/20.

204 W. Sixth St., Roger J. Reinert purchased from Deborah and Timothy A. Sander for $295,000, residential, 8/20.

9107 W. Skyline Parkway, Aaron T. Albertson purchased from Mary C. and Steven A. Yagoda for $193,395, residential, 8/20.

207 Snively Road, Mary B. Haussner purchased from Lance and Sarah Hutchins- Haavisto for $155,000, residential, 8/20.

2619 Springvale Road, Joseph Stolzman purchased from Rachel Leveille for $186,000, residential, 8/20.

1815 Springvale Road, Julie A. Plourde purchased from Reagan Hill LLC for $194,900, residential, 8/20.

2332 Springvale Road, Matthew Scott purchased from Dean J. and Charity Waldner for $256,400, residential, 8/20.

3483 Stark Junction Road, Jared D. and Brea B. Schminski purchased from Matthew and Anna Estep for $354,500, residential, 9/20.

3406 Strand Road, Elizabeth and Seth Olson purchased from Jason M. and Ginny L. Siegle for $364,900, residential, 8/20.

311 Stroll Ave., Matthew P. and Leann M. Gouin purchased from Dirt Inc. for $281,500, residential, 9/20.

1722 Stuart Court, Bruce H. and Bridget G. Munson purchased from Timothy Amundson and Patri Fride for $252,400, residential, 9/20.

304 N. Third Ave., E. & K Properties of MN LLC purchased from Proctor Milkhouse Inc. for $150,000, commercial (with buildings), 8/20.

2427 E. Third St., Dustin and Katherine Simonson purchased from Susan and William Van Oss for $427,500, residential, 8/20.

13328 W. Third St., Matthew J. and Heather L. Birong purchased from Henry Gabrielson for $75,000, residential, 9/20.

41 E. Toledo St., Richard Jazdzewski et al. purchased from 41 East Toledo Street LLC for $225,000, residential, 9/20.

4906 Whitetail Drive, Kiran Adams and Sophia Steinbrueck purchased from Debra Schroeder for $327,500, residential, 9/20.

21 W. Winona St., Brady Ramirez purchased from Mary J. Jensen for $177,500, residential, 8/20.

612 Woodland Ave., Travis and Andria Genest purchased from Crossroad Equities LLC, A Minnesota limited liability company for $236,780, residential, 9/20.

Address unassigned, John and Martha Church purchased from Alan J. and Jeanne M. Zachman for $415,000, residential, 8/20.

Address unassigned, Marlin E. and Cheryl M. Danielson purchased from Lee and Cheryl Wise for $190,000, residential, 7/20.

Commercial bare land, Hernesman Brothers Partnership purchased from T & T Enterprises of Duluth Inc. for $125,000, commercial - bare land, 9/20.

Commercial bare land, Patriot Properties of Hermantown purchased from Eunice S. Huseby Trust for $700,000, commercial - bare land, 8/20.

Residential bare land, 1 LLC, A Minnesota limited liability company purchased from Jeffrey A. Halvorson for $30,000, residential - bare land, 9/20.

Residential bare land, Admiral Realty LLC purchased from Tim and Kathi Irons for $2,000, residential - bare land, 8/20.

Residential bare land, Colleen Moran and Jeffrey Dietlin purchased from Admiral Realty LLC for $26,999, residential - bare land, 8/20.

Residential bare land, D. Amenteric and Jaina Portwood purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $8,736, residential - bare land, 7/20.

Residential bare land, Daniel N. And Gayle M. Wallin purchased from Billman Construction Inc. for $45,000, residential - bare land, 9/20.

Residential bare land, Dwayne and Dori Haapanen purchased from Billman Construction Inc. for $45,000, residential - bare land, 9/20.

Bare land, JP Holding Co LLC purchased from Joseph and Nancy Bullyan for $107,000, residential - bare land, 8/20.

Bare land, Park State Bank purchased from BNSF Railway Company for $45,888, commercial (with buildings), 9/20.