A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

605 E. 10th St., Robert J. and Kelly J. Becker purchased from Mary M. Eckman for $164,500, residential, 9/20.

1509 102nd Ave. W., 1509 Gary LLC purchased from One Roof Community Housing for $15,000, residential, 8/20.

2237 W. 11th St., Melanie Prechel purchased from Jeffrey Allen and Gabrielle Dwinell for $162,500, residential, 8/20.

527 N. 12th Ave. W., Martina Mellang purchased from Samantha Adams and Stephen Nelson for $119,231, residential, 8/20.

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505 N. 16th Ave. E., Austin K. Nelson purchased from Adam and Rebeccah Diesterhaft for $138,900, residential, 8/20.

818 N. 19th Ave. E., Jill B. Bowman purchased from Cole M. and Chelsea Jacobs for $206,000, residential, 8/20.

1315 N. 20th Ave. E., Jody and Christopher Wagner Jr. purchased from Oliva N. Smith for $65,000, residential, 8/20.

1008 W. 3rd St., Megan Martin purchased from Thomas J. Robinson for $160,000, residential, 8/20.

529 N. 43rd Ave. W., Jessie Welsh and Jon Olsen purchased from Christopher and Cassandra Roemhildt for $148,900, residential, 8/20.

336 N. 61st Ave. W., Michael Murphy and Cheung Che Nam purchased from Mark J. and Janice G. Meisch for $179,000, residential, 7/20.

21 N. 64th Ave. W., Cory Drickhamer purchased from Premier Three Developers Inc. for $147,000, residential, 8/20.

2618 N. 77th Ave. W., Mary L. and John J. Hinzmann purchased from Diane Beecher and Elsie Sjodin for $185,000, residential, 8/20.

438 N. 77th Ave. W., Timothy E. and Carolyn E. Donovan purchased from Betty J. Craven for $125,800, residential, 8/20.

1042 89th Ave. W., Larson Properties of Duluth LLC purchased from Dove Enterprises LLC for $15,000, commercial (with buildings), 8/20.

1271 93rd Ave. W., Barbara J. and Dale R. White purchased from Nolan and Jordanmae Dokken for $214,000, residential, 8/20.

101 96th Ave. W., Kevin and Bethany Archer purchased from Casey C. and Christy E. Lindgren for $200,000, residential, 8/20.

1016 Acacia Ave., Kimberly Koskela purchased from Jacqueline Johnson for $184,800, residential, 9/20.

177 W. Austin St., Zoey M. and Alex R. Hassett purchased from Patrick Johnson for $202,300, residential, 8/20.

2130 Bel Aire Ave., Brian P. and Jillian E. Haselman purchased from David A. and Tamara Siebert for $280,000, residential, 8/20.

5891 Bergquist Road, M. Ingemansenl and A. Cambran purchased from Barbara J. McCarthy for $448,000, residential, 8/20.

4023 Birchwood Road, Capgrow Holdings JV Sub VI LLC purchased from Rem Arrowhead Inc., a Minnesota limited liability company for $251,508, residential, 8/20.

1511 Boulevard Place, Aaron Cook purchased from Dana and David Cook II for $195,000, residential, 9/20.

2614 Chambersburg Ave. Joseph Pllinski and Mallory Hill purchased from Gerald E. and Kathleen S. Hass for $180,000, residential, 7/20.

3418 Chambersburg Ave., Jessica M. Cole purchased from Jerome T. Rouleau Living Trust for $285,000, residential, 7/20.

213 Chambersburg Drive, Chad and Nicole Kresky purchased from Dennis Leahy and Debra Cudnowski for $321,900, residential, 8/20.

109 Chester Parkway, Meredith and Edgerton C. Freshley purchased from Jon and Paula Byrne for $175,000, residential, 8/20.

517 E. Eighth St., Steven and Joelle Orthengren purchased from Ryan J. and Amber M. Pearce for $125,700, residential, 8/20.

4114 W. Eighth St., Sundry Koivisto and Joshua Bolen purchased from Raymond Johnson for $165,000, residential, 9/20.

4247 Fayre Road, Thomas T. and Stephanie P. Hanna purchased from Jesse W. and Michelle L. Porter for $350,000, residential, 9/20.

2322 W. Fifth St., Bernard R. Kostrzab purchased from Cole A. and Makenna S. Bridgman for $115,000, residential, 8/20.

114 W. Fifth St., Joseph Gonrowski purchased from Kelson and Megan Thomas for $126,000, residential, 7/20.

9 E. Fifth St., Tiffany Happel purchased from Brian Adamczak and Brandon Buxbaum for $230,000, residential, 8/20.

133 First St., Aaron Adkins purchased from Nikki Colborn for $217,900, residential, 9/20.

4225 W. Fourth St., Casey and Kaitlin Werner purchased from Accelerated Investment Group LLC for $172,000, residential, 8/20.

2631 W. Fourth St., Stoney Point Construction LLC purchased from Guojin Yue for $59,000, residential, 8/20.

207 Garden St., Andrew Salveson purchased from Thomas and Nicole Lingle for $230,000, residential, 8/20.

4119 Gilliat St., Dekotah Ann Miska purchased from Karla L. Provost for $189,000, residential, 8/20.

3910 Glenwood St., Anneliese and Jedidah Cuttle purchased from John M. and Kathy Baumgarten for $769,130, residential, 8/20.

5122 Glenwood St., Mackenzie Boysen purchased from Brian and Jennifer Christofferson for $199,000, residential, 8/20.

5432 Glenwood St., Michele Fitzgerald purchased from C. Kenyon and S. Plesha for $190,000, residential, 8/20.

1018 Grand View Ave., Nicholas and Elizabeth Nygaard purchased from Bradly H. and Mary S. Nett for $197,000, residential, 8/20.

5014 Heritage Drive, Scott Towle purchased from Debra Quitney and Jennifer O'Brien for $350,000, residential, 8/20.

711 Irving Place, Patrick and Lydie Degrood purchased from Brett Mlaskoch for $535,000, residential, 8/20.

4024 Jay St., Tanya L. and Alexander Jackson purchased from Shirley A. Peterson for $268,500, residential, 9/20.

901 S. Lake Ave., Blake S. and Sabine M. Naber purchased from Lily A. Roland for $220,000, residential, 9/20.

1914 Lakeview Drive, Karen Peterson purchased from R. Jones and A. Vollmerhausen for $499,000, residential, 8/20.

1524 Linzie Road, Clarissa Bellinger purchased from Jameson and Mia Lundquist for $281,000, residential, 9/20.

1391 E. Lismore Road, Robert Paradeau purchased from Trent and Tori Sundberg for $240,000, residential, 8/20.

5236 London Road, Charles K. and Djeneba S. Seavey purchased from Porur and Nagaratham Somasundaram for $399,000, residential, 8/20.

1423 London Road, Keith Linne purchased from G & B Properties of Duluth for $220,000, residential, 8/20.

4949 London Road, Kyle and Sarah Lehrke purchased from Curtis B. and Janice A. Olson for $395,000, residential, 8/20.

4028 McCulloch St., Paul Blackburn purchased from Jessica L. and Dominic K. Beckman for $168,400, residential, 8/20.

1953 Middle Lane, Nathan W. and Makenzie Johnson purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Department for $35,950, residential - bare land, 8/20.

2716 Minnesota Ave., Jacques Richard and Ramona Treuer purchased from Roger J. Reinert for $315,000, residential, 8/20.

2533 Minnesota Ave., Kimberly Anderson purchased from Josie R. Ozan for $360,000, residential, 8/20.

2835 Minnesota Ave., Patrick and Heather Grazzini-Sims purchased from W. and D. Boynton et al. for $259,000, residential, 8/20.

3510 Minnesota Ave., Thomas Lasley and Susan Herrington purchased from Mark J. and Bonnie S. Pass for $297,000, residential, 8/20.

40 W. Mulberry St., Austyn Johnson purchased from Jason P. and Cathryn Hanson for $244,900, residential, 8/20.

5703 Nicollet St., RBI Group LLC purchased from William Anderson for $800,000, apartment, 8/20.

1520 N. Ninth Ave. E., Erika M. and Ian M. Fellbaum purchased from A. Cembran and L. Ingemansen for $230,000, residential, 8/20.

316 Oak Bend Drive, Grant and Kareen Aubollane purchased from Ryan and Christina Bogart for $217,000, residential, 8/20.

5789 Old Highway 61, Kivis Bros. Trucking Inc. purchased from Forterra Concrete Products Inc. for $600,000, commercial (with buildings), 9/20.

4317 Peabody Lane, Chijioke and Olihe Okoro purchased from Patricia Urbick for $337,000, residential, 9/20.

4628 Pitt St., Lakeside Early Learning purchased from St. Michael's Church Duluth for $125,000, commercial (with buildings), 9/20.

2531 Plymouth Ave., Alec and Madison Culin purchased from Chad D. and Nicole M. Kresky for $197,200, residential, 8/20.

4031 Regent St., Elizabeth Helgesen and Joel Wiener purchased from Peter and Jane P. Aas for $355,000, residential, 8/20.

3834 Rehbein Road, Matthew Stuart purchased from John and Jennifer Carr for $198,000, residential, 8/20.

5821 Rice Lake Road, DLC Properties purchased from James D. and Alice W. Durfee for $70,000, , 9/20.

29 E. Saint Marie St., Peter and Jane Aas purchased from Neale L. and Pamela J. Roth for $480,000, residential, 8/20.

2607 W. Second St., Curtis Tyler purchased from Duane W. and Sandra M. Caywood for $105,000, residential, 8/20.

1231 E. Second St., Egwen Properties LLC purchased from 1231 Duluth Inc. for $220,000, residential, 8/20.

1432 N. Seventh Ave. E., Hannah Langhorst purchased from Corwin Groom III and Sarah Kadlec for $152,000, residential, 7/20.

2826 Silver Fox Circle, Brent and Jamie Hanson purchased from Robby and Rubia Mathew for $367,500, residential, 8/20.

329 Sixth St., Aaron L. Lindom and Hayley Fisher purchased from Allen D. Prahl for $186,000, residential, 9/20.

210 W. Sixth St., Linda Nervick purchased from The Loy Family Revocable Living Trust for $90,000, residential, 7/20.

4321 W. Sixth St., Rodney Mlaskoch purchased from Ryan and Kristine Thiede for $170,000, residential, 8/20.

1623 Stanford Ave., Shalee Hansen purchased from Andrew and Sarah E. Young for $262,500, residential, 8/20.

1730 E. Superior St., Duluth Heritage Buildings LLC purchased from MDF Holdings LLC for $610,000, commercial (with buildings), 8/20.

1513 E. Superior St., Jordan Oja purchased from Mitchel Solem for $206,150, apartment, 8/20.

5416 E. Superior St., Lorin D. Larson purchased from Amanda Lufholm Sternal for $169,000, residential, 8/20.

2616 Swan Lake Road, Cody A. and Meghan E. Morrow purchased from Joseph F. and Patricia L. Lafleur for $317,500, residential, 9/20.

1408 N. Third Ave., Brent and Rachel Stoen purchased from Serina Pampuch for $345,000, residential, 9/20.

2713 W. Third St., Kyle K. and Rebecca M. Bakas purchased from Kiersten Clark for $90,000, residential, 8/20.

808 Third St., Vincent M. Gannucci purchased from Nathan and Rachel Ceder for $210,000, residential, 8/20.

5024 Tioga St., Kevin D. Jones purchased from Daneil Kuberra and Martha Dwyer for $276,500, residential, 8/20.

42 W. Toledo St., Erik W. Brohaugh purchased from Heather and Michael Molitor Jr. for $207,000, residential, 9/20.

221 N. Ugstad Road, Richard Martin and Diane McGarry purchased from Donald and Sandra Anderson for $140,000, residential, 7/20.

3113 Vernon St., Blake Austin purchased from Nora North for $75,000, residential, 7/20.

20 Village Drive, Linda J. and Steven J. Olcott purchased from Gerald W. and Una G. Privette for $119,000, residential, 8/20.

2024 Water St., Mark Beltz and Julie Obermiller purchased from Peter T. and Angela M. Olsen for $773,000, residential, 8/20.

126 Waverly Place, Leigh Ann Wright purchased from Casey Goldberg for $185,000, residential, 8/20.

1600 Woodland Ave., Edmunds, Smith, Edmunds-Smith 1414 Bulding LLC purchased from RHTV LLC for $3,820,001, commercial (with buildings), 7/20.

5722 Wyoming St., Michael and Elizabeth A. Lattery purchased from Darik W. and Lorraine J. Carlson for $175,000, residential, 8/20.

Address unassigned, Brett Mlaskoch purchased from David Hillila for $610,000, residential, 8/20.

Address unassigned, Paul R. Hon purchased from Brett Mlaskoch for $490,000, residential, 7/20.

Apartment bare land, Smith Dermatology LLC purchased from Edmunds and Smith et al. for $25,000, apartment - bare land, 7/20.

Residential bare land, Curtis and Jennifer Martinson purchased from Loren P. Johnston for $157,000, residential - bare land, 9/20.

Residential bare land, Edmunds-Smith 1414 Building LLC purchased from Hal and Jane Heyer for $25,000, residential - bare land, 8/20.

Residential bare land, Neil Van Berkum purchased from Mark Clark and Wendy Reed for $67,000, residential - bare land, 8/20.

Bare land, Hinks Construction Inc. purchased from Titan Premier LLC for $90,000, bare land, 9/20.

Bare land, John and Shannon Christensen purchased from Shelhon and Schwartz, et al. for $55,000, bare land, 8/20.

Bare land, Joseph Gregorich purchased from Chad and Amity Alander for $40,000, bare land, 8/20.

Bare land, Smith Dermatology LLC purchased from Edmunds-Smith 1414 Building LLC for $2,000,000, commercial (with buildings), 7/20.