1129 104th Ave. W., Donna L. Peterson and D. Skoelsvold purchased from Maya M. and Lawrence O'Geay for $146,900, residential, 7/19.

505 N. 13th Ave. E., Liv Anderson and Luke Laaveg purchased from Thomas T. Swanson for $144,000, residential, 7/19.

826 E. 13th St., Frederick A. and Sarah Degerstrom purchased from Sarah J. Klocke for $115,000, residential, 6/19.

826 E. 13th St., Jeff Cates purchased from Frederick A. and Sarah Degerstrom for $160,500, residential, 6/19.

706 N. 27th Ave. W., Tammy and Michael Szewczynski purchased from Linda A. and Robert M. Hansen for $139,000, residential, 7/19.

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107 N. 29th Ave. W., Deborah L. Hudson purchased from Jason and Calena Othoudt for $99,000, residential, 7/19.

805 N. 4th Ave. E., Taylor Minelli and Laura Overvold purchased from Anthony and Amber Mattevi for $175,850, residential, 7/19.

525 N. 40th Ave. W., Kristin and Daniel Rich purchased from Seth M. Love for $104,000, residential, 7/19.

619 N. 42nd Ave. W., D&D Properties and Investments purchased from Dennis J. Hackett for $80,000, residential, 6/19.

330 N. 46th Ave. W., Kristy L. Eckart purchased from E. L. Wigg, A. T. Wirta and P. Johnson for $111,000, residential, 6/19.

1213 N. 47th Ave. E., Danielle Jeanetta purchased from Clint Massie for $130,000, residential, 7/19.

3017 N. 52nd Ave. E., Eric T. and Sarah Hanhan purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth for $72,000, exempt from property tax, 7/19.

330 N. 57th Ave. W., K & J Industries LLC purchased from SBSB II LLC for $120,000, commercial (with buildings), 7/19.

1219 N. 59th Ave. W., Caleb C. and Pearl F. Cook purchased from John T. and Diane M. Maher for $252,000, residential, 6/19.

26 N. 59th Ave. W., David R. Leach purchased from Lee B. Larson for $179,000, residential, 7/19.

433 N. 77th Ave. W., Lloyd A. Ethier purchased from Elizabeth A. Anderson for $145,000, residential, 8/19.

408 N. 77th Ave. W., Theresa Muecke purchased from Christopher J. Langdon for $149,400, residential, 8/19.

1106 86th Ave. W., Erlinda S. Gregorio purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $14,805, residential, 12/17.

909 89th Ave. W., Amy M. Granquist purchased from Wayne and Pauline Purser for $197,000, residential, 7/19.

1242 92nd Ave. W., Robbie Robillard purchased from Robert W. and Michelle R. Robillard for $134,000, residential, 7/19.

1419 97th Ave. W., Paul Hansen purchased from Wells Fargo Bank N.A. for $15,500, residential, 5/19.

408 Anderson Road, Ronald Murray and Kathleen Hern purchased from Roberta K. Bushey for $215,000, residential, 7/19.

18 W. Arrowhead Road, Kasey Oines and Jared Ludwig purchased from Christopher S. Griffiths for $145,000, residential, 7/19.

7632 Bayhill Trail, Judd C. and Carol A. Johnston purchased from Deaven Yuska and Blake Yamaato for $440,000, residential, 7/19.

221 Bluffs Ridge Court, James Sellers and Sarah Anderson purchased from Michael J. Ramsey for $362,500, residential, 6/19.

2905 Branch St., John T. and Carley J. Udland purchased from Janice M. Hille for $325,000, residential, 7/19.

2309 Catskill St., Daniel B. and Rebecca L. Anderson purchased from Joel and Tami Fellbaum for $205,000, residential, 7/19.

1010 N. Central Ave., Colin A. and Aurora Zestcott purchased from Thomas A. and Susan D. Hill for $190,000, residential, 7/19.

53 W. Chisholm St., Allan R. and Mallory F. Williamson purchased from Eric M. and Michelle A. Edwards for $216,000, residential, 7/19.

65 W. Chisholm St., Jacob P. and Alyssa K. Anderson purchased from Leslie J. and Mark S. McDonell for $144,900, residential, 6/19.

503 Clearwood Drive, Duluth Real Estate TIC LLC, et al., purchased from Northridge 41957 Exchange LLC for $13,000,000, commercial (with buildings), 7/19.

3502 Decker Road, Jacob J. and Theresa M. Ulvi purchased from Joanne H. Singer for $465,000, residential, 7/19.

3321 Decker Road, Mark and Kristin Hagermeyer purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $145,000, residential, 8/19.

5115 Dodge St., Alexander and Nicole Popp purchased from Richard and Cheryl Asperheim for $252,000, residential, 5/19.

4815 Dodge St., Nathan E. and Eric G. Nelson purchased from Mitchell J. and Kellie L. Weigel for $205,850, residential, 7/19.

318 N. Eighth Ave. W., Amber Notter and Zarah Moeggenberg purchased from John and Lisa Obrien for $216,000, residential, 6/19.

325 E. Eighth St., Blake Johnston purchased from Darrell C. and Lynn M. Steberg for $121,000, residential, 7/19.

5609 W. Eighth St., W. G. Peterson and A. M. Palmisano purchased from Thomas W. and Louise M. Slatten for $172,000, residential, 7/19.

20 England Ave., Kelsey R. Swieringa purchased from Scott A. and Elizabeth J. Nelson for $122,000, residential, 7/19.

328 W. Faribault St., Lori F. Crocker purchased from Pamela R. and William L. Leonard for $168,500, residential, 7/19.

1441 Fern Ave., Deborah and Kenton Doyle purchased from Christian Schardt for $180,000, residential, 7/19.

1221 E. Fifth St., Ponemo LLC purchased from Janelle L. Daugaard for $179,500, residential, 7/19.

2821 W. First St., Accelerated Investment Group purchased from Peggy and Anthony Marino for $69,900, residential, 7/19.

2327 E. First St., Acme American Wrought Anvils purchased from Terence Hill and Jane Sullivan-Hill for $342,985, residential, 7/19.

2508 E. First St., Arthur Legg and Ayan Rage purchased from Cameron and Stephanie Fryer for $857,500, residential, 7/19.

3515 E. First St., Laurie Hall and Ely C. Butler purchased from Sally, John and Barbara Fitzgerald for $369,000, residential, 8/19.

2412 W. First St., Salaam F. Witherspoon purchased from Western Lake Superior Habitat for $167,000, exempt from property tax, 8/19.

3221 Florine St., Debra L. and Jeremy P. Leubner purchased from Thomas G. and Kathleen L. Ochocki for $275,000, residential, 7/19.

2132 E. Fourth St., Lindsay L. Biddle and John Mann purchased from Kerry Van Dusen and Tracey Gibbens for $310,000, residential, 7/19.

831 Grand View Ave., Brett and Julie Cease purchased from Steven Thomas for $146,000, residential, 8/19.

107 Greenwood Lane, Jordan L. J. Shockley purchased from David J. and Christine Papineau for $235,000, residential, 6/19.

3410 Greysolon Place, J. M. Swedin Jr. and G. B. Carothers purchased from Patrick J. and Kara E. Brown trust for $466,000, residential, 6/19.

3627 Greysolon Road, Cathleen B. Archambeau purchased from Rodger and Susan Pearson for $329,900, residential, 7/19.

3135 Greysolon Road, David and Lorraine Lundberg purchased from Jack, Randy and Kristin Mechels for $275,100, residential, 7/19.

2534 Hagberg St., Maren E. Barootian purchased from Karen A. Hartung for $209,500, residential, 7/19.

2334 Hoover St., Ryan Stromberg purchased from Samuel J. and Sadie Christgau for $191,000, residential, 7/19.

212 W. House St., Marie E. Neve purchased from Michael L. Warner for $111,611, residential, 7/19.

824 W. Ideal St., Ryan Warnemunde purchased from Lynette R. Kovach for $235,000, residential, 6/19.

421 Kelly Circle, Mark McElroy purchased from Yvonne M. Stewart for $148,000, residential, 8/19.

518 N. Lake Ave., Adambaum LLC purchased from Jacob A. Korkala for $56,000, residential, 7/19.

820 N. Lake Ave., Lewis L. Lester IV purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $38,625, residential - bare land, 6/19.

1940 Lawn St., Rodney T. Graf and Sarah M. Hannigan purchased from Lincoop LLC for $235,000, residential, 6/19.

4315 Lombard St., Jessica and James Ellingson purchased from Daryl L. and Gloria J. Kaberle for $260,000, residential, 7/19.

4819 London Road, Steve and Angela Wickman purchased from Jacob and Chelsey Stonesifer for $233,000, residential, 7/19.

7 Manitou St., Nicole M. Clement purchased from Gary and Julieanne Gustafson for $132,500, residential, 6/19.

908 Maple Bend Drive, David A. and Katlin J. Provost purchased from Jennifer M. and Andrew D. Olson for $240,000, residential, 7/19.

53 Maple Grove Road, Lynette Druar purchased from Jean E. Eckman for $217,500, residential, 7/19.

301 E. McGonagle St., Christopher and Christy Witcher purchased from Jenny Carlson for $245,000, residential, 7/19.

2145 Miller Creek Drive, Glenn and Geraldine Harris purchased from Joyce C. Goldberg for $279,500, residential, 6/19.

418 Minneapolis Ave., Cory Bellamy and Megan Stumpf purchased from Brian A. and Lindsey M. Jungman for $203,000, residential, 7/19.

2602 Nanticoke St., Mary Atwood purchased from Florence M. Schaefer for $182,000, residential, 7/19.

50 E. Niagara St., Anthony P. Haverkamp purchased from Mary Caine-Hafdahl for $169,900, residential, 7/19.

1025 E. Ninth St., Mary Keefe purchased from Skye Mitchell for $161,600, residential, 7/19.

2306 Norton Road, Susan L. Marchand purchased from Dean D. and Susan D. Holm for $356,000, residential, 7/19.

5428 Oakley St., Corey Miller purchased from Robert and Melissa Lucas for $217,900, residential, 7/19.

5729 Oakley St., Kristen J. and Richard L. Bisson III purchased from Cristina and Pat Castillo-Nelson for $241,000, residential, 6/19.

4709 Oakley St., Matthew D. and Taylor L. Dorholt purchased from Katherine S. Modeen for $150,000, residential, 7/19.

5401 Otsego St., John B. and Michelle A. Matthews purchased from Katie Oliver and Jacob D. Croke for $210,000, residential, 7/19.

4803 Otsego St., John T. and Tara L. Krincek purchased from Cody and Bethany Thurman for $242,500, residential, 7/19.

414 Pacific Ave., Phoenix Tuve purchased from Jeanine L. Bailey for $74,500, residential, 7/19.

125 W. Palm St., Benjamin R. Johnson purchased from Peter J. and Heather L. Gould for $147,500, residential, 7/19.

20 W. Palm St., Emily Van Eck purchased from Erin Bloxham and Aron Kramer for $147,000, residential, 7/19.

9210 Park St., Blaine R. and Alicia Heil purchased from Zachary M. and Melissa J. Tucker for $170,000, residential, 6/19.

101 W. Peary St., Heidi Elmer purchased from the estate of Gary S. Minion for $236,000, residential, 6/19.

2865 Piedmont Ave., David G. and Laura M. Skansgaard purchased from Randall E. Lund for $50,000, residential, 7/19.

4320 Pitt St., Evan M. Rollo and Chloe A. Dryke purchased from J. and T. McCall, K. and S. Johnson and J. Murry for $172,000, residential, 7/19.

2521 Plymouth Ave., Laura Veroeven purchased from Matthew J. Klekotka for $170,000, residential, 7/19.

316 W. Redwing St., Roman L. Dorosz purchased from William R. and Jody A. Raymond for $100,000, residential, 7/19.

4202 Robinson St., Brett and Brenna Hucka purchased from Melissa F. Feierabend for $323,600, residential, 7/19.

2302 W. Second St., Northland Reentry Inc. purchased from My Father's House for $76,000, residential, 6/19.

2801 E. Second St., William G. Voigt purchased from Cynthia J. Voigt and J. Christoff for $178,000, residential, 7/19.

414 E. Seventh St., J. W. Stromquist Jr. and E. Sarkkinen purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth for $265,000, exempt from property tax, 7/19.

4515 W. Seventh St., Stacy C. and Todd C. White purchased from Christopher J. and Andrea J. Rubesch for $172,500, residential, 7/19.

3816 W. Sixth St., Bradley R. Neuharth purchased from Jill E. Christie for $132,000, residential, 6/19.

4018 W. Sixth St., Brainerd Lakes Premier Development purchased from Tamie L. and Michael G. Bockovich for $70,613, residential, 7/19.

531 W. Sixth St., Clara J. and Timothy J. Weitz purchased from Kevin M. Boerboom for $312,900, residential, 7/19.

1009 E. Sixth St., David Dahl purchased from Nicholas and Jennie Esler for $129,300, residential, 7/19.

526 E. Skyline Parkway, Kallistheni M. Alexandrou purchased from Courtney and Calvin McCorison for $161,000, residential, 7/19.

9302 W. Skyline Parkway, The Landing purchased from Living Faith Ministries Inc. for $875,000, exempt from property tax, 8/19.

511 W. St. Marie St., Regents of the University of Minnesota purchased from Gold Properties LLC for $459,000, residential, 7/19.

211 St. Paul Ave., Marisa M. Davern and Reed S. Olson purchased from Harvey J. and Susan M. Anderson for $174,500, residential, 7/19.

319 W. Third St., Fawcett Properties LLC purchased from Chateau Properties LLC for $225,000, apartment, 7/19.

2626 E. Third St., Sontino and Anna Bedogne purchased from Charles and Karen Andresen for $520,000, residential, 7/19.

42 E. Toledo St., KB7 Properties LLC purchased from Bryan S. and Ashley R. Lent for $180,000, residential, 7/19.

2701 Triggs Ave., Justin Harlow purchased from Jeremy P. and Debra L. Leubner for $269,900, residential, 7/19.

1909 Vermilion Road, Micah Hakala purchased from Nicholas and Whitney Jacobs for $269,900, residential, 7/19.

1520 Vermilion Road, Mitchell J. and Kellie L. Weigel purchased from Andrew M. and Jebah E. Edmunds for $431,520, residential, 7/19.

2915 Wicklow St., Lewis L. Lester IV purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $52,100, residential, 6/19.

4308 Woodland Ave., Garrett S. Eliason-Johnson purchased from Travis J. and Jodie L. Gerard for $200,000, residential, 7/19.

4525 Woodland Ave., Sara E. and Andrew J. Cole purchased from Karen L. and Jay B. Jones for $279,000, residential, 7/19.

4902 Woodlawn St., Thomas R. and Krista U. Warren purchased from Michael J. and Shannon S. Sassman for $565,000, residential, 7/19.

5402 Wyoming St., Judy and Jason Davis purchased from Brian and Hayley Rasmussen for $228,200, residential, 7/19.

Address unassigned, Alan V. Jensen purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $2,550, residential, 6/19.

Address unassigned, Peter G. Torre purchased from Jeffrey A. and Yvonne S. Waller for $100,000, residential, 7/19.

Residential bare land, Benjamin Larson purchased from Tamara Smith for $150,000, residential - bare land, 7/19.

Residential bare land, Duluth Partners MN LLC purchased from Bluestone Capital LLC for $300,000, residential - bare land, 7/19.

Residential bare land, Jeffrey S. Munger purchased from Forest and April Wright for $17,700, residential - bare land, 6/19.

Residential bare land, Kristi C. Ducharme purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $14,000, residential - bare land, 6/19.

Residential bare land, Nathanel J. Hergert purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $3,800, residential - bare land, 7/19.

Residential bare land, Neva P. Nolan purchased from William F. and Belle G. Swanby for $120,000, residential - bare land, 7/19.

Residential bare land, William F. Nicholas purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $14,715, residential - bare land, 7/19.

Bare land, Andrew Solin and Sara Olson purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth for $60,100, exempt from property tax, 8/19.

Bare land, Debra L. Noeker purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $4,950, exempt from property tax, 6/19.

Bare land, Gold Properties LLC purchased from Regents of The University of Minnesota for $188,000, exempt from property tax, 7/19.

Bare land, HS RE-MN Pavilion I LLC purchased from Iret Properties, A North Dakota Co. for $15,600,000, commercial (with buildings), 12/17.