A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

1415 104th Ave. W., Kenneth and Kristine Rikkola purchased from Minnesota Housing Finance Agency for $65,500, residential, 6/20.

1126 104th Ave. W., Northern Property Ventures LLC purchased from Thomas R. and Patti L. Ward for $66,500, residential, 7/20.

1015 N. 14th Ave. E., Kiff J. and Glenda R. Samuelson purchased from for $7,900, residential - bare land, 6/20.

2606 W. 15th St., Matthew and Amy Anderson purchased from Kristen M. Lang for $180,000, residential, 7/20.

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118 N. 23rd Ave. W., Kyle K. and Rebecca M. Bakas purchased from Brenden Bungert for $114,610, residential, 6/20.

9 N. 58th Ave. W., Nia Dahmen and Antonio Thunberg Jr. purchased from Tuesday and Scott McAuliffe Staehler for $138,975, residential, 7/20.

235 W. Anoka St., Benjamin and Rachael Terlouw purchased from Sally K. and Nicholas Lansing for $316,000, residential, 7/20.

401 W. Arrowhead Road, Bryan A. and Heather R. Erickson purchased from Daniel C. and Martin A. Mayerchak for $224,000, residential, 7/20.

30 E. Austin St., Meighan Steigerwaldt purchased from Cynthia Claviter Rourke for $225,000, residential, 7/20.

3843 Birchwood Road, Kaisa and Jason Syvaoja purchased from Robert J. and Constance M. Barber for $268,500, residential, 7/20.

4034 Calvary Road E., Shawn D. and Jacquelyn Alvar purchased from Mark A. Johnson for $69,000, residential, 7/20.

2409 Chambersburg Ave., Jason D Martinez purchased from Jordan T. Verry for $220,000, residential, 6/20.

1401 Coachlight Circle, Valerie Jeffries and Lewis Virgin purchased from Mark E. and Kimberly D. Overlie for $365,000, residential, 7/20.

6411 Cody St., Robert M. Swanson purchased from Clyde W. and Andrea Ekbom for $126,400, residential, 7/20.

301 Coffee Creek Boulevard, Tammy L. Kritzer purchased from Legacy Custom Homes Inc. for $450,000, residential, 7/20.

3234 Decker Road, Nadine and Blaine Decambaliza purchased from Barbara Hanson for $251,000, residential, 6/20.

101 Eden Lane, Aaron Gorman purchased from Patricia J. Dwyer for $189,900, residential, 7/20.

4020 Fairview Road, Delores J. Palmi purchased from Rodney C. and Karen Grundstrom for $80,000, residential, 7/20.

1335 Fern Ave., Adrian Frank purchased from Timothy B. and Rachael Murphy for $144,500, residential, 7/20.

4022 W. Fifth St., Lisa Osterholt purchased from Adam and Valerie Clark for $191,000, residential, 7/20.

3201 Florine St., Michael Perich and Dongin Lee purchased from Darrin and Theresa Phillips for $269,900, residential, 7/20.

9015 Grand Avenue Place, James and Mary Stukel purchased from Joshua J. and Jessica L. Lablanc for $205,100, residential, 7/20.

425 Hastings Drive, Steven and Mariya Skube purchased from David and Caroline M. Ruta for $699,500, residential, 7/20.

4290 Heartwood Lane, Cynthia E.Johnson purchased from Richard A. and Coralene R. Kay for $335,000, residential, 7/20.

5467 Hermantown Road, Timothy and Monica White purchased from Jason and Elizabeth McDevitt for $469,900, residential, 7/20.

2526 Hutchinson Road, Kaisha L. and Benjamin Graham purchased from Caleb J. and Lisa C. Sorvik for $220,000, residential, 6/20.

3717 Keene Creek Lane, Gerald J. and Bonnie J. Niemi purchased from Kenneth J. and Joan E. Benoit for $351,400, residential, 7/20.

4600 London Road, Amanda and David Baillargeon purchased from Trustee of the B.T. Levey Trust for $775,000, residential, 7/20.

5714 Main St., Michael and Allison Dilley purchased from Michael A. and Megan Pellett for $159,500, residential, 7/20.

5061 Maple Grove Road, Emilie Slattengren purchased from Edward and Sandraq Dammer for $242,000, residential, 7/20.

2233 Nanticoke St., Brian Tallman purchased from Anthony L. and Kimberly L. Brown for $185,000, residential, 7/20.

707 N. Ninth Ave. E., Miles Hamel purchased from Darick Kvam for $116,000, residential, 7/20.

5118 Otsego St., Julie and Mark Foster purchased from Steven and Sarah E. Halvorson for $245,000, residential, 7/20.

415 W. Redwing St., Nicholas and Amanda Blades purchased from Thomas T. and Stephanie P. Hanna for $245,000, residential, 7/20.

5344 Roosevelt Drive, Grant and Alyssa Huttel purchased from Douglas Janzig for $427,500, residential, 7/20.

5312 Roosevelt Drive, Michael F. and Anne M. Tinsley purchased from Joseph M. and Jodell M. Frenz for $415,000, residential, 7/20.

435 Rustwood Lane, Patty Kaiser et al. purchased from Jeremy S. and Jennifer Carlson for $660,000, residential, 7/20.

2827 E. Second St., Jonathan and Megan Hood purchased from Ali A. and Hope M. Kasrai for $255,000, residential, 7/20.

5025 Silver Leaf St., Timothy and Gretchen Kehoe purchased from Timothy W. and Monica J. White for $469,900, residential, 7/20.

2123 W. Sixth St., Evergreen Builders Inc. purchased from Holy Family Church Duluth for $71,500, residential, 6/20.

2410 W. Sixth St., Paige Melius purchased from Kyle Dickinson for $160,000, residential, 7/20.

4724 W. Sixth St., Sydney J. Burnett purchased from Glenn and Angela Stahl for $152,000, residential, 7/20.

5308 Stark Road, Mark A. and Cassandra R. Bosch purchased from R. Korzeniowski and D. Lamkin for $266,000, residential, 7/20.

5324 E. Superior St., Seth D. and Sarah E. Maxim purchased from Martin D. and Karen M. Anderson for $430,000, commercial (with buildings), 7/20.

4432 Tioga St., Karen and Thomas Manthe-Hogan purchased from Robert J. Kroll for $236,900, residential, 7/20.

3540 W. Tischer Road, The Littau Revocable Trust purchased from William J. Call for $365,000, residential, 6/20.

1862 Wallace Ave., Kassan Schafter and Michael Farmer purchased from Cecil J. and Alicia Musselman for $225,000, residential, 7/20.

524 Woodland Ave., Keith Linne purchased from Joyce Daugherty for $185,000, residential, 7/20.

1209 Woodrich Circle, Brian E. and Hayley A. Rasmussen purchased from Jason L. and Jennifer L. Sowers for $305,000, residential, 7/20.

Residential bare land, Dwayne R. Bolander purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $3,450, residential - bare land, 6/20.

Residential bare land, John and Sarah Holt purchased from JLG Enterprises of Hermantown for $80,000, residential - bare land, 6/20.

Residential bare land, Raymond A. and Carol A. Stevens purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $33,300, residential - bare land, 6/20.

Residential bare land, Taimi J. Ranta purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $8,400, residential - bare land, 6/20.

Bare land, Austin and Jolene Aili purchased from Clifford D. and Cassie Comstock for $95,000, , 6/20.

Bare land, James and Debra Greig purchased from Jesse R. and Amanda Soumis for $420,000, , 7/20.