26 N. 28th Ave. E., Peter and Kaitlyn Kruger purchased from Daniel and Bobbye Larson for $183,275, residential, 4/20.

1130 N. 47th Ave. E., Thomas Miller purchased from Daniel and Sarah Christenson for $185,000, residential, 4/20.

1020 N. 56th Ave. W., Amy N. Auran purchased from John H. Owen for $182,000, residential, 4/20.

1010 N. 59th Ave. W., Oneota Land Co. LLC purchased from David and Mary Ann Lick for $85,000, residential, 3/20.

3005 Bald Eagle Trail, Robert A. and Andrea Johnson purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth for $60,000, exempt from property tax, 4/20.

2384 Becks Road, Northeast Property Holdings LLC purchased from Lametti & Sons Inc. for $225,000, commercial (with buildings), 4/20.

3509 N. Blackman Ave., Joseph R. and Lisa A. Konicek purchased from Janice E. Doe for $333,000, residential, 4/20.

1413 Boulevard Place, Jon and Paula Aamodt purchased from David and Shawnee Eaton for $261,250, residential, 3/20.

1101 Brainerd Ave., Neva P. Nolan purchased from C. Christopherson and P. Romero for $380,000, residential, 4/20.

57 W. Chisholm St., Kinyee L. and Daisy P. Sin and V. Kee purchased from Thomas J. Pufahl for $160,000, residential, 3/20.

1110 Como Ave., Kenneth F. and Sheryl L. Jensen purchased from Howard and Elizabeth Jacobson for $375,000, residential, 4/20.

4807 Cooke St., Robert B. Anderson purchased from Michael J. and Andrea J. Busche for $235,000, residential, 4/20.

3060 Devonshire St., Jordan M. Johnson purchased from John J. and Janice S. Royer for $129,900, residential, 4/20.

1810 Dunedin Ave., Lisa J. and Brett L. Baker purchased from Robert and Laura Moore for $191,000, residential, 4/20.

5252 Falcon Drive, Christopher Benson and D. Peterson purchased from William and Deanna R. Gronseth for $320,315, residential, 4/20.

1530 Fern Ave., Todd and Amy L. Stegora-Peterson purchased from Roger and Susan Downs for $243,000, residential, 4/20.

3912 W. Fifth St., Alaina Wolfe purchased from Melvin and Courtney Risley for $127,500, residential, 4/20.

1920 E. Fifth St., Chad Binsfield purchased from William Callahan for $110,000, residential, 3/20.

2311 W. Fourth St., Hillside Views LLC purchased from David R. McDonald for $80,000, residential, 4/20.

4209 Getchell Road, Jerry Paulson and Elizabeth Snow purchased from Erin Stewart and Emil Taradys for $417,000, residential, 4/20.

1923 Greysolon Road, Stephen Glowacki and A. Hofslund purchased from ALN Properties LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company for $169,900, residential, 4/20.

6691 Homestead Road, Bill E. Hall and Julia Allen purchased from Gary T. and Heidi A. Nelson for $253,000, residential, 4/20.

2720 Hutchinson Road, Kyle Simula and Camille Lachance purchased from Joseph and Miranda Moore for $172,000, residential, 4/20.

502 W. Ideal St., Brian Wynne and Ellen Plumb purchased from Kristina Nixon for $211,000, residential, 4/20.

2828 Jean Duluth Road, Ryan A. Jones purchased from Dawn and Ross Linnum for $228,000, residential, 4/20.

9 N. Lake Ave., 3A LLC purchased from One West Holdings LLC for $400,000, commercial (with buildings), 4/20.

1204 S. Lake Ave., Michelle K. Schultz purchased from Jerry and Elizabeth Paulson for $395,000, residential, 4/20.

4662 Lindahl Road, Caron J. Daniel purchased from Donna J. and Jeffrey P. Kirk for $360,000, residential, 4/20.

4202 London Road, Kelly Higgins purchased from William and Susan Higgins for $260,000, residential, 4/20.

5601 Medina St., Morgan T. Taus purchased from Justin Kalm for $148,150, residential, 4/20.

4650 Midway Road, Tracy Hanson purchased from Kelly J. Nelson for $244,900, residential, 4/20.

127 Mitchell Circle, Sandra R. Mackay purchased from Jody Thomas Geissler for $150,500, residential, 4/20.

4756 Morris Thomas Road, Alison Bartlam and Jacob Fugere purchased from Eric and Amy Anderson for $172,500, residential, 4/20.

4919 Norwood St., Peng Fang and Le Yang purchased from Kenneth F. and Sheryl L. Jensen for $225,000, residential, 4/20.

5803 Olney St., Oneota Land Co. LLC purchased from David and Mary Ann Lick for $85,000, residential, 3/20.

2003 Piedmont Ave., Daniel and Patricia Mullins purchased from Brian R. and Jamie M. Wilson for $215,000, residential, 4/20.

609 Second St., Ian White and Myrissa Hopkins purchased from Melissa L. Griffith for $130,000, residential, 4/20.

1642 N. Seventh Ave. E., Peter A. Vatalaro purchased from Mary Carol Stolcis Trust Agreement for $222,500, residential, 4/20.

2611 E. Third St., Emily M. and Jacob A. Hvidston purchased from Jules M. and Lisa M. Roazen for $525,000, residential, 4/20.

4161 Ugstad Road, Gregory and Kimberli Schulze purchased from Laurie E. and Jimmy L. Knapp for $436,500, residential, 4/20.

5023 White Pine St., Heather L. and Neal C. Grothe purchased from Jeffrey and Nicole Wilde for $875,000, residential, 4/20.

2222 Whittier St., Dylan A. Mattson purchased from Premier Three Developers Inc. for $190,000, residential, 4/20.

Address unassigned, Amy Worden and Thomas Williams purchased from Nancy and John Marshall for $275,000, residential, 4/20.

Address unassigned, Deborah Karwath purchased from Mae E. Pierson for $373,000, residential, 4/20.

Residential bare land, Bret Spurr purchased from Kandi-Warehouse Inc. for $15,000, residential - bare land, 4/20.

Residential bare land, Jessica Boehland purchased from Joseph A. and Heather Miller for $140,000, residential - bare land, 4/20.