A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

711 E. 13th St., Sean Smith purchased from Kyle K. and Rebecca M. Bakas for $144,900, residential, 6/20.

134 5th St., Noah R. Flynn purchased from Anthony E. and Laura L. Carlson for $129,475, residential, 6/20.

3007 N. 52nd Ave. E., L. Kitzmiller and A. Delgado purchased from Tristan J. and Laura A. Hase for $550,000, residential, 7/20.

406 S. 71st Ave. W., Cassandra and Andrew Siirila purchased from Samuel J. Sinnott for $145,000, residential, 7/20.

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301 E. Chisholm St., Richard W. and Jerri L. Reinbold purchased from Gabriel and Ashley C. Wieland for $190,000, residential, 6/20.

4508 Dodge St., Samuel Maddy purchased from Jennifer K. Johnson for $12,000, residential - bare land, 7/20.

4702 W. Fifth St., Jonetta Vance purchased from Grocholski, Maki, Hoffman, et al. for $115,000, residential, 6/20.

2229 E. First St., Adam A. and Kelly J. Aarsvold purchased from David Letourneau for $629,500, residential, 7/20.

1913 E. First St., Bora Incorporated purchased from Frank W. and Lisa J. Mertz for $280,000, residential, 6/20.

2802 E. First St., James R. and Julie A. Severson purchased from John D. and Sharon A. Sommerfeld for $225,000, residential, 6/20.

620 W. Fourth St., Jesse J. and Lee Bull purchased from Edwin K. and Mary S. Hall for $650,000, residential, 6/20.

4709 W. Fourth St., Nicole B. and Jared A. Harm purchased from Tyler Goettl and Julia Bates for $237,000, residential, 6/20.

3205 Greysolon Road, Zenith City Design And Renovation purchased from Robert and Jill Lyman for $235,000, residential, 7/20.

2515 Harvey St., Samuel Werle and Alice Jacobson purchased from Adam and Janna M. Reinhard for $211,000, residential, 7/20.

711 Jill St., Jared Travnicek and Jenny Wang purchased from Raymond J. and Sara Peterson for $399,000, residential, 6/20.

3755 Lavaque Road, Greg and Heather Johnson purchased from Titan Premier LLC for $90,000, residential, 7/20.

112 Oak St., Adam Ehlenbach and N. Westermann purchased from Christopher Beber for $191,900, residential, 6/20.

4808 Pitt St., Molly Watkins purchased from Sara J. Schultz and Cody Sorlie for $165,000, residential, 6/20.

2204 W. Seventh St., Chantal Norrgard purchased from Donna M. Trostad for $134,500, residential, 7/20.

5824 Seville Road, Joel R. and Jackie A. Kinghorn purchased from Mark D. and Melanie R. Bohm for $200,000, residential, 7/20.

2123 W. Sixth St., Holy Family purchased from Carlson University Properties for $74,900, residential, 6/20.

1906 Springvale Road, Elise and Carney Lien purchased from Colleen M. Legarde-Warnygora for $100,000, residential, 5/20.

4102 E. Superior St., Timothy B. and Rachael J. Murphy purchased from Matthew Hook and Maria Dela Cruz for $255,000, residential, 7/20.

729 Third St., Fay Kuettel purchased from Jacqueline M. and Maurice W. Mann for $155,400, residential, 6/20.

437 W. Wabasha St., Kaleb J. Rock purchased from Maureen M. Wick for $185,000, residential, 7/20.

325 Wildwood Drive, Robert Lyman and Jill Lusche-Lyman purchased from Catherine Brandt for $296,000, residential, 6/20.

3980 Willow Place, Jesse and Kely Dunsmoor purchased from K. Carlisle and J. Rodriguez for $425,000, residential, 7/20.

313 Winnipeg Ave., Corey D. and Kristin A. Mead purchased from Steve T. Christensen for $81,000, residential, 7/20.

216 W. Winona St., William and Rosalyn R. Horn purchased from Salvatore A. and Annie Jimenez for $189,900, residential, 7/20.

Residential bare land, Brooke Collver purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $24,705, residential - bare land, 6/20.

Residential bare land, David W. Rauschanfels purchased from Karyn Shold for $50,000, residential - bare land, 7/20.

Residential bare land, Dirt, Inc. purchased from Charlotte A. Dobosenski for $20,000, residential - bare land, 7/20.

Residential bare land, Elizabeth Carr and Bryan Kallevig purchased from Robert J. and Lisa Hudson for $15,000, residential - bare land, 7/20.

Residential bare land, Martin Smith purchased from Cody and Ashley Lindsey for $70,000, residential - bare land, 7/20.

Residential bare land, Mason G. Bay LLC purchased from William and Elizabeth Wallace for $570,000, residential - bare land, 7/20.

Residential bare land, Tender Loving Care North LLC purchased from Titan Premier LLC for $80,000, residential - bare land, 7/20.