A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

22 N. 1st Ave. W., JDV Hospitality Inc. purchased from Alvin D. Berg and Vincent J. Nelson for $815,000, commercial (with buildings), 1/20.

102 S. 21st Ave. W., Jon E. Aamodt purchased from John R. and Donna J. Woodworth for $333,000, commercial (with buildings), 1/20.

319 N. 40th Ave. W., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Paul and Linda Kiecker and R. Finkle for $127,500, residential, 1/20.

327 S. 61st Ave. W., Northern Property Ventures LLC purchased from Hal and Kristine Saulsbury for $87,800, residential, 1/20.

202 S. 63rd Ave. W., Bruce and Susan V. Kleven purchased from John M. Vekich revocable trust for $120,000, residential, 1/20.

416 S. 70th Ave. W., Philip L. Potvien purchased from Ethan B. Avery for $117,500, residential, 1/20.

3 N. 93rd Ave. W., David McKenzie and Megan Bartell purchased from Ian W. and Amanda G. Nicks for $140,000, residential, 1/20.

231 E. Arrowhead Road, Amnicon LLC and Duluth Rentals LLC purchased from Mark A. Baker for $195,000, residential, 1/20.

2021 Gearhart St., Joseph J. and Miranda M. Moore purchased from Redo By Lou LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company for $305,000, residential, 1/20.

4277 Heartwood Lane, Daniel W. and Marie C. Iverson purchased from Mary Bolf for $344,000, residential, 1/20.

5867 Maple Grove Road, Alexander Prouse purchased from Eric J. and Addie C. Vittorio for $210,000, residential, 1/20.

1221 Minnesota Ave., Joanne Power purchased from Lyle T. and Judith R. Carlson for $152,000, residential, 1/20.

1329 Minnesota Ave., Kate Horvath and Joseph Wicklund purchased from David G. Wade, et al., for $280,000, residential, 1/20.

5181 North Shore Drive, Matthew Spanier and Chelsey Jonason purchased from Charles M. and Kristine A. Gilley for $522,000, residential, 1/20.

1715 Norton Road, Jorgen R. Hoff purchased from Mohsine and Jody Janati for $270,000, residential, 1/20.

515 Pacific Ave., Kia J. Vann and Tyler A. Larson purchased from Ebony L. Hilman and Janet L. Rodne for $145,000, residential, 1/20.

2520 Peace Drive, Deborah and Brett Schillinger purchased from Eric A. Larson, et al., for $313,000, residential, 1/20.

810 E. Seventh St., Kevin Boerboom purchased from NMB Properties LLC for $50,000, residential, 1/20.

4087 Ugstad Road, Rodney A. and Saundra D. Monson purchased from Carl E. and Victoria A. Heller for $96,500, residential, 1/20.

312 Winnipeg Ave., Megan R. Stemper purchased from Jeanette M. Beatty for $106,000, residential, 1/20.

1205 Woodland Ave., Summit Commons LLC purchased from Waverly Properties LLC for $230,000, residential, 1/20.

Address unassigned, Jeffrey A. Friederich purchased from Steven J. and Ann E. Glienke for $245,000, residential, 1/20.

Commercial bare land, ATK Enterprises Inc. purchased from 5237 Miller Trunk Highway for $115,000, commercial - bare land, 1/20.

Residential bare land, Daniel J. Kinney purchased from Ronald L. and Gloria R. Malkin for $8,200, residential - bare land, 1/20.