A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

209 N. 11th Ave. W., Thomas R. Gergen purchased from Jem R. Crow for $61,000, residential, 12/19.

2330 W. 12th St., Anthony and Dylan Reed-Fuglestad purchased from Sally Hoch for $147,500, residential, 11/19.

314 N. 27th Ave. W., Gary D. Olson purchased from Steven J. Polkowski for $59,565, residential, 12/19.

626 N. 41st Ave. W., Shawn Lewis purchased from LaPlante, Lund, Reed, et al., for $138,000, residential, 11/19.

618 N. 59th Ave. W., Jessica L. and Suzanne M. Henkes purchased from Brandon L. and Katrina A. Marini for $125,000, residential, 12/19.

324 N. 76th Ave. W., Samuel Torvinen purchased from the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $90,000, residential, 12/19.

435 N. 79th Ave. W., Marla Barber purchased from Thomas and Shirley Pirkola for $16,000, residential, 12/19.

4849 Anderson Road, Bradley L. Engh purchased from Melissa S. Zylka for $229,400, residential, 12/19.

5057 W. Arrowhead Road, David and Mirian Hokanson purchased from David L. and Mary J. Schrader for $546,000, residential, 12/19.

5491 W. Arrowhead Road, Douglas R. and Jane L. Gulden purchased from Robert R. and Jill R. Ogston for $370,000, residential, 10/19.

5603 W. Arrowhead Road, Jonathan and Kristina Fure purchased from Errol M. Niemi and Susan J. Anderson for $262,900, residential, 11/19.

5478 W. Arrowhead Road, Mackenzie Santikko purchased from Roger L. and Sharon Erola for $350,000, residential, 11/19.

2002 W. Arrowhead Road, TJR Properties LLC purchased from Mark L. and Kathleen L. Babcock for $147,900, residential, 12/19.

4112 Beyer Road W., Andrew J. Alander purchased from J. and M. Alander, et al., for $185,000, residential, 11/19.

4300 Beyer Road W., Anthony Clynch purchased from Russell W. Rogers for $74,000, 11/19.

1401 Brainerd Ave., Joseph Kolar purchased from Matthew Hall for $295,000, residential, 12/19.

7512 Brighton St., Kyler Kinn purchased from Deick, Linder, Griggs, Rock, et al., for $184,500, residential, 12/19.

1112 Butternut Ave., Sandra Stephenson Nys purchased from Michael L. and Maria J. Robbins for $400,000, residential, 12/19.

210 W. Central Entrance, 210 West Central LLC purchased from Kenneth J. and Sharon Sievers for $300,000, commercial (with buildings), 12/19.

1202 Denney Drive, Steven E. and Catherine G. Long purchased from Joseph H. and Rose A. Kleiman for $550,000, residential, 12/19.

5 Fifth St., Anders K. Voss purchased from Joshua Ronning for $115,000, residential, 11/19.

818 Fifth St., Cheryl Templer purchased from the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $79,000, residential, 12/19.

2110 E. Fifth St., James and Julia Sisler purchased from Ryan and Alyssa Mewha for $244,000, residential, 12/19.

1110 E. Fifth St., Joseph R. Pucuski Jr. purchased from Brian and Stephanie Dennish for $162,000, residential, 12/19.

4712 First Ave. S., Nicole Marinac purchased from Charles E. Jirousek for $185,000, residential, 11/19.

3939 Fountain Gate Drive, Thomas and Katherine Maas purchased from Paul D. and Bonnie K. Anderson for $317,500, residential, 12/19.

229 N. Fourth Ave. W., St. Louis County purchased from Minnesota Indian Primary Residential Treatment Center for $260,000, exempt from property tax, 12/19.

509 W. Fourth St., Rent Check LLC purchased from Arlene Zakula and Audrey Wiita for $80,000, residential, 11/19.

3668 Getchell Road, Jarred Bohlin and Alicia Cummings purchased from Arul M. Ignatius and Mary R. David for $300,000, residential, 10/19.

4361 Grouse Ridge Drive, Benjamin and Megan Youngren purchased from Jason D. and Laura L. Herter for $495,000, residential, 12/19.

3985 Haines Road, Debra and Ronald Erickson purchased from Gordon and Karen Goerts for $80,000, residential, 11/19.

3733 Haines Road, Karl A. Goon, et al., purchased from Christopher M. Magoon for $162,000, residential, 10/19.

2124 Hegberg Road, Connor C. Beer purchased from Raechal Sundquist for $72,500, residential, 11/19.

4738 Howard Gnesen Road, M. T. Freudenrich and A. M. Schwab purchased from Michael A. and Debra J. Klopp for $255,000, residential, 11/19.

2306 Hutchinson Road, Michael and Jennifer Anderson purchased from Barbara J. Ward for $247,500, residential, 11/19.

5663 Jean Duluth Road, Amos A. and Kristin N. Zoellner purchased from David Henkel for $259,000, residential, 11/19.

3880 Kenroy Road, Robert and Alicia Summar purchased from Gregory R. and Emily M. Sipper for $260,000, residential, 12/19.

1706 Kenwood Ave., Emma J. Buls and Steven B. Brand purchased from Anne L. Scott for $230,000, residential, 12/19.

1312 Knife River Road W., Brett Taylor and Sharon Skeen purchased from Thomas M. and Catherine L. Rootness for $325,000, residential, 11/19.

5614 Lester River Road, Derrick and Lauren Reder purchased from Loretta Didrikson for $134,900, residential, 11/19.

4286 Lindahl Road, Kyle W. and Madelaine K. McGrath purchased from Jonathan D. and Kristina N. Fure for $204,900, residential, 11/19.

5227 Maple Grove Road, Brad and Jackie Johnson purchased from Brandon W. and Meggan E. Flaada for $260,000, residential, 11/19.

3667 Martin Road, Eagle Lake Land LLC purchased from Gray Rock Inc. for $545,000, 12/19.

4285 Martin Road, Glen P. Meister purchased from Gloria A. Salmi for $143,000, residential, 11/19.

301 Midway Ave., Andrew P. and Abbey M. Hendrickson purchased from Janet Borash for $195,597, residential, 12/19.

4456 Midway Road, Eric M. Lorentz purchased from Ryan P. and Nicole S. Flynn for $404,000, residential, 11/19.

2647 Midway Road, Nicholas Thompson purchased from Eugene E. Youngbauer for $180,000, residential, 11/19.

5828 Morris Thomas Road, Samantha and Jonathan Vah purchased from Northern Properties Ventures Inc. for $254,900, residential, 12/19.

3013 Morris Thomas Road, Scott Elliott and Jenel Castonguay purchased from Jon M. Fronden for $275,000, residential, 12/19.

3864 Nelson Road, Joshua Grimmer purchased from J. Viele and D. Govze, et al., for $197,000, residential, 12/19.

913 Old Highway 2, TL-DW Proctor Holdings LLC purchased from NRFC Proctor Holdings LLC for $3,530,000, apartment, 10/19.

2204 Old North Shore Road, Jacob and Kylie Slette purchased from Carol M. Leppala for $200,000, residential, 12/19.

1655 Pine Ave., Ronald Vandell and Heather Axtell purchased from Diana Mulconrey Machones for $343,000, residential, 11/19.

4568 Rice Lake Dam Road, Robin M. and Thomas C. Worzella purchased from Pamela S. Fritch-Hieb for $340,000, residential, 11/19.

5655 Rose Road, Brett D. and Jill M. Peterson purchased from Zachary J. and Anne R. Graves for $279,000, residential, 11/19.

6137 Ryan Road, Carrie Pagel purchased from Brian E. Swanson for $290,000, residential, 11/19.

3 N. Second Ave., Melissa M. and Rick B. Pahl purchased from Kayla Zallar for $129,900, residential, 10/19.

4615 W. Seventh St., Sandra Johnson Owen purchased from Scott M. and Patrick A. Rude for $90,000, residential, 11/19.

2816 Silver Fox Circle, Timothy M. Espejo purchased from Steven and Sarah Palmersheim for $378,750, residential, 12/19.

207 N. Sixth Ave., Premier Three Developers Inc. purchased from Margaret Bisek for $64,000, residential, 12/19.

830 W. Sixth St., Tracy L. Meisterheim purchased from Krysta K. Kaas for $240,000, residential, 12/19.

5605 St. Louis River Road, Jason D. and Laura L. Herter purchased from Peter L. and Debra W. Gemuenden for $390,000, 12/19.

5541 Stark Road, Emily C. and Erik S. Holter purchased from Howard A. and Kathleen J. Hayes for $275,500, residential, 12/19.

4720 Third Ave. S., Nicole and Kiel Fechtelkotter purchased from Brigham and Kim Erickson for $198,000, residential, 11/19.

3814 W. Tischer Road, Deb Industries LLC purchased from Rodney Laakso for $142,000, residential, 10/19.

3201 W. Tischer Road, Neil Siegle purchased from Gene R. and Valerie R. Pappas for $92,000, residential, 11/19.

4958 Trails End Drive, Melissa S. Zylka purchased from a revocable trust agreement of Jennifer L. Lester for $524,000, residential, 11/19.

4903 Trails End Drive, Paul and Karen Earley purchased from Brien J. and Melissa Schacherer for $480,000, residential, 12/19.

5337 Truman Drive, John D. and Lynn M. Ambruster purchased from Easy Housing of Duluth Inc. for $499,000, residential, 11/19.

2756 Wellington St., Maple and Wellington Investment purchased from Gene and Jennifer A. Hoefs for $92,500, residential, 12/19.

2534 Woodland Ave., Noah J. and Rhonda R. Mittlefehldt purchased from Robert Gardner and Mickey Fields for $139,900, residential, 12/19.

Address unassigned, Steven D. Ross purchased from Kathleen J. Lattner for $50,000, residential, 12/19.

Address unassigned, Tracey Gibbens and Kerry Vandrusen purchased from Alan Williamson and Brenda Halter for $187,000, residential, 12/19.

Residential bare land, Easy Housing of Duluth Inc. purchased from Moni LLC for $80,000, residential - bare land, 11/19.

Residential bare land, Michael Scott and Elizabeth Hanson purchased from Dirt Inc. for $308,000, residential - bare land, 12/19.

Bare land, Bryan W. and Sarah E. Cox purchased from Brandon and Alex Willemarck for $84,900, 12/19.

Bare land, David A. and Kathryn F. Pierson purchased from T. Sink, A. Lentsch, et al., for $120,000, seasonal-recreational res, 11/19.

Bare land, James V. Sitzmann purchased from Thomas M. and Catherine L. Rootness for $80,000, 12/19.

Bare land, Matthew J. Hacking purchased from Mary Ann H. Ostroski for $14,310, 12/19.