A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

5880 North Shore Drive, Charles E. and Karen M. Macomber purchased from Thomas A. and Diane E. Rolando for $549,000, residential, 7/20.

4324 Rebecca Road, Michelle C. and Dylan M. Munger purchased from John V. and Janice L. Holt for $345,000, residential, 7/20.

26 S. 64th Ave. W., Jarek A. Nordquist purchased from Troy J. Landin for $145,000, residential, 7/20.

5714 Wyoming St., Sarah and Tyson Fleissner purchased from Maly and Thomas G. Anderson II for $191,900, residential, 7/20.

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5311 Maple Grove Road, Michael and Danika Herrboldt purchased from Phyllis C. Bosiacki for $225,000, residential, 7/20.

212 W. Austin St., Christopher J. Messer purchased from Corey C. and Diana Fischer for $239,900, residential, 7/20.

728 N. 47th Ave. E., Taggart Properties LLC purchased from Caromin House Inc. for $121,000, residential, 7/20.

219 E. Chisholm St., Kristina J. and Vusal F. Hasanova purchased from Christopher J. Messer for $133,000, residential, 7/20.

2114 Jefferson St., Taggart Properties LLC purchased from Carlson University Properties for $205,000, residential, 7/20.

1215 W. Fifth St., Anne and Colin Gettle purchased from Timothy D. and Laurel D. Melby for $202,000, residential, 7/20.

3016 Lismore Road, Sarah Kadlec and Corwin Groom III purchased from Sally I. Shea for $359,000, seasonal-recreational res, 7/20.

4125 Dodge St., Andrea and Hunter Chartier purchased from Jeffrey and Trudi Lemieux for $275,000, residential, 7/20.

423 N. 15th Ave. E., CKAD Properties LLC purchased from Michael and Kathleen Piper for $314,250, apartment, 7/20.

587 W. Winona St., Samuel Carlson purchased from Ryan Rodenwald for $177,500, residential, 8/20.

818 N. Eighth Ave. E., Heather A. Traynor purchased from Leanne M. Schansberg for $150,000, residential, 8/20.

3713 Rendle Ave., Kenny A. and Christina Wood purchased from Rebecca J. and Peter J. Bergherr for $240,000, residential, 8/20.

5404 North Shore Drive, Del Dais Rev Living Trust purchased from Isaac and Rebecca Liu Rev Trust for $515,000, seasonal-recreational res, 8/20.

1916 E. Third St., Taggart Properties LLC purchased from Carlson University Properties for $160,000, residential, 7/20.

5366 Roosevelt Drive, Jonathan and Joelle Bodin purchased from Kim B. Harwood for $352,500, residential, 7/20.

1930 E. Fifth St., Irina Ensign purchased from Patrick and Lydia Degrood for $270,000, residential, 7/20.

207 S. Second Ave., Lori and Alton Moulliet Jr. purchased from Tedd M. Ells for $396,500, residential, 7/20.

3673 Getchell Road, Troy Landin and Amanda Bokovich purchased from Micheal and Tamie Bockovich for $217,000, residential, 7/20.

212 99th Ave. W., Micheal and Tamie Bockovich purchased from Steven W. Brantal for $182,000, residential, 7/20.

1001 N. 13th Ave. E., C & D Management Company LLC purchased from MJN Investment Properties LLC for $140,000, residential, 7/20.

1731 London Road, Bradley Realty LLC purchased from Dale Armstrong for $650,000, commercial (with buildings), 7/20.

2519 Plymouth Ave., Kyle and Melissa Bolander purchased from Mary Zakovich for $237,000, residential, 7/20.

2118 Adirondack St., L. Anderson and A. Lemke purchased from Carole Forsyth for $250,000, residential, 7/20.

1912 Chinook Drive, Scott Koker and Paola Gianna purchased from Michael A. Pappas for $820,000, residential, 7/20.

5 N. 23rd Ave. E., FJR Properties LLC purchased from Prospect Asset Management LLC for $800,000, residential, 7/20.

609 E. Ninth St., Matthew Lindberg purchased from Accelerated Investment Group LLC for $175,000, residential, 7/20.

802 S. Lake Ave., Thomas L. and Bridget M. Reistad purchased from Beryl R. Knudson for $271,000, residential, 7/20.

6815 Sherburne St., Kristin D. Swanstrom purchased from Jeri L. Swanson for $135,000, residential, 7/20.

3429 W. Tischer Road, Abbiegael and Bryant Holbeck purchased from Taylor and Maurice Campbell for $210,000, residential, 7/20.

Commercial bare land, Gordon R. and Tammi D. Beier purchased from Woodridge Commercial Plaza LLC for $25,000, commercial - bare land, 7/20.

1136 S. Lake Ave., Meghan and Matthew Howard purchased from Maureen W. and Lawrence A. McGough for $400,000, residential, 7/20.

Residential bare land, Aaron Smith purchased from Vicki and Y. Van Nguyen for $17,000, residential - bare land, 7/20.

809 Almac Drive, Braden and Sarah Sorenson purchased from Richard and Stacy J. Steel for $195,000, residential, 7/20.

Residential bare land, James L'allier Jr. purchased from Jeffrey Kubiszewski for $19,500, residential - bare land, 7/20.

Bare land, Fairways and Greens LLC purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Department for $56,317, exempt from property tax, 7/20.

2025 E. Eighth St., Stephanie Kallio and Rebecca Richards purchased from Richard L. and Anna R. Buckalew for $210,000, residential, 6/20.