725 N. 10th Ave. E., Ryan Suave purchased from Jeffrey and Sandra Bromenschenkel for $151,232, residential, 5/18.

922 N. 57th Ave. W., Wayne B. and Jenna K. Welsh purchased from Larry L. Garner for $159,000, residential, 5/18.

1317 92nd Ave. W., Anthony Hanson purchased from Craig and Abbey Schield for $147,900, residential, 5/18.

4319 W. Fourth St., Nathan and Linda Fowler purchased from Amy and Samuel Leal for $131,840, residential, 5/18.

331 E. Locust St., Levi Talarico and Chelsea Bastyr purchased from Kyle Kloss for $231,000, residential, 5/18.

1920 Minnesota Ave., Candace Allender and K. Groeneveld purchased from Daniel B. and Lynn M. McGinty for $310,000, residential, 4/18.

5 W. Owatonna St., Jeffrey Smith and Jill Blanchet purchased from Brenda Jensen for $190,900, residential, 5/18.

14 Penton Blvd., Eric C. Sundell purchased from Renee Johnstone for $128,000, residential, 5/18.

2859 W. Sixth St., Ethan T. Lovdahl purchased from Lisa A. Winter for $129,900, residential, 5/18.

No address listed, Jeffrey Hammerlind purchased from Richard L. Blaurock trust for $5,000, residential - bare land, 5/18.

2318 W. 10th St., Chateau Properties LLC purchased from Decaro Real Estate Investments for $127,000, residential, 5/18.

1221 E. 11th St., J., W. and H. Frison and T. Donaldson purchased from Peter Dingels for $154,000, residential, 5/18.

2304 W. 22nd St., John E. and Miranda J. Orrison purchased from Derrick and Angela Lee-Lo for $182,000, residential, 5/18.

1906 N. 51st Ave. E., John and Emily Meyer purchased from Jeffrey and Kristina Polzin for $212,500, residential, 5/18.

306 N. 59th Ave. W., Kristen Jeanetta purchased from Sandra L. and Chad A. Thieling for $123,900, residential, 5/18.

926 88th Ave. W., Peter J. Perrault purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $4,870, exempt from property tax, 12/17.

3401 W. Arrowhead Road, MGI Leasing Inc. purchased from Nortrax Inc. for $1,245,000, commercial (with buildings), 5/18.

2918 Bald Eagle Trail, Kevin and Karen Armstrong purchased from Jukka and Kathryn M. Hautamaki for $269,900, residential, 5/18.

3202 N. Blackman Ave., Teresa Woodwick purchased from Jerome and Mary Jo Lapcinski for $305,000, residential, 5/18.

3026 Branch St., Jeffrey Polzin purchased from Gregory Horsley for $460,000, residential, 5/18.

543 Clearwood Drive, Northridge 41957 Exchange LLC purchased from Central Heights LLC for $700,000, commercial - bare land, 5/18.

5117 Colorado St., Megan R. Impson purchased from Emily James for $175,000, residential, 5/18.

2319 W. Fifth St., Ashley and Stephanie McDonald purchased from Angela D. Chlebowski for $89,900, residential, 5/18.

2205 W. Fourth St., Vagner LLC purchased from Daniel G. and Amanda M. Bart for $79,900, residential, 5/18.

2887 Hutchinson Road, Rent Check LLC purchased from Northern Lights REV LLC for $109,900, residential, 5/18.

5611 London Road, Bill Walters and Amy Haton-Walters purchased from Reed J. Elling for $234,900, residential, 5/18.

6120 Olney St., David and Jean Ronoh purchased from Eric and Misty Kucharski for $246,000, residential, 5/18.

1527 E. Second St., Jonathan Yang purchased from Ruth D. and Steve Kranick for $295,000, residential, 5/18.

2127 W. Sixth St., Brian Shanda purchased from Jon Tousignant for $94,900, residential, 4/18.

2806 Snowy Owl Circle, Andrew J. Nelson purchased from Bryan D. and Laura A. White for $325,000, residential, 5/18.

1711 Stuart Court, Charles Crom and R. Rigerfuentes purchased from Ellen Connolly for $240,000, residential, 5/18.

106 W. Superior St., Bellagrace Properties LLC purchased from Maurices Inc. for $850,000, commercial (with buildings), 5/18.

6030 E. Superior St., Glen Backman purchased from Clifford Linder for $342,000, residential, 4/18.

2407 Vermilion Road, Paul E. and Vicki S. Price purchased from Richard R. Smith for $109,900, residential, 5/18.

2407 Vermilion Road, Premier Three Developers Inc. purchased from Paul E. and Vicki S. Price for $140,000, residential, 5/18.

No address listed, Grant E. Kahl purchased from Randall I. Paskewitz for $2,995, residential - bare land, 4/18.

No address listed, Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth purchased from Mark A. Yelich for $69,600, residential - bare land, 5/18.

No address listed, Mark A. and Patricia S. Yelich purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth for $59,900, exempt from property tax, 5/18.