A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

1220 E. 10th St., Christina Welch purchased from Matthew B. Pawlowski for $128,900, residential, 5/20.

202 N. 60th Ave. E., George T. Thomas purchased from Lance P. and Laura A. Hanson for $249,900, residential, 5/20.

118 N. 64th Ave. W., A & B Rentals LLC, A Wisconsin limited liability company purchased from David A. and Mary A. Lick for $160,000, apartment, 5/20.

1317 92nd Ave. W., Larry and Diane Altringer purchased from Anthony Hanson for $185,000, residential, 5/20.

819 N. Arlington Ave., Anthony S. Armes purchased from Joanne J. Overfors for $195,000, residential, 5/20.

5218 Avondale St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Hugh J. and Heidi M. Morris for $194,000, residential, 5/20.

5045 Carlson Road, Timothy P. and Debra J. Sullivan purchased from Loren G. and Teresa L. Middleton for $350,000, residential, 5/20.

3717 Chambersburg Ave., Allan Kelly purchased from Charise and Shane Sullivan for $207,360, residential, 5/20.

4517 Cooke St., Matthew Judnick purchased from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $122,000, residential, 5/20.

1825 Dunedin Ave., Alyssa M. and Kory Jenkins purchased from Janet M. Draper for $210,000, residential, 4/20.

26 England Ave., Adam and Kelly Niesen purchased from Keyshome LLC for $127,094, residential, 5/20.

1417 E. First St., Trixies Troves LLC purchased from M&lebeau michelle A. Schulkent for $302,500, apartment, 5/20.

226 Howard Gnesen Road, Zachary and Annamarie Steigauf purchased from D. Ginsberg, A. and D. Ginsberg and S. Berge for $235,000, residential, 5/20.

3640 S. Lake Ave., John R. Erickson purchased from Carole and Robert A. Lent for $340,000, residential, 5/20.

1317 Lincoln Park Drive, Sara B. and Johnathan W. Feick purchased from Ronald L. Vandell for $185,000, residential, 5/20.

9239 Meadow St., Anna E. and Isaac T. Kidd purchased from Kylee Borash for $169,900, residential, 5/20.

912 E. Ninth St., Todd and Meredith Karasti purchased from Thomas Witzman for $65,000, residential, 5/20.

905 E. Skyline Parkway, Joseph P. and Megan C. Florestano purchased from Todd T. and Naomi M. Larson for $160,000, residential, 5/20.

4720 Third Ave. S., David and Cheyenne Hutchings purchased from Nicole and Kiel Fechtelkotter for $215,000, residential, 5/20.

4909 Wild Rose Trail, Kimberly and Richard Amatuzio, Jr., purchased from Alan R. and Erika M. Hodnik for $730,000, residential, 5/20.

Address unassigned, Thomas D. and Monica Liddle purchased from Barbara McTavish for $196,000, residential, 5/20.

Residential bare land, Skolasinski-Hoffman Revocable Trust purchased from Philip Johnson for $27,000, residential - bare land, 5/20.

Bare land, Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Department for $17,200, exempt from property tax, 5/20.

Bare land, Judith Wiecki purchased from St. Louis County Lane and Mineral Department for $4,155, exempt from property tax, 5/20.

Bare land, Matthew E. Sieler purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Department for $7,310, exempt from property tax, 5/20.

Bare land, Timothy J. and Stephanie M. Kilman purchased from Ronald G. Fransen for $59,900, residental, 5/20.