Duluth property transactions

July 5-10

521 N. 12th Ave. E., Anthony J. Pirkl purchased from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation for $55,555, residential, 5/19.

2509 W. 15th St., Alexander S. Van Eck purchased from Joseph and Aimee Thomas for $179,900, residential, 5/19.

1020 N. 43rd Ave. E., Leah N. Simonson purchased from Gina L. and Cale Nolin-Hulse for $169,900, residential, 5/19.

509 N. 53rd Ave. W., Dave Kisch LLC purchased from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association for $59,000, residential, 5/19.

802 87th Ave. W., Ariane M. Norrgard purchased from Donna C. Swanson for $252,340, residential, 5/19.

1256 91st Ave. W., Debbie I. Nelson purchased from Irene S. Puchalla for $125,000, residential, 5/19.

601 Anderson Road, Caroline P. Malvick purchased from Amy M. Houde for $225,000, residential, 5/19.

8430 Beverly St., Bradley W. Kucera and Sarah B. Gans purchased from Nowling Properties LLC for $185,000, residential, 5/19.

1118 Butternut Ave., Timothy A. and Jennifer J. Mayasich purchased from Jerry and Carolyn Zanko for $412,000, residential, 5/19.

230 Coffee Creek Blvd., Legacy Custom Homes Inc. purchased from Menard Inc. for $32,500, residential - bare land, 5/19.

423 Commonwealth Ave., North Shore Land Company LLC purchased from Terry J. Johnson for $150,000, apartment, 5/19.

9000 Congdon Blvd., Seriously Joyful LLC purchased from Paula J. and Kenneth M. Hughes for $1,100,000, commercial (with buildings), 5/19.

4321 Dodge St., Scott W. and Hillary A. Buckingham purchased from Lacey Johnston for $192,811, residential, 5/19.

1201 E. Eighth St., Jacob M., Elaina H. and Jon M. Fronden purchased from Janessa N. and Joshua L. Jurek for $136,900, residential, 5/19.

2917 Exeter St., Alex Gill purchased from Trista Schinigoi for $138,000, residential, 5/19.

3410 E. Fourth St., Brian R. and Ashleigh C. Peltier purchased from Rebecca M. Sienko for $343,970, residential, 5/19.

3715 W. Fourth St., Tyler Johnson purchased from Loc T. Tran for $140,000, residential, 5/19.

4832 Glenwood St., Casey J. Ehnes and Carol Sojka purchased from Gabriel and Leanna Dreher for $115,000, residential, 5/19.

3728 Haines Road, Cynthia R. Badger purchased from Bowen E. and Kelsey E. Evans for $190,000, residential, 5/19.

1926 Hutchinson Road, Scott and Jennifer Welch purchased from Nathan Spicer for $249,900, residential, 4/19.

38 E. Kent Road, Bernhard Baumeister, et al., purchased from Sata E. Nachtman and Brian T. Gay for $246,000, residential, 5/19.

2031 London Road, Marvin Development IV LLC purchased from Lakehead Oil Company Inc. for $450,000, commercial (with buildings), 4/19.

815 Mellwood Ave., Jon and Kathryn Welles purchased from Mark, Deborah and Cynthia Johnson for $382,500, residential, 5/19.

1900 Minnesota Ave., Lawrence M. and Kim Tessier purchased from Rodney Nielsen and Leilani Linnae for $394,000, residential, 5/19.

403 E. Ninth St., CJ Realty Group LLC purchased from Tyler Jesperson for $20,000, residential, 5/19.

3707 Norton Road, Arik Forsman purchased from Adam M. and Emily K. Dimich for $281,000, residential, 5/19.

5709 Oneida St., GT Solutions LLC purchased from Bradley Davis for $82,000, residential, 5/19.

4214 Peabody St., Stefanie A. Wolff purchased from Keith W. and Sandra E. Hansen for $185,000, residential, 5/19.

815 Snively Road, James Dembroski and Denis Shockley purchased from Sean J. and Jessica Podpeskar for $360,400, residential, 5/19.

617 Spear Ave., Omar A. Barbosa Pereira purchased from Pamela A. Dahlberg for $171,900, residential, 5/19.

8029 Vinland St., Jeffrey M. Cochran purchased from Patricia M. and Dennis P. Holland for $161,000, residential, 5/19.

Residential bare land, Jon E. Johnson purchased from Herbert J. Sellin for $3,000, residential - bare land, 5/19.

Residential bare land, Lotus Realty Services Inc. purchased from Duluth Gospel Tabernacle for $640,000, residential - bare land, 5/19.

Residential bare land, Robert and Sherri Irving purchased from Samuelson Rentals LLC for $15,000, residential - bare land, 5/19.

Residential bare land, Stephen and Stephanie Myers purchased from Ronald L. and Gloria R. Malkin trust for $3,000, residential - bare land, 5/19.