The Duluth Planning Commission has scheduled a hearing Tuesday for a preliminary plat request to build twin homes along London Road.

The land, where a total of 26 twin homes would be built, is located on the north side of the 3700-3800 blocks of London Road. The project, dubbed London East, is being built by Stocke Construction, which already has one completed twin home on the land and is in the process of constructing another twin house next to it.

Stocke is asking the planning commission to approve replatting the 3.05 acres into 26 lots for the development of twin homes — two-dwelling unit structures that straddle a common lot line.

In the plan, lots range in size from 3,800 feet to 9,227 square feet, with a frontage that ranges from 30 feet to 82 feet. The area to be replatted is 140 feet deep and has 982 feet of frontage on London Road.

Stocke has a hearing scheduled for Tuesday at 5 p.m. during the Duluth Planning Commission meeting.