1114 N. 11th Ave. E., Northern Property Ventures LLC purchased from Richard J. and Mary E. Roskowiak for $90,000, residential, 7/19.

728 N. 40th Ave. W., Zachary W. Crow and Erika A. Zbinden purchased from Susan V. Vincent for $148,000, residential, 7/19.

826 N. 43rd Ave. W., Jennifer Blix purchased from Sabine Bartholdt for $95,000, residential, 4/19.

305 N. 45th Ave. E., Stacy Conley purchased from Nicholas and Erin Seymore for $265,010, residential, 8/19.

407 N. 47th Ave. W., Dave Kisch LLC purchased from U.S. Bank Trust N.A., as trustee for $73,000, residential, 5/19.

985 87th Ave. W., J. Jenkins and G. Hernandez purchased from Dove Enterprises LLC for $163,100, residential, 8/19.

1328 93rd Ave. W., Charles H. Smith purchased from Jason C. Snyder for $150,000, residential, 7/19.

30 W. Arrowhead Road, Lane and John Hovland Jr. purchased from Splashing Rock Rental LLC for $170,000, residential, 8/19.

30 W. Arrowhead Road, Larry A. Lake purchased from Lane and John Hovland Jr. for $194,000, residential, 8/19.

4837 Avondale St., William M. and Tracy M. Anttila purchased from James V. Acherson Jr. for $415,000, residential, 7/19.

711 Crystal Drive, Randy G. and Catherine E. Sylvester purchased from Rick J. and Dianna G. Smith for $344,000, residential, 8/19.

723 N. Eighth Ave. E., Dave Kisch LLC purchased from Robin A. and Jeffrey B. Norsted for $31,750, residential, 7/19.

4626 W. Eighth St., Christopher and Janet Ifland purchased from Adam S. McDermid and Stay L. Chung for $206,000, residential, 8/19.

1115 E. Eighth St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Minnesota Housing Finance Agency for $73,500, residential, 7/19.

609 Farrell Road, Brian D. Larrivy purchased from Allen Jensrud for $148,000, residential, 8/19.

4102 W. Fourth St., Bailey Bernard purchased from Daniel Hill Sr. and Daniel Hill Jr., et al., for $149,900, residential, 8/19.

4431 Gladstone St., Mary Northrup and Timothy Tydlacka purchased from Mary Braun-Kapsner for $179,000, residential, 8/19.

608 Glenwood St., Patrick S. and Kelly D. Bienusa purchased from Richard C. Glaze for $225,000, residential, 7/19.

5325 Glenwood St., Thomas C. and Carli J. Mitchell purchased from Maria J. and Michael L. Robbins for $325,000, residential, 7/19.

3705 Greysolon Place, Khagan Mammadov purchased from the trust of Marquerite Mason for $535,000, residential, 6/19.

4324 Jay St., Xiaoyin Li and Mengshi Zhou purchased from John E. and Marilyn F. Warren for $249,000, residential, 7/19.

2414 Livingston Ave., Russell Rudell purchased from Timothy and Amanda Weyek for $205,000, residential, 8/19.

4700 Mike Colalillo Drive, Broadstone FKC Minnesota LLC purchased from HSRE-MN Fresenius LLC for $2,539,769, commercial (with buildings), 7/19.

129 Mitchell Circle, Thomas S. and Emily M. Ingebrigtsen purchased from Marlys A. Johansen for $156,000, residential, 7/19.

2546 Nanticoke St., Alexander Frie, et al., purchased from Kathryn Conway and Jason Rankin for $210,200, residential, 7/19.

5211 Oneida St., Jordan T. and Ivy E. Hoffman purchased from Brynn E. and Shaun Marshall for $214,900, residential, 7/19.

440 E. Oxford St., Amelia R. Peterson purchased from David J. and Bridget R. Bohn for $186,000, residential, 7/19.

2504 Peace Drive, Dean and Christine Colbenson purchased from Dana, Joie and Derek Miletich for $359,900, residential, 7/19.

2222 Pershing St., Matthew T. Wasland purchased from Maren E. Barootian for $157,000, residential, 7/19.

2130 Princeton Place, Randy J. and Joyce J. Simonson purchased from Ramona K. Nickell for $86,000, residential, 7/19.

334 W. Redwing St., Eric Stebe purchased from Carol A. Draddy for $171,250, residential, 7/19.

2330 W. Second St., Leonard R. Beck purchased from Gerald M. Sabick for $65,600, apartment, 7/19.

2330 W. Second St., Logan J. and Joleen K. Fischer purchased from Leonard R. Beck for $166,000, apartment, 7/19.

1520 N. Seventh Ave. E., Amanda Smerz purchased from Thomas C. and Carli Mitchell for $135,500, residential, 7/19.

1017 E. Seventh St., Alexander Witte purchased from Larry L. and Kandy K. Leege for $128,500, residential, 7/19.

1502 E. Skyline Parkway, Amanda J. Noska and Kimberly D. Hays purchased from Luanne Kaspszak and Kim M. Mathias for $225,000, residential, 7/19.

618 E. Skyline Parkway, Samuel and Annette Benson Devine purchased from Marie and Tod Cosgriff for $142,000, residential, 8/19.

2604 E. Superior St., Dustin J. and Brittany Hamm purchased from Paul A. Shober, et al., for $336,000, residential, 8/19.

5723 Tacony St., David J. Sullivan purchased from Breanna J. Greenly for $159,500, residential, 7/19.

1014 W. Third St., B. Gohdes, W. and S. Karns and M. Bear purchased from George J. Francis Special Need for $105,000, residential, 7/19.

2610 E. Third St., B. Heeren, et al., purchased from Kevin S. and Michelle E. Peterson for $369,000, residential, 7/19.

216 W. Wabasha St., Daniel M. Johnson purchased from Glen P. Meister for $168,000, residential, 7/19.

114 Waverly Place, Amanda Reale purchased from Daniel and Stefani C. Wiley for $225,000, residential, 7/19.

3115 Wellington St., Alexander Stavin and M. McDonald purchased from Diane M. Orville for $90,000, residential, 7/19.

2040 Woodland Ave., Alex M. Weber purchased from Susan G. Mills as trustee for $180,000, residential, 6/19.

702 Woodland Ave., Darci Schummer and Tanner Servoss purchased from Isaac R. and Kaylee A. Bergstrom for $280,000, residential, 7/19.

Address unassigned, James Perkins purchased from Don Matuzak for $16,000, residential, 8/19.

Residential bare land, Jim W. Zbytovsky purchased from 1 LLC for $26,000, residential - bare land, 6/19.

Bare land, Matthew M. Unzeitig purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $10,400, exempt from property tax, 7/19.

Bare land, Sumair J. Sheikh purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $15,750, exempt from property tax, 7/19.