A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

618 N. 19th Ave. E., Mary B. Hamman purchased from Jean C. and Kristin K. Tshilumba for $235,000, residential, 2/20.

4819 Arnold Road, Jacob Gilmer and Megan Scheiller purchased from Terry D. Carter for $173,000, residential, 2/20.

5454 W. Arrowhead Road, Mark Rowekamp and Lily Fremling purchased from Nathan B. and Brittany M. Ellison for $327,500, residential, 2/20.

924 N. Blackman Ave., Thomas and Christine George purchased from Robert and Patricia Osterberg for $206,000, residential, 1/20.

1130 Chester Park Drive, Jonathan W. Strickland purchased from Lori J. Lande for $227,000, residential, 2/20.

1611 E. Fifth St., Keith Linne purchased from CKAD Properites LLC for $159,120, residential, 2/20.

729 Fourth St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Jeremy and Jessica Bergh for $120,000, residential, 2/20.

2929 Hutchinson Road, Michael Solberg and Kelsey Sullivan purchased from Bruce E. Larson for $195,000, residential, 2/20.

15 S. Lakewood Road, Hugh A. Winn purchased from Hermantown Community Church for $200,000, exempt from property tax, 2/20.

2040 Minnesota Ave., Andrew J., Mark A, and Leigh A. Miller, purchased from John J. and Kimberley D. Howard for $520,000, residential, 2/20.

160 W. Morgan St., Northern Property Ventures LLC purchased from L. and J. Berkelman and A. and B. Berg for $106,000, residential, 2/20.

610 W. Quince St., Patrick J. and Ashley R. Ayd purchased from Daniel J. Miller for $356,000, residential, 2/20.

201 W. Rainbow St., Kevin, Thomas and Patricia Stabe purchased from the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $164,285, exempt from property tax, 2/20.

2629 W. Sixth St., Shania F. Bush purchased from Nathaniel Molitor for $140,000, residential, 2/20.

1508 E. Skyline Parkway, Nick A. Christensen purchased from Eileen G. Nelson for $100,000, residential, 2/20.

8728 Vinland St., Becky A. Rossi purchased from Premier Three Developers Inc. for $155,000, residential, 2/20.

1925 Waverly Ave., Robin J. and James R. Ciuffetti purchased from Neva P. Nolan for $385,000, residential, 2/20.

Address unassigned, Larry B. and Catherine Sampson purchased from Marlene Risberg for $282,000, residential, 2/20.

Bare land, Clayton P. and Susan B. Sederberg purchased from Fred A. Vaisvil, et al., for $60,000, 1/20.

Bare land, Kleiman IV LLC purchased from Duplsco Investments Co. for $2,200,000, commercial (with buildings), 2/20.

Bare land, St Mary's Duluth Clinic Health purchased from TF Duluth MN LLC for $4,000,000, commercial (with buildings), 2/20.