Duluth property transactions

July 18-24

2601 W. 1st St., Gary L. and Marsha Preston purchased from Paul and Barbara Preston for $22,500, residential, 5/19.

10 W. 10th St., Blake A. Tchida purchased from Carl R. Brandt Jr. for $146,000, residential, 5/19.

513 E. 10th St., Sons of Small Town LLC purchased from Savannah King for $70,000, residential, 5/19.

324 101st Ave. W., Darren Hansey purchased from Dolores O'Connell for $97,000, residential, 5/19.

217 N. 25th Ave. W., Laura Hart purchased from Alicia J. and David Lokke for $99,900, residential, 5/19.

223 S. 56th Ave. W., Daniel C. Brigan purchased from William T. Kenobi for $105,400, residential, 5/19.

625 N. 58th Ave. E., Dane Frigstad purchased from Brittni A. Johnson for $164,900, residential, 5/19.

20 S. 60th Ave. W., Hartley Dee purchased from Douglas Johnson for $51,000, residential, 5/19.

314 S. 69th Ave. W., Fanjie Nelson purchased from Allison J. and James A. King Jr. for $126,000, residential, 5/19.

1114 86th Ave. W., Vincent R. Hadash purchased from Austin J. and Ashley M. Smith for $168,500, residential, 5/19.

1432 90th Ave. W., Steven B. Larson purchased from June V. Bothun for $53,900, residential, 5/19.

2011 Adirondack St., Joseph D. and Whitney A. Bacon purchased from Robert N. and Beverly J. Annala for $229,500, residential, 5/19.

1216 Brainerd Ave., James and Wendy Mrdutt purchased from Kyle Collier for $144,330, residential, 5/19.

102 Bruce St.,Bijan J. Warner and Michele L. Statz purchased from William R. Seitz for $453,000, residential, 5/19.

119 E. Buffalo St., Jesus P. Palafox-Hernandez purchased from Jude A. Collins for $155,000, residential, 5/19.

7647 Congdon Blvd., Rock Island Home Watertown purchased from Mark D. Gilbertson for $480,000, commercial (with buildings), 5/19.

4111 Dodge St., Laura and Cole St. Peter purchased from Craig M. and Lana Towle for $216,000, residential, 5/19.

4715 Dodge St., William Commer and Eleanor Brandt purchased from Joshua B. Wilken-Simon for $211,000, residential, 5/19.

710 N. Ebony Ave., Erik R. and Kristen L. Schnackenberg purchased from James J. McGregor for $311,000, residential, 5/19.

2306 E. Eighth St., Jason Watson and Angela Fischels purchased from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association for $179,000, residential, 5/19.

23 E. Eighth St., Thomas R. Gergen purchased from Hot Pepper Properties LLC for $90,000, residential, 5/19.

516 Elk St., Joe Viele purchased from Rodney Jones for $25,000, residential, 5/19.

811 N. Fifth Ave. E., Scott Lustig purchased from Douglas L. and April M. Berg for $140,000, residential, 5/19.

3826 W. Fifth St., Matthew G. Vannatta purchased from Kevin L. and Kristi L. Johnson for $141,000, residential, 5/19.

1821 E. First St., MMLP LLC purchased from Greg and Shawna Velander for $184,500, residential, 5/19.

2601 W. First St., Wayne Schwanz purchased from Gary L. and Marsha Preston for $45,000, residential, 5/19.

1921 Garden St., Sandra R. and Robert M. Ecker purchased from Michael R. and Kathryn M. Stewart for $270,000, residential, 5/19.

5128 Glendale St., Rhiannon L. Klein purchased from Jeremy R. and Sarah Bjork for $165,000, residential, 5/19.

3907 Grand Ave., Enchanted Table LLC purchased from CDT Properties of Duluth LLC for $149,900, commercial (with buildings), 5/19.

848 Grand View Ave., Brandon J. Sauve purchased from Joseph V. and Mary D. Sauve for $160,000, residential, 5/19.

2751 Jean Duluth Road, Michelle Majourau purchased from Keri Igo for $184,900, residential, 5/19.

1817 Kenwood Drive, Christopher Ziegler purchased from Joshua D. and Carisa L. Axelson for $251,900, residential, 5/19.

325 S. Lake Ave., Mark A. and Jessica A. Grassmann purchased from Christina M. Woods for $320,000, residential, 5/19.

1230 Missouri Ave., Lance M. and Hannah J. Erickson purchased from Property Rentals Minnesota LLC for $197,500, residential, 5/19.

13107 W. Ninth St., Andrea Reiners purchased from Marc E. Grenier for $227,000, residential, 5/19.

1726 Piedmont Ave., Adam P. Thommes purchased from Robert and Patricia Grosnick for $186,900, residential, 5/19.

2524 Providence Road, Mark A. and Becky J. Latour purchased from Kirk F. Weisinger for $319,000, residential, 5/19.

1106 Redbud St., Daniel Amatuzio purchased from Gerald McParlan for $278,000, residential, 5/19.

35 Saint Paul Ave., Kyle and Malayna Levanen purchased from Randy Paul for $179,900, residential, 5/19.

3725 W. Seventh St., Billings Properties LLC purchased from Lorrie Miller for $61,000, residential, 5/19.

822 E. Seventh St., Jennifer A. Green purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth for $94,000, exempt from property tax, 4/19.

4606 W. Seventh St., Lori B. Horton purchased from Scott Ridgely for $126,000, residential, 5/19.

431 E. Skyline Parkway, Elliot Anderson purchased from Ralph Raschick, et al., for $189,900, residential, 4/19.

1614 E. Superior St., Benjamin P. Fye purchased from Martin J. Kachelmyer for $273,000, apartment, 5/19.

8431 Vinland St., Samuel E. and Amy J. Leal purchased from Lisa A. and Mark A. Marquardt for $222,000, residential, 5/19.

211 Wadena St., Briana Johnson purchased from Shaine Stokke for $285,000, residential, 5/19.

2811 Wicklow St., Alexander L. Berlin purchased from Theresa D. Envall for $74,900, residential, 5/19.

2132 Woodhaven Lane, Jayson and Jennifer Hron purchased from Conrad E. and Martha R. Firling for $372,000, residential, 5/19.

Address unassigned, Garth C. and Laura L. Anderson purchased from Ana V. and Jess Welu for $188,000, residential, 5/19.

Address unassigned, Jon L. Pryor purchased from Judd C. and Carol A. Johnston for $498,000, residential, 5/19.

Commercial bare land, NJMNIL Investments LLC purchased from Realty Associates for $87,000, commercial - bare land, 4/19.

Residential bare land, 1 LLC purchased from Tanya Repka and Patrick Carey for $41,000, residential - bare land, 5/19.

Residential bare land, Andrea Schokker and Stephen Graham purchased from Progrowth Bank for $10,000, residential - bare land, 5/19.

Residential bare land, Jasper Properties LLC purchased from Jean and Timothy Aiken for $37,750, residential - bare land, 5/19.

Residential bare land, Kathryn A. Johnson purchased from Alerus Financial N.A. for $35,900, residential - bare land, 5/19.

Residential bare land, Logan and Jena Tillman purchased from Terry N. and Kathleen G. Nelson for $18,000, residential - bare land, 5/19.

Residential bare land, Trevor and Cassandra Nelson purchased from 1 LLC for $25,000, residential - bare land, 5/19.

Bare land, Klelman IV LLC purchased from Federated Co-ops Inc. for $42,500, commercial (with buildings), 5/19.