A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

3016 Branch St., Jakob M. and Emily D. Wartman purchased from Laura E. Harmon for $245,000, residential, 3/20.

115 N. Eighth Ave. E., Berkshire & Devonshire Holding purchased from R.C. Bennison Co. LLLP for $2,404,500, apartment, 3/20.

811 N. First Ave., M & N. Holdings LLC purchased from Gerald G. and Donna K. Waldholm for $295,000, apartment, 3/20.

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1321 E. First St., Berkshire & Devonshire Holding purchased from Kunian Properties Co. LLLP for $3,320,500, apartment, 3/20.

311 W. Fourth St., Blake M. Romenesko purchased from Blue Suit Enterprises LLC for $130,000, residential, 3/20.

3610 E. Fourth St., Jonathan and Lauren Ballmer purchased from David R. and Mary J. Schultz for $300,000, residential, 3/20.

2122 Hillcrest Drive, Alexander Hatanpaa and Sarah Socha purchased from David S. Pederson for $235,000, residential, 3/20.

4427 Luverne St., Laura E. Harmon and Ira T. Strubhar purchased from Borich, et al., for $255,000, residential, 2/20.

320 E. Ninth St., Rare-Rock Investments LLC purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $50,000, exempt from property tax, 2/20.

917 E. Sixth St., Kobi Investments LLC purchased from Susan Hawkinson for $175,000, residential, 2/20.

321 Stroll Ave., Xavier Petonquot purchased from Dave Kisch LLC for $210,000, residential, 3/20.

2133 Sussex Ave., Linville and Jubera, et al., purchased from Randy Simonson for $288,500, residential, 3/20.

721 E. Third St., Human Development Center purchased from J. and R. Kleiman and R. and S. Slotness for $200,000, commercial - bare land, 3/20.

18 W. for $30,000, residential - bare land, 3/20. Third St., James and Suzanne M. Ross purchased from Cheryl Jonason for $60,000, residential, 3/20.

Residential bare land, Joel Saice and Emily Stromquist purchased from Alan G. Adams